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Happy vishu

hi dear friends,

yup, i woke up to the music of the crackers cracking all around @4Am. Had a small thought for a while that i was somewhere at Sarajevo amidst the bombshells, hehe

Somehow, i feel blessed that iam born at this part of the world and my life is as peaceful and happy as it can be. My prayers for all the people

in the world for a happy and prosperous life.

sree krishna

Saw vishu kanni and its been fun at home.

went to temple in the morning and it was very peaceful for mind to see happy faces all around. Got vishu kaineetam from temple and here iam to wish all my loved one and you, A happy and prosperous vishu.


and yup, my vishu kaineetam( gift ) for all of you,

vishu kaineetam

lots and lots of love,

keep reading, spread love

God bless All


hah, well iam the editor in chief of my blog,  and i guess im on vacation now!!!

Can feel the aura of happiness flying all around me now.Announcing its Vishu!!

Last few days had been miserable; the fever, sorethroat, missing the volleyball match( we lost in final, sad!)  didnt even get time for blogging or reading much.

But its vishu  here. Wish to see the flowers of cassia Fistula @my college again. it was flowered when i was leaving there a few days ago.

cassia fistula- vishu kanni

Next two days, im all booked for my family and dear friends. By the way, where are you guys??


Want to get some crackers, fireworks, get the whole house lit with diyas and yup, i wish to take a resolution to be veg for vishu alone. I could take it for tomorrow as well, but i guess i know where i will be if iam with my friends tomorrow. Chicken Biriyani in air, hehe..

I havent tried if there is Hyderabadi Biriyani from calicut, should hunt down at paragon or zains if they serve it..Got the idea from the menu details of Sania’s wedding!!

I miss my best friends these days. But its ok, life has to move on.

love you all..

So, listening to Lucky Ali’s track  after a long time. Old tracks!! wow, feels very nostalgic and may be its the music, iam all the healthy back again. Love you, Ali( dont take it as a gay sense, controversy buffs!!)

what would our lives be if the Government banned music here? cant even imagine.

As iam writing this a group of people visited my home for monetary help for a charitable society supporting cancer patients. it was good to hear their story. i have been earlier involved with a pain and palliative society and i know how hard it is to see some patients in the last stage of their life. God, please take their pain away from them. My prayers for all of them.

i look miserable now, without a shave for the last few days. When i told them them about me, they looked at me as if iam lying. Did had to explain them that its the fever!!!hehe..so, the next big thing after this entry, iam to get a clean shave!!

Speaking of the people who collect money from door to door, reminds me of something! actually, a group of people from a temple ( cant name them) were at home seeking money. But this was different. Because, it was an urge to buy a divine idol and they promised that it would remove all our problems!! so, my dear mom actually, got the brochure and asked them to come later. When i was home and i read the brochure, i decided that i would neither buy or contribute money.

The reason was because, in the pamphlet it was written like few people didnt buy this idol and were met with ill fate and certain people were blessed with huge fortunes etc after they took this. I felt it more like an emotional blackmailing.

What would you genuinely do if you could afford the thing they were saying and yet didnt want to buy it! or if they came to you and you didnt have the money to afford it!

In both ways, i dont believe my fate is decided by any of these. But imagine the emotional blackmail it does.

Religion and beliefs make us a complete man and it is part of our identity and in that way iam a secular. But think about being misinterpreted on our religion. I dont want someone else to manipulate my life or  be it my religious existence. I found the pamphlet to be ridiculous. My mother was keen that we pay them for their cause, but i said No.

Why do people go to seek peace in saints and other Godmen before looking for peace in their home?? May be they do get real comfort being with them, but have they really checked for peace in the life around them.

I find peace in a lot of things around me, my family, my friends, my world. I prefer to introduce them as mine, because they form a part of my identity, because iam a lesser man, without them.

Then what?

yup, Sania mirza is

wedding bells

married and again i know Shoaib is wearing a black sherwani and Sania is wearing her mother’s nikah dress, there will be hyderabadi biriyani(ooh God, i need one right now, the last time i was at Hyderabad, was for my Cousin’s wedding!!)

But why do the biggest television channel need to show us upto date information on this. Ofcourse the TRP!! i guess they stop it after the wedding is over!! Rumors heard that Sania is given mohar of 61 lakh’s.

My dearest friends in the media, are we run out of topics. its almost like the trending topic of twitter, ever since i have joined all i hear is “justin Beiber” i think i like that guy now!! yeah, thats it, you feed them 24*7, you start developing stockholm syndrome!!

so, i here i go for my vishu celebrations. see you soon guys.


be good,God bless

HaPpy ViShu