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I had a strange dream this perfect sunday morning as i woke up and i was very curious to find out if forbes were rating the wealth of fictional character’s how much the cullen’s will be worth.


As soon as i found time, i logged into forbes and there it was the  rating for the fictional characters. i never knew that they kept a listing for fictional characters, but actually they been doing it for a long time . so, i thought i would better share it with you all.

Glad to know that i “know” some of these billionaires, while some are not really very popular with my area of expertise.

so, here is the listing of the FORBES 15.( click on the image to read more!!)

No 1 carlise Cullen

no 2 Mcduck, scrooge

no 3 Richie Rich

no 4 stark, Tony

no5 Jed Clampett

no 6 Veidt, Adrian

NO 7 Wayne, Bruce

NO 8 Fairy, Tooth

NO 9 Thurston Howell 3

No 10 sir Topham Hatt

No 11 Artemis Fowl

NO 12 Charles Montgomery Burns

no !3 charles Bass

no 14 Jay Gatsby

No 15 Lucille Bluth

so, here it is the forbes list of the fictional billionaires. hope you all had fun reading it.

keep on, have lot of fun.

Spread love,..



Why do i love vampires!!!

There is something about stephenie Meyer.

She writes things with such ease and authority that you fall in love with the story, the character and somehow goes on reading it, even when at one conscious part of your life, you know its just a fantasy, that there is nothing like vampires and werewolves, but still…you cant stop when you start it moving!!
I started following twilight after the first movie was released and then i hunted like a wizard on a witch hunt to all the branded book shops to find the next series, the next and the next.

so, if you have to listen about the third book, you need to know a little bit or two about Isabella swan, a new addition to Forks, her family of normal human origin, boy friend/ lover Edward cullen and his family of vampires, best friend, jake/ jacob and  a group of werewolves.

The plot thickens from where they stopped in New moon, where Bella gets reunited with Edward after a series of event that brought Jacob as her best friend.


Bella’s high school graduation is approaching and she will soon be leaving Forks forever, ostensibly to go to college – but in reality she is planning to join her boyfriend in his vampire existence and will therefore be unable to return home, due to being dead and possessed by a terrible blood lust for the first few years.  Not that the reader is actually taken that far in this story, we make it through graduation but then the dangerous vampires from Seattle come to Forks and dealing with them dominates the rest of the novel.

The story goes through a plot of romance between Edward and the emotional conflict that Bella faces with her relation with Jacob, who has fallen in love with her and blatantly tries to win her love, constantly trying to emotionally blackmail her.

But in the end, the werewolves and the vampires, have to join together to protect one thing they love, BELLA against the evil forces coming from seattle under victoria, the revenge seeking vampire for her loses in Twilight and New moon.

May be it is the teenage romance that made this story win such acclaims.

As like every twilight fan, i have grown up with the book and as every series come by i also anticipate the bolder part of the story, the marriage of Bella and Edward. so, as i kept waiting, the “Breaking dawn” was out on market and i too had my share of excitement on what lay ahead.


As expected, the book starts from the right place. The most anticipated honeymoon romance of the series takes place at a wonderful island and as a result Bella gets pregnant and the story moves within the tensions Bella faces from the baby in her womb, the birth of Reneesme and  the imprinting of Jacob with her, and also the final conflict between the volturi and Bella’s life as a vampire.

In an overall review, twilight saga was an excellent series for me to grow with. In my earlier blog i had tagged J K Rowling to be a schizophrenic, but again as a compliment, i would do the same with stephenie.. i do believe that this book and the movies that will hit the market soon, will be boxoffice record setters!!

But somewhere inside i do feel that may be, it shouldnt have ended!!

Iam at present reading more about Stephenie meyer from her website, stephenie meyer.com

How do dreamer’s win so much!! because they dared to dream and make their dreams into reality. so, i recommend all my Fans and followers to go chasing your dreams.

who knows where you may hit the gold!!

so, happy dreaming and enjoy life.

God bless you