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So, how did i get into this.

First, i never took a pledge to read all of Chetan’s novels, but here iam from time to time reading all what he writes.

This happend because one of my dearest friend was too busy with her own life, that she couldnt actually find time for me!! And in an effort to keep me engaged, gives me this Book and tells me to read and understand a thing or two about marriage. Great!!!

(before, i proceed further i want to say a few notes on the above comment. Because my friend can get very provoked by the ‘sarcastic’ comment, this may put my very existence to jeopardy and so, if anything happen to me……hehehe

Dnt worry dear, i know you are one of the most  wonderful person in my life and i know how much we appreciate each other, thank you for all what you mean for me!!)NO, I’M NOT SCARED

ok, so back to the book.

Chetan Bhagat is a new breed of Indian writer, especially because, he writes in a so simple language and there is no need to  keep wondering what every word mean. He seem to enjoy the title of being the most read Indian on the planet and i believe he deserves to keep the tag for a while.

The plot is always almost the same. You need to be from IIT / IIMA

must be a part of the metro sexual drive!!

Should use some F words, and a little bit of cheese and under the bedsheet  jokes, some probable reminders of bollywood movies, hero proposes on the knee , ALWAYS!!

As i guess, this story is inspired from his own personal events, being himself Punjabi and Anusha(his wife) being a south Indian. And he has dedicated the book to his in laws..well, i have never heard anyone do that before!!!

The Indian dish made with all the Indian masala, A south Indian girl and a Punjabi boy..to add to the side dish, there are miserable mother and mother in law, An angry patriarch and dummy Father in law, Brother in law, relatives, marriages , dances, IIM campus,  bossy yet supportive boss,  etc etc

The story starts very much like any Bollywood tale, Boy meets girl, and girl meets boy.

Boy and girl, a girl’s dorm at midnight and combined study!! Maybe, a plot of his next story, “What not to do in ladies dorm at IIM”(quote inspired from Five point someone”)

So, they fall in love. They live together without telling their family. But when they want to get married, they want both their family on their side.

But can a Punjabi clan accept a south Indian bahu or a south Indian family accept a Punjabi groom!!

The story 2 states, is the story of Krish and Ananya from two different states of India. They meet at IIMA, fall deeply in love and want to get married by family support. The story goes deep into the Matrimonial menace, Dowry, the difference extending from kitchen to the music and lyrics of Indian music, the carnatic classic and the Punjabi bangra!!!

How they convert their love story into a love marriage is the toughest battle, of the season. Ofcourse, like Indian movie tale, the end will always be fine. so, you can pretty much assure how the story is going to end

SO, did i have fun??

I finished the book in a straight six hours, the 269 pages being the easy turners. SO, let me add a few things about being an Indian!!

we Indian’s  love the Drama called life. Here, marriages happen once in a life time and we also make a big fuss about it!!

On a personal note, it is indeed a dilemma for most of the young generation of India, who are well educated and are deeply in love, but happen to choose the girl from a different state, a different caste ,or  a different religion.

The protagonists of the story however falls in love in spite of all these above barriers!! falling in love is one thing and getting married is another and in India marriages have to happen only with the blessings of the family.

Why do i love this book, though t is never the best work of Chetan or not among the class of books i have read recently. well, there are many reasons and oneamong them is that in Krish, i see myself, though i dont have dilemma like that in my life for present, yet i can feel the feelings as my own.!! Then, there are quite other reasons too, but i have emailed them to one person who should hear it, Mr. Chetan Bhagat, himself. Like i have associated myself to it, i find most of you too will find some association with your own story.

It is  a good guide for The great Indian Marriage   story.

read it, enjoy it!!!



so, i passed through an interesting post on wordpress today. Actually, i sneak peaked into a blog belonging to Florence and Thariq and the blog proved to be a  invitation for their marriage.

I was on a telephone conversation as i was passing by the blog and my friend, insisted that i wish them advanced married life wishes. So, i did so and then i thought, why not help give them more publicity. After all,  marriages are made in heaven and last for a life time. Why not i have the rest of the world too in wishing them.

I found this blog to be very interesting, and more than that innovative.

congrats dears..

I dont have any personal relation with both of them, but again we all live in the same blogosphere.  so, arent we responsible for your happiness.

Again, dearest Florence and Thariq, you didnt mention your nationality. so, i have no idea which place you both are getting married. Whatever, my best wishes from me and my family.

Finally, my apology for using your names without permission. i do believe, you would forgive me for my intrusion as a matter on love.

Once again iam glad that i learned a way to save a lot of money on those international calls, which i would have to make when iam getting married. Anyway, iam not going to married in the next five years, so all of you relax!!

so, have a nice day and take care.


ok, Lets hear it for my friends Florence and Thariq, Advanced matrimonial wishes!!!!