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SO, where do i start..well, iam perfectly enjoying my sunday at my home finally..its been a while that i been at my home and its sunny today….Though i say a lot to someone concerned that i love the rain very much, today the sun has really turned me go crazy..Am i missing something, or am i enjoying my being single status  at home..Watever, its good to have Mom made food at home!!

Yes, the match..Good that German’s won and think they deserved that much!! and thanks to them for throwing Argentina out..ofcourse, i love Argentina play..but the reason is just my loyality to Brasil and to be honest i will change my team once India starts playing world cup..I mean it fellas..Oye, its Football, not cricket world cup!! Stayed up and watched Germany win!! Also, glad that Paul, the octopus is still alive, Hehe!! I really wish that Spain will lose, just because i want Holland to win!! Am i hurting my readers at Spain..Well, my statistics say that i got more readers at  Spain than in Holland, but iam sorry fellas, i do what i love..plzz NO OFFENDS!! Hope both the teams play well and fairly, no one gets hurt and wish that Villa get the golden boot!!Now, iam not supporting Holland cos of any statistics or anything, but just that since everyone are cheering for spain, i want to support the other! Dad dont care who wins, My sis says Spain and even my lil bro is saying SPain(what a pain!!) i guess, i will have to watch the match at my bedroom alone  if all here are so keen to see Spain win!!

YUP, iam sorry for the little sarcastic comment i made on my Facebook, that i want to see PAul, the octopus killed..well, i dont  mean it literally and iam against any violence or murder!! its just that i dont like to believe the fact that the Argentines or Brazilian’s lost cos he predicted so.. it belittles the effort of the winner or the struggle of the looser!

Then what am i not sorry for! well, my last entry named Strangulation had me make an annoying statement over a person i found to be enjoying himself when he annoys his subordinates and his co- workers. Well, i do believe that the entry has personally offended the person  i know..!!so, what!! let me explain..Whoever treats his juniors badly, is actually stting up wrong examples for the others..the same people will learn from his character and will be forced to do the same to the people under them..so, it would become a hierarchy dominated area and in medical field we are independent to take our independent decisions. so, my dear friend better change your character, you really need behaviour modification. I  really get tired sitting with people who can talk so much gossip about others, and do behind the back talking of one another..my word of advice to my dear readers and friends, plzz dont try this at anywhere!! it deglams your own self image. How can i say so much against someone and believe that iam doing is right?? well, personally, i dont hold any grudge against anyone and there is no other  way i can explain it to the world that we must be watchful of our character!! My policy is simple, you let me live peacefully and i let you have the same…

Sorry, got carried away!!Again, last week i finished reading ‘ Doctors’ by Erich Segal. Should i say, that i found the book to be very interesting and at the same time very much associated with the life of we medicos..Behind the four walls of the campus and in the coridoors and classroom there is also life there and we are all merely normal human beings, blessed with the power to heal and cure.

i finished reading the book on Doctors day, which is the first day of this month and iam glad that i read this book.

The story involves around the life of Barney and Laura. Best friends from childhood and the reasons that lead them to take up medicine, the life inside the medical college, a lot of scenario that extends from euthanasia, medical ethics, friendship, apartheid etc..

All these things are moulded so beautifully and within the grade so that even a layman can know the pnemonic to learn the 12 cranial nerves in the human body!!I found it interesting more because, i have earned a lot of things in my medical life, just like Barney, the central character. i have my best friends here, gave me the power to be a bold man and to be expressive of my thoughts and ideas, fame and respect and above all iam glad that iam conscious of the power vested in me that tells me to heal a wounded soul both physical and mental.

The timing that i got the book to read was also wonderful.It happend after the day i told my best friend that i was confused in my road ahead of my life and she as usual being the marvellous and magnificient in my life(its a personal thing to call her that..n before you laugh make sure iam still alive..hehe) , comes up with this book she had in her shelf and once again i couldnt help being submerged into reading this.

it did help me realize where my area of specialisation should be. i guess i should go for it!! Before i tell you what it is, i need to make some important arrangements and i will let you know once iam on!!

whatelse, whatelse…!!!

hehe, thats a dialogue iam very much used to say, when iam on phone for a long time!!!Am i talking too much today!

hey, thanks for reading pal..hope you had a good time reading my blog..remember that love is the fundamental basis of medicine..So, be in love, have love in heart and give love a lot..

lots of love,



Well..i have never been so busy like this in the past few months. The CME programme at college and a lot of constrains over it and in a way iam a little bit tired though the food is great these days.

So  it rains here now and then and the mood is awkwardly romantic and iam shameless to admit that iam still sadly single!!!

Cant remember doing anything great recently other than fighting with a good friend, which happens more like a circardian rhythm, so which is very normal now and then and iam so confident   on the fact that my friendship with her wont bother on any ground that iam still bluffing over it on net!!!

yup, so me and three friends of mine recently  had this wonderfully stupid idea to visit another friend. all sounds normal till here, but it was to walk to his house in the rain under two umbrella at midnight for more than a kilometer with the aid of lightning as source for vision. let me tell you, i really was against the idea of doing this risk, but once i started walking for a while, i realised how wonderful life can be to make such an act of stupidity with people we call as dear friends. i know it was stupid, but the visit was for an important cause and iam glad that the cause was for good.

So, let me tell you what interested me, one it was fun to feel that little risk once in a life when all the time , i have lived uinder the cradle of comfort. it was a honestly glad feeling to know that we have our friends with us at the time of emergency.

Again, i was saddened with the crisis that a lot of family around us faces. ofcourse, living in a hospital, we see them everyday, but when we see the sadness in some part of the world sometimes, i dont know why, i do feel a little upset. Recently on the manglore plane crash, my friend messaged me that nothing is permenant..well, nothing really is, but iwant to leave an impression of myself on everything i do, before i die..

Havent been to home for a while..so looking forward to go there soon and mom has started complaining that iam less emotional these days…but dear mom if my sis shows you this, i want you to know that i love you a lot though i cant express it always..love

so, spread love as usual…

bye for now

well, sorry fellas, i was busy with a lot of personal commitment the last week and honestly, i was suffering from my own miniature form of “depression”( due to certain personal causes, which i wouldnt share out, because it also involves some other lives too)

But thankfully for the wonderful friends and family i have iam back and i’am at my very best!!

But its sad that i didnt read any new book the last week so that i can enter them on the book review section of my blog or  read anything on medical articles or related topics. As i was very busy enjoying a little bit of my personal loneliness, which is over now and  i have a Sidney Sheldon( if tomorow comes) now @ my bed and i would soon come out with its review and do wait for  more of my interesting articles.

SO what did i find interesting last week?

There was a train journey,  and i find most of my travel very interesting. The good thing was to observe the people and the different people who travel together, a lot of wonderful memories actually.

HAH, one thing that makes me very angry actually, which i just remembered. i was on one of these train travels and in the berth above my compartment i found a college note book of  someone, with no name or identity of the college, just a completely written notebook and also another notebook with a girl’s name over it, but no identity of college or what so ever.

So, i kept wondering what could have happend? with all my these many years of experience at college, most probably a boy would have got the book from a class mate of his (possibly the girl) and had misplaced it in the train. now why is it that the book belonged to two different people? well, the hand writings were different. Also, why it is a boy? because, mostly boys have the habit of keeping books in hand rather than in a bag. The other book belongs to a girl, because it had a name over it. Also, since the train was coming from half a distance from Chennai and i am at God’s own country kerala, the owner of the book could be anyone from an arts college anywhere between the line.

What makes me angry is, over the absent mind character of these people. How some people borrow things from others and even forget to take good care of it!! Also, couldnt they write out some personal identification of their college on their books, because at any stage they help to get lost things found.

Again, last week i was more frustrated over the incidents regarding the Indian premier league(IPL). Lot of income tax raids and allegations.

Somewhere down the core, as an entusiast in sports i believe that sports should be conducted fairly and it should be regualted in a way that it dont impart corruptions.

Now, IPL is not a charitable organisation, ofcourse the teams are making money and a lot of money.

But what keeps me wonder is over the sources from which the money is arriving. Lot of black money has been invested, made into white, and all the claims that there are serious issues of match fixing going on, well somewhere down the line the simple man in me is confused and also it has cut down my interest in the IPL.

in What started as a War of words@ twitter, between IPL commisioner Lalit MOdi and Sashi Tarror has now opened doors for investigation into the darker shades of the glitz  on the field and behind the IPL night parties.An ocean of corruption with big names involved from the field of films, politics and sports.

Lot of names are coming ahead including two, prominent cabinet ministers in accusation of misusing their office and chair. When will India learn?

Equality sounds wonderful in words, but actually it dosent, as claims all these leaders who get to the chair with our support and remember us on time atleast once in five years with the same fake promises and virtual ir-reality. how do you think we can curb all these corruptions??If you have any opinon or suggestion, do comment them down

Saw a film by Manirathnam on television. The film was “kannathil mutamital” by the legandary film maker from the south and i found myself deeply attached to the entire plot of the story. The story is about the search of an adopted child who goes in search of her biological parents, from Chennai to Srilanka and the film shoot in exotic location at India and across the war torn nation of Srilanka between the Government and the LTTE. There were lot of emotional scenes in the movie and the entire work being from the creativity of maniratnam was an interesting thing to watch. The brutality of the war and its effect on the innocent lives, being portrayed very cinematographically and it was indeed very touching to watch the movie.

so, if you havent seen it, watch it!!!

Again, did get my teeth clipped!! its a hard thing and my fear for mouth ulcer is notoriously famous among my friend circle. Hope the act that iam doing now with my dentition turns out well.All the sufferings be rewarded!!

Well, got back home yesterday and i have a some very busy days coming ahead, but i honestly want to thank all my personal friends who were there by my side during my bad days.

Also, thank you for all my readers and commenter ‘s who keep updating me with interesting news material and articles, feed backs and love you  all for making me a popular international blogger, the status i enjoy now,and for all the goodness that you all  share with me and the world, thank you all..

keep reading and do watch out for new additions in the blog.

coming ahead in the blog, Stories handpicked my me and also interesting articles from the world of medicine and my articles on gynecological disorders, active interactive section with me over everything under the sun.

Do subscribe to my post/comments or follow me on twitter to interact with me personally.

lots of love,


Happy vishu

hi dear friends,

yup, i woke up to the music of the crackers cracking all around @4Am. Had a small thought for a while that i was somewhere at Sarajevo amidst the bombshells, hehe

Somehow, i feel blessed that iam born at this part of the world and my life is as peaceful and happy as it can be. My prayers for all the people

in the world for a happy and prosperous life.

sree krishna

Saw vishu kanni and its been fun at home.

went to temple in the morning and it was very peaceful for mind to see happy faces all around. Got vishu kaineetam from temple and here iam to wish all my loved one and you, A happy and prosperous vishu.


and yup, my vishu kaineetam( gift ) for all of you,

vishu kaineetam

lots and lots of love,

keep reading, spread love

God bless All


so, i passed through an interesting post on wordpress today. Actually, i sneak peaked into a blog belonging to Florence and Thariq and the blog proved to be a  invitation for their marriage.

I was on a telephone conversation as i was passing by the blog and my friend, insisted that i wish them advanced married life wishes. So, i did so and then i thought, why not help give them more publicity. After all,  marriages are made in heaven and last for a life time. Why not i have the rest of the world too in wishing them.

I found this blog to be very interesting, and more than that innovative.

congrats dears..

I dont have any personal relation with both of them, but again we all live in the same blogosphere.  so, arent we responsible for your happiness.

Again, dearest Florence and Thariq, you didnt mention your nationality. so, i have no idea which place you both are getting married. Whatever, my best wishes from me and my family.

Finally, my apology for using your names without permission. i do believe, you would forgive me for my intrusion as a matter on love.

Once again iam glad that i learned a way to save a lot of money on those international calls, which i would have to make when iam getting married. Anyway, iam not going to married in the next five years, so all of you relax!!

so, have a nice day and take care.


ok, Lets hear it for my friends Florence and Thariq, Advanced matrimonial wishes!!!!

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