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well, sorry fellas, i was busy with a lot of personal commitment the last week and honestly, i was suffering from my own miniature form of “depression”( due to certain personal causes, which i wouldnt share out, because it also involves some other lives too)

But thankfully for the wonderful friends and family i have iam back and i’am at my very best!!

But its sad that i didnt read any new book the last week so that i can enter them on the book review section of my blog or  read anything on medical articles or related topics. As i was very busy enjoying a little bit of my personal loneliness, which is over now and  i have a Sidney Sheldon( if tomorow comes) now @ my bed and i would soon come out with its review and do wait for  more of my interesting articles.

SO what did i find interesting last week?

There was a train journey,  and i find most of my travel very interesting. The good thing was to observe the people and the different people who travel together, a lot of wonderful memories actually.

HAH, one thing that makes me very angry actually, which i just remembered. i was on one of these train travels and in the berth above my compartment i found a college note book of  someone, with no name or identity of the college, just a completely written notebook and also another notebook with a girl’s name over it, but no identity of college or what so ever.

So, i kept wondering what could have happend? with all my these many years of experience at college, most probably a boy would have got the book from a class mate of his (possibly the girl) and had misplaced it in the train. now why is it that the book belonged to two different people? well, the hand writings were different. Also, why it is a boy? because, mostly boys have the habit of keeping books in hand rather than in a bag. The other book belongs to a girl, because it had a name over it. Also, since the train was coming from half a distance from Chennai and i am at God’s own country kerala, the owner of the book could be anyone from an arts college anywhere between the line.

What makes me angry is, over the absent mind character of these people. How some people borrow things from others and even forget to take good care of it!! Also, couldnt they write out some personal identification of their college on their books, because at any stage they help to get lost things found.

Again, last week i was more frustrated over the incidents regarding the Indian premier league(IPL). Lot of income tax raids and allegations.

Somewhere down the core, as an entusiast in sports i believe that sports should be conducted fairly and it should be regualted in a way that it dont impart corruptions.

Now, IPL is not a charitable organisation, ofcourse the teams are making money and a lot of money.

But what keeps me wonder is over the sources from which the money is arriving. Lot of black money has been invested, made into white, and all the claims that there are serious issues of match fixing going on, well somewhere down the line the simple man in me is confused and also it has cut down my interest in the IPL.

in What started as a War of words@ twitter, between IPL commisioner Lalit MOdi and Sashi Tarror has now opened doors for investigation into the darker shades of the glitz  on the field and behind the IPL night parties.An ocean of corruption with big names involved from the field of films, politics and sports.

Lot of names are coming ahead including two, prominent cabinet ministers in accusation of misusing their office and chair. When will India learn?

Equality sounds wonderful in words, but actually it dosent, as claims all these leaders who get to the chair with our support and remember us on time atleast once in five years with the same fake promises and virtual ir-reality. how do you think we can curb all these corruptions??If you have any opinon or suggestion, do comment them down

Saw a film by Manirathnam on television. The film was “kannathil mutamital” by the legandary film maker from the south and i found myself deeply attached to the entire plot of the story. The story is about the search of an adopted child who goes in search of her biological parents, from Chennai to Srilanka and the film shoot in exotic location at India and across the war torn nation of Srilanka between the Government and the LTTE. There were lot of emotional scenes in the movie and the entire work being from the creativity of maniratnam was an interesting thing to watch. The brutality of the war and its effect on the innocent lives, being portrayed very cinematographically and it was indeed very touching to watch the movie.

so, if you havent seen it, watch it!!!

Again, did get my teeth clipped!! its a hard thing and my fear for mouth ulcer is notoriously famous among my friend circle. Hope the act that iam doing now with my dentition turns out well.All the sufferings be rewarded!!

Well, got back home yesterday and i have a some very busy days coming ahead, but i honestly want to thank all my personal friends who were there by my side during my bad days.

Also, thank you for all my readers and commenter ‘s who keep updating me with interesting news material and articles, feed backs and love you  all for making me a popular international blogger, the status i enjoy now,and for all the goodness that you all  share with me and the world, thank you all..

keep reading and do watch out for new additions in the blog.

coming ahead in the blog, Stories handpicked my me and also interesting articles from the world of medicine and my articles on gynecological disorders, active interactive section with me over everything under the sun.

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so, this is an entry many of my friends from overseas would find very difficult to understand, but here iam coming up with a list of few advertisements from India that i found,  have influenced a lot on the Indian marketing.

This is partly because of the nostalgia and partly because i had a realization that most of the current generation television ads are not actually making the large impact that it once made.

Let me put this , why and how. personally, i have nothing to do with advertisement. Iam not from that field. But its human to have very different interests.

I was having a chat with a colleague of mine and apparently, we had a chat over some of the ads that were in the market and were they any influential. ofcourse, they are.  As i thought further, i decided to find out some of the best ads made in India.

very casually, last night as i logged on my id in yahoo messenger i found  20 of my friends online. So, i went invisible and then it strikes me, why not i ask them. so, if any of my friends happen to read this, you have contributed to this. Having friends have its own advantages. They almost all fall in your own category, atleast age wise. Many of them are from medical field, engineers, research students, entrepreneur(you know who!!) etc. hence, they all have their own ideas and fall between my age group 25-35.  so, let me also add this fact that this is one of the most ‘consuming age” group of this time.  i believe most of the present ads are targeted at this group. The biggest brands, i honestly believe are that of the child care and kids items. The best ad conscious brand perhaps, they would tell you which is ” maggie” and “top ramen” without cover.

so, i asked them two questions.

1. tell me one ad that you remember is the brand today?

2. tell me one brand a decade ago, but you still love the feel of it?

so, once i got the answer i apologized for being busy and logged out?? sorry friends, i do things differently these times!! ofcourse, a lot of my friends did backfire, are you bored with medicine?? Has the town run short of patients??

well, fella’s, i really love my job in medicine field, and iam enjoying it as well. thanks for the concern anyway. but i also do write, right!!

so, once iam curious on writing something, i just update it here. There need to be somewhere when you have to say that the right is right, when everyone say left is right!! i do enjoy doing this.

After this i did, do some net surfing or say you tube-ing to find out some of the best videos made. i saw about a hundred of them and i wasnt sure how i could choose a ten out of it. So, i decided to use a different strategy here. i  saw the ads and ten i left it without mentioning it anywhere.

later on as i tried to recollect it, i could remember a few ads that really stood out.

i recalled a few of them and choose them accordingly.

This view and selection is strictly personal and no scientific basis was used in the study. I repeat, though i have my reason for saying them , why

SO, i welcome you to the world of Indian advertisement. the uniqueness of these ads mentioned here is that, if  you try to remember them , you will definitely remember them.


This is something that stirred a lot of controversies.

this ad perhaps didnt serve its creator, the real ‘profit’ they intended out of it.

Yes, iam mentioning about the INdia shining campaign of BJp in 2004 general election.Do, you get the ad. well, here it goes.

it had the air of optimism in it, the strength that India attained with the IT boom. The song sung by Manish khullar was aired on all the national media.

“jaga hai yeh bharat..naya hai yeh ujiyara”

An estimated 20mn$ was spend on the campaign.

somehow, the aam admi was not happy and it did reflect. Even though many analyst claim this to be  the reason for the Bjp fall, it did reach out to the aam admi!!

so, why do this ad feature here, when it wasnt a successful part of the campaign. Well, i personally believe that it was just one of the reason’s for the downfall of BJP government. The ad indeed coined the term “India shining” which is still today one of the most used term to describe India.


on number ninth, of the countdown, we have The wonderful ad for Raymond suitings.

This is one of my favorite ads all time, the music and the words, everything


so, this ad covers a teacher being invited to a students marriage reception and the nostalgic moments involved.

The trick sells!! marriage, love, affection, sincerity, Bond.

THE best part of the ad of the brand is the jingles they have used. From their old signature tunes to the latest ones, it comes for the complete man and it indeed feels like heaven!!


For all those who are old are enough to remember, there was a show in doordarshan, called as “surabhi” . do, you remember the biggest ad then, yes , you got it right.

AMUL-the taste of India.

This is the story of Amul. A folk song plays to clips from the movie Manthan that talks about the economic hardships rural women in india faced after independence, a new co-operative called amul (anand milk union ltd) was formed to help them. Today, Amul has grown to become Asia’s biggest dairy company, which is still owned by these farmers. “mare ghar jhanjar laxmi ke baje”(in my house, the bells of wealth ring) was a line that was added replacing the original line, as a symbol of the success of amul.

The last words in one this most notable ad says,

“every morning, 17lac women from 9000 villages, bringing in milk worth rupees four crore are now celebrating their economic independence thanks to the cooperative movement called as AMUL. ”

This was a big feat at that time and it still today amuses the world.


This places goes to the series of ads that goes to a company called as vodaphone!!

iam a bit confused in this place.  Because before vodaphone came to Indian market it was called as Pug,  sorry i mean HUTCH

Now i guess, you know why i called  it the “pug’.

How many of you have the hutch song assigned to mobile phone’s  ringtone for your most personal people. I dont know many, but i know myself!!

“you and I, in this beautiful world, green grass, blue sky…”

For me, well the song reminds me something more than a dog too

so, they had this dog following kid in the zoo, in the beach, doing homeworks and then when the company changed they just told him too, “YOU ARE FIRED”

But i do really miss that sweet dog. And then they came with this ZOOZOO

Its cool and i think it is one ad that can be distinquished today from the bunch. For most of the working class today, most  are not really aware which actress wears what jewelery or who uses what mobile or washing machine, but they see zoozoo or the pug, they will definitely say.

count 20years from now, i bet you and i, would still recollect this ad, perhaps.


He is the badshaah..

he is the king!!

he is the don!

what he does today, is tomorrow’s fashion. He sells everything and undoubtedly he is the biggest brand on India alive today.

he is SRK

so, what made it all.

Sharukh khan is undoubtedly the most recognized face from India.He is the sexy boyfriend, the adorable son, the charmer, The son in law, you want for your family

so, it was this pepsi ad that made him a part of the ad market. Sharukh today endorses a lot of brands. from computers to innerwear, he will make you wear it all. He even endorses them for his ipl cricket team, the only team, perhaps that will walk away all the way to bank, even if they loose important matches, the reason, The king has the game!!

so, my favorite ad of him is the pepsi, Dil mange more ad campaign.

Pepsi, have had a lot of leading characters other than sachin, or BIg B himself. But the thrust SRk has given them, perhaps no other man have delivered so

its hard to choose which ad remains in mind!!

But i guess, its the looser has to kiss somebody ad.

There is an incredible charm in the way, he charms her to kiss him, even when her shyness prevents her! This man can take it from you, without even letting you know


They started a trend that everyone are following now.


this is the save tree’s campaign started by the idea. it stars the junior Bacchan and it definitely is one of the most impressive ad campaigns today

idea cellular, is one of the oldest gsm providers in india. it was earlier known in the name ESCOTEL.


This is one ad that revolutionized a trend in India. Mobile in every villages. The concept of CDMA phones. A dream of the visionary Dhirubhai Ambani.

so, it is this ad belonging to Reliance mobile that catches this slot.

It should be accredited to the reliance team for their vision to connect families together.

But, by the way, does the brother’s still call each other??

The ad campaign explained the visions of the billionaire in connecting india. it was impressive and at the same time revolutionary.

It had a strong marketing strategy and they did attain their goal


it is one of the ad’s that still remains as the ” buland bharat ki, buland tasveer”

if you got it then sing along, “hamara bajaj”

it has one of the earliest effort to show integrity of a nation and a common vehicle for the working middle class

As it said, hamara aaj(our today), hamara kal(our tommorrow)..

it will stay with you forever

ofcourse it does, and the brand has its value.

personally, we have changed a lot of vehicles in our family, but one thing remained in our family and it is a 20 year old BAJAJ CHETAK, owned by my  father and it is family for us


THis is something you would love and yes you do

it is one of   finest piece of work produced by lok seva sanchar parishad and directed by Suresh Mullick.

mile sur mera tumhara!!!

sung in almost all the popular languages and popular places among popular cultures, this ad indeed reflect the concept of integrity among diversity.

it was first telelcast in 1988 after the independence day speech and to this day, it remains the pride of our nation.


This is a free ad

this is unique because it shows the respect for our national anthem

This ad shows a scene in the rain. a typical indian road

All that you see, the crowd, the rickshaw wallah, the shoe polisher, and a radio

The radio starts and the national anthem on background,

and a bunch of careless crowd running around.

the shoe polisher with one leg stands up to show his respect for the nation, as the rest of the crowd slowly moves in to join.

This is how one man in the society can proove the rest of the world that he can make a difference

in and out, this video is wonderful.

No doubt, this is the best ad i have seen in a while

so, as far a i asked my friends, what i have found is that most of us today see ads because they just happen between. With indefinite number of channels, it really needs a good ad to keep you from swapping the channel.

for a while, these are the best i found.

iam sure if you pass by these  ads again, you wont change the channel.

so, please do send me your review on this

thank you for reading

take care

God bless