so, i passed through an interesting post on wordpress today. Actually, i sneak peaked into a blog belonging to Florence and Thariq and the blog proved to be a  invitation for their marriage.

I was on a telephone conversation as i was passing by the blog and my friend, insisted that i wish them advanced married life wishes. So, i did so and then i thought, why not help give them more publicity. After all,  marriages are made in heaven and last for a life time. Why not i have the rest of the world too in wishing them.

I found this blog to be very interesting, and more than that innovative.

congrats dears..

I dont have any personal relation with both of them, but again we all live in the same blogosphere.  so, arent we responsible for your happiness.

Again, dearest Florence and Thariq, you didnt mention your nationality. so, i have no idea which place you both are getting married. Whatever, my best wishes from me and my family.

Finally, my apology for using your names without permission. i do believe, you would forgive me for my intrusion as a matter on love.

Once again iam glad that i learned a way to save a lot of money on those international calls, which i would have to make when iam getting married. Anyway, iam not going to married in the next five years, so all of you relax!!

so, have a nice day and take care.


ok, Lets hear it for my friends Florence and Thariq, Advanced matrimonial wishes!!!!