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SO, where do i start..well, iam perfectly enjoying my sunday at my home finally..its been a while that i been at my home and its sunny today….Though i say a lot to someone concerned that i love the rain very much, today the sun has really turned me go crazy..Am i missing something, or am i enjoying my being single status  at home..Watever, its good to have Mom made food at home!!

Yes, the match..Good that German’s won and think they deserved that much!! and thanks to them for throwing Argentina out..ofcourse, i love Argentina play..but the reason is just my loyality to Brasil and to be honest i will change my team once India starts playing world cup..I mean it fellas..Oye, its Football, not cricket world cup!! Stayed up and watched Germany win!! Also, glad that Paul, the octopus is still alive, Hehe!! I really wish that Spain will lose, just because i want Holland to win!! Am i hurting my readers at Spain..Well, my statistics say that i got more readers at  Spain than in Holland, but iam sorry fellas, i do what i love..plzz NO OFFENDS!! Hope both the teams play well and fairly, no one gets hurt and wish that Villa get the golden boot!!Now, iam not supporting Holland cos of any statistics or anything, but just that since everyone are cheering for spain, i want to support the other! Dad dont care who wins, My sis says Spain and even my lil bro is saying SPain(what a pain!!) i guess, i will have to watch the match at my bedroom alone  if all here are so keen to see Spain win!!

YUP, iam sorry for the little sarcastic comment i made on my Facebook, that i want to see PAul, the octopus killed..well, i dont  mean it literally and iam against any violence or murder!! its just that i dont like to believe the fact that the Argentines or Brazilian’s lost cos he predicted so.. it belittles the effort of the winner or the struggle of the looser!

Then what am i not sorry for! well, my last entry named Strangulation had me make an annoying statement over a person i found to be enjoying himself when he annoys his subordinates and his co- workers. Well, i do believe that the entry has personally offended the person  i know..!!so, what!! let me explain..Whoever treats his juniors badly, is actually stting up wrong examples for the others..the same people will learn from his character and will be forced to do the same to the people under them..so, it would become a hierarchy dominated area and in medical field we are independent to take our independent decisions. so, my dear friend better change your character, you really need behaviour modification. I  really get tired sitting with people who can talk so much gossip about others, and do behind the back talking of one another..my word of advice to my dear readers and friends, plzz dont try this at anywhere!! it deglams your own self image. How can i say so much against someone and believe that iam doing is right?? well, personally, i dont hold any grudge against anyone and there is no other  way i can explain it to the world that we must be watchful of our character!! My policy is simple, you let me live peacefully and i let you have the same…

Sorry, got carried away!!Again, last week i finished reading ‘ Doctors’ by Erich Segal. Should i say, that i found the book to be very interesting and at the same time very much associated with the life of we medicos..Behind the four walls of the campus and in the coridoors and classroom there is also life there and we are all merely normal human beings, blessed with the power to heal and cure.

i finished reading the book on Doctors day, which is the first day of this month and iam glad that i read this book.

The story involves around the life of Barney and Laura. Best friends from childhood and the reasons that lead them to take up medicine, the life inside the medical college, a lot of scenario that extends from euthanasia, medical ethics, friendship, apartheid etc..

All these things are moulded so beautifully and within the grade so that even a layman can know the pnemonic to learn the 12 cranial nerves in the human body!!I found it interesting more because, i have earned a lot of things in my medical life, just like Barney, the central character. i have my best friends here, gave me the power to be a bold man and to be expressive of my thoughts and ideas, fame and respect and above all iam glad that iam conscious of the power vested in me that tells me to heal a wounded soul both physical and mental.

The timing that i got the book to read was also wonderful.It happend after the day i told my best friend that i was confused in my road ahead of my life and she as usual being the marvellous and magnificient in my life(its a personal thing to call her that..n before you laugh make sure iam still alive..hehe) , comes up with this book she had in her shelf and once again i couldnt help being submerged into reading this.

it did help me realize where my area of specialisation should be. i guess i should go for it!! Before i tell you what it is, i need to make some important arrangements and i will let you know once iam on!!

whatelse, whatelse…!!!

hehe, thats a dialogue iam very much used to say, when iam on phone for a long time!!!Am i talking too much today!

hey, thanks for reading pal..hope you had a good time reading my blog..remember that love is the fundamental basis of medicine..So, be in love, have love in heart and give love a lot..

lots of love,



being doctors

so, the week went rather hectic, the long days at the op, and the fact that iam dealing with the kids department more so that keeps me busy all around and again there was this rather rainy sunday duty, keeps me wet all the time.

so, what happens in my life rather than the usual breathing and eating ans so so procedures?

well, iam still alive, breathing and as usual my life tells me that my reason for existence is for a purpose, and everyday i wake up, iam assured that i have , cause iam lucky privileged to be a doctor.

well, there are a few interesting turn outs, especially because iam dealing with a lot of kids these days and sometimes i keep wondering about the slight mistakes he makes when he sends some kids to earth, certain congenital anomalies like mulitiple sclerosis, melanoma,,,etc. iam not on the angry side, i know they are all the most beautiful people in the eyes of God and the family that loves them so dearly or we doctors who live to see these things close to heart …why , that bothers me on one side is because of certain defects, i myself had to face during my early days and even some of those problems that have still stayed with me. There have been times when i have felt sad just because the way he created me with those defects, and have left me  frustrated and angry.  There were times ,when i felt lucky to be alive and doing better than some of the people i encounter around my life. but this is not the right way to be reassured. Today, i rather feel solace when i find that i can be of a tiny hope to the people who suffer, i can share with them the frustrations and anger some of them go through, cause of their defects, and help them motivated to go ahead.

There are certain cases such as a multiple sclerosis patient, i find very touching to my heart. well, i dont want to share much on it, so as to protect the identity of  my patients, yes but i do hope to start a program on the ways to help people with complicated diseases such as this, tro go ahead and also on ways to help the people who are less privileged to afford the treatment. well, my idea is  just a seed about to germinate, so if any of my readers are having anything to do with any of this, please hit me with your ideas and opinions and we shall move ahead with them.

other than that, well, i have been reading DOctors by Erichsegal and havent finished it yet,.. so the review will be there in  the next week edition of the blog, hopefully..

my time dosent lent me the luxury of more hours at net now, so happy living till the next time i get to you all..

and yet, if you are watching football matches at world cup and cheering for your favorite team, remember, iam cheering for Brasil….so, lets see, if the best men wins!!!

love and spread love,