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you are here

ofcourse, you are here which means you are at my blog and reading what i have in store for you!!

but where was i?

well, thanks for all those who bothered to think for a while about where i was?

well, iam here right in your pc/laptop and talking to you. okay, come on, now let me tell ypu what happend.

so, i was a bit busy with a little bit of my personal work loads and rounds at hospital and all that stuff that i really didnt get much time to make any update for a while. so, yup i did make a train journey to and fro from kannur to trivandrum.

so, it was this all of a sudden quickly planned and non cancellable plans and i must say that this is one train journey, i will hardly forget for a while.

let me before hand put a short introduction about the political scenario at my state, kerala for a while. There is a routine here at this part of the world that there must be an hartal/ strike once in now and then, so that the people know that there are a few political parties alive out here!!

so, unfortunately my travel was planned on the day of the hartal and since it couldnt be made on tghat day, me and my friends tried the best to get a reservation ticket for the train travel(which takes approx 12 hours to reach) But again it was destiny, that we would have to travel in general compartment among the rest of the travellers and as i predicted, it promised to be a back breaking, torturous journey. Honestly, train journey is very much a part of my life, having travelled regularly during my last fews years of my medical education. so, we started out at the evening and by the time it was midnight the entire compartment was occupied with not a place to sit comfortably. i was lucky that i had two friends with me in my journey and as unpredictably the train journey is, so unpredictable is the chances that you may loose yourluggage in a crowd in Indian train travel.

It was full moon outside and the view through the side window of the train was equally romantic, but as in the mood i was, all i needed was a heavy doseof sedative, so that i could get a sleep for atleast 15 minutes continiuosly.

Again, as i couldnt control to sleep and as i was slowly moving into the state of tiredness, i kept trying to think about deeply into what and where my life is leading..A lot of philosophical thoughts, which i wouldnt want to mention out here for a while, but may be later!!!

SO, once i made it to the destination and our purpose for visit was fullfilled, it was time for the return journey, which once again was done without any reservation and had to be in the general compartment, i was defenitely sure even before the beginning of the night, that it would ofcourse be interesting..

Before i would state any  further on my train travel, i want to mention about two restaurants i visited at trivandrum this time. well, both, just because the food was good, though not exotic as you would find on some other parts of the world, these two places are equally famous at truivandrum and if you are a tourist visiting trivandrum for the first time, do visit the indian coffee houser at Thampanur. what i liked about the place is nothing but the architecture of the building, designed by renowned Larry baker. So, the breakfast was fresh and quiterefreshing, provided we had a very hedctic journey, as if we were participants of the amazing race!!

The second restaurant is again one of its class, and has certain nostalgia associated with it and for obviousreasons iam not mentioning the best parts now. so, we had our snack at  this place called Azad, and again there is this food called KOthu poratta, which we had from there. VEry delicious i felt, though i dont really like much of the trivandrum food stuff, i found this one interesting. A friend of mine from kottayam, who was with me during this travel was saying that this dishcomes from her land. iam clueless, but yes the food is hot.

Again, the train travel was fine because a few of our lady colleagues were also there with us on the return at our compartment. So, it was good chatting with them for a while and more that all of us were less bothered about the luggage. ( this is one good advantage of travellingin group)

FOr all those who know me personally know, that i wouldnt have gone all this way to describe a train travel, so what is cooking!!

ok, so there was a fellow passenger, a beautful muslim girl who joined in between in our journey,a total stranger for all of us. So, she sat right next to me and really i wished i knew her for ages!!( ok, i can see who is frowning…yeah, who all have taken the phone…..okay, friends, no comment about my commitment status on page pleaseeeeeee!!!)

well, it wasnt exactly as i said it, but yes there was rush in the train, she sat next to me in my seat and ofcourse there were about 5 of my female colleagues ande one boy colleague with me in the train travel!!

so, i was struck for a while because all the while i was happy inside that i was travelling with all my friends at a late hour and so the chat would be interesting and yet my mind was wandering in its own trying to acess ionto the heart of this beautiful stranger.

i kept rerhearsing the words a close friend of mine ( a girl) told me, if ever you find a girl and you want to get closer, never approach, let her approach you!!!hmmmmm, the minute this article is finished the girl who taught me this is going to cryyyyy

so, i kept waiting for a long to start a conversation with her, while the rest of my friends were busy chatting and teasing me with the several names of girls, i have bewen accused of being linked with!! For a second, i could feel them as if they were involved in a controversy to defame me to the cadre of a cassanova,a ladies man image, an image i always deny, but keeps haunting me from past!!! So, my dear friends kept checking all the pictures in my mobile and kept commenting on all the pictures they found. i kept looking at the girl next to me, though listening to all their mussings.yes, she was listening and yes those jokes were interesting for her!!

Again, my friends kept refering to me as Dr. Nidhin valsan!!!well, that is a plus or minus tag for any conversation starter. SO, you are a doctor, huh..i really wished her to start, but she closed her eyes for a while and yes plugged in her ipod!!!

For the first time in my life, i hated Steve jobs for making that thing!!!

So, i kept wishing to ask something to her, and at the same time my dear friends with me kept pouring me with questions and questions!! For all those, who were there with me then, and is reading this now, iam really really mad at you, heheh!!!!

so, what happend finally

well, it took me 4 hours to get the courage to ask something  to  her and i did ask her, a question which i dont repend to this minute. i asked her, if she could take the bottle of water from the side pocket of the bag of my friend, who was sleeping besides her, and she did do that.

But alas, she got down at Ernakulam at midnight and i couldnt help controlling my feeling that i could have talked toi her for a while. Come on, NIdhi, be practical…she is just a stranger and there are lot of strangers in thisworld!! A part of broken dreams, hehehe..may be its for good!

so, fellas, before i could conclude a small advice of wisdom for, if you love anyone never wait ofr the other to express their feelings to you, take yourchances, and go for it!!

NOw dont think that i lost a love or new girl friend in that train travel, those who know me well enough know, why it is that way..hehehe

So, yup for all those lovers, express your feeling and be true to your relationships..

finally, keep in touch fellas, iam being too busy nowadays and iam not even having time to proff read this now, and have to leave soon.

till the next time, we talk to each other, keep in touch, spread love and i love you all


well, sorry fellas, i was busy with a lot of personal commitment the last week and honestly, i was suffering from my own miniature form of “depression”( due to certain personal causes, which i wouldnt share out, because it also involves some other lives too)

But thankfully for the wonderful friends and family i have iam back and i’am at my very best!!

But its sad that i didnt read any new book the last week so that i can enter them on the book review section of my blog or  read anything on medical articles or related topics. As i was very busy enjoying a little bit of my personal loneliness, which is over now and  i have a Sidney Sheldon( if tomorow comes) now @ my bed and i would soon come out with its review and do wait for  more of my interesting articles.

SO what did i find interesting last week?

There was a train journey,  and i find most of my travel very interesting. The good thing was to observe the people and the different people who travel together, a lot of wonderful memories actually.

HAH, one thing that makes me very angry actually, which i just remembered. i was on one of these train travels and in the berth above my compartment i found a college note book of  someone, with no name or identity of the college, just a completely written notebook and also another notebook with a girl’s name over it, but no identity of college or what so ever.

So, i kept wondering what could have happend? with all my these many years of experience at college, most probably a boy would have got the book from a class mate of his (possibly the girl) and had misplaced it in the train. now why is it that the book belonged to two different people? well, the hand writings were different. Also, why it is a boy? because, mostly boys have the habit of keeping books in hand rather than in a bag. The other book belongs to a girl, because it had a name over it. Also, since the train was coming from half a distance from Chennai and i am at God’s own country kerala, the owner of the book could be anyone from an arts college anywhere between the line.

What makes me angry is, over the absent mind character of these people. How some people borrow things from others and even forget to take good care of it!! Also, couldnt they write out some personal identification of their college on their books, because at any stage they help to get lost things found.

Again, last week i was more frustrated over the incidents regarding the Indian premier league(IPL). Lot of income tax raids and allegations.

Somewhere down the core, as an entusiast in sports i believe that sports should be conducted fairly and it should be regualted in a way that it dont impart corruptions.

Now, IPL is not a charitable organisation, ofcourse the teams are making money and a lot of money.

But what keeps me wonder is over the sources from which the money is arriving. Lot of black money has been invested, made into white, and all the claims that there are serious issues of match fixing going on, well somewhere down the line the simple man in me is confused and also it has cut down my interest in the IPL.

in What started as a War of words@ twitter, between IPL commisioner Lalit MOdi and Sashi Tarror has now opened doors for investigation into the darker shades of the glitz  on the field and behind the IPL night parties.An ocean of corruption with big names involved from the field of films, politics and sports.

Lot of names are coming ahead including two, prominent cabinet ministers in accusation of misusing their office and chair. When will India learn?

Equality sounds wonderful in words, but actually it dosent, as claims all these leaders who get to the chair with our support and remember us on time atleast once in five years with the same fake promises and virtual ir-reality. how do you think we can curb all these corruptions??If you have any opinon or suggestion, do comment them down

Saw a film by Manirathnam on television. The film was “kannathil mutamital” by the legandary film maker from the south and i found myself deeply attached to the entire plot of the story. The story is about the search of an adopted child who goes in search of her biological parents, from Chennai to Srilanka and the film shoot in exotic location at India and across the war torn nation of Srilanka between the Government and the LTTE. There were lot of emotional scenes in the movie and the entire work being from the creativity of maniratnam was an interesting thing to watch. The brutality of the war and its effect on the innocent lives, being portrayed very cinematographically and it was indeed very touching to watch the movie.

so, if you havent seen it, watch it!!!

Again, did get my teeth clipped!! its a hard thing and my fear for mouth ulcer is notoriously famous among my friend circle. Hope the act that iam doing now with my dentition turns out well.All the sufferings be rewarded!!

Well, got back home yesterday and i have a some very busy days coming ahead, but i honestly want to thank all my personal friends who were there by my side during my bad days.

Also, thank you for all my readers and commenter ‘s who keep updating me with interesting news material and articles, feed backs and love you  all for making me a popular international blogger, the status i enjoy now,and for all the goodness that you all  share with me and the world, thank you all..

keep reading and do watch out for new additions in the blog.

coming ahead in the blog, Stories handpicked my me and also interesting articles from the world of medicine and my articles on gynecological disorders, active interactive section with me over everything under the sun.

Do subscribe to my post/comments or follow me on twitter to interact with me personally.

lots of love,


I had a strange dream this perfect sunday morning as i woke up and i was very curious to find out if forbes were rating the wealth of fictional character’s how much the cullen’s will be worth.


As soon as i found time, i logged into forbes and there it was the  rating for the fictional characters. i never knew that they kept a listing for fictional characters, but actually they been doing it for a long time . so, i thought i would better share it with you all.

Glad to know that i “know” some of these billionaires, while some are not really very popular with my area of expertise.

so, here is the listing of the FORBES 15.( click on the image to read more!!)

No 1 carlise Cullen

no 2 Mcduck, scrooge

no 3 Richie Rich

no 4 stark, Tony

no5 Jed Clampett

no 6 Veidt, Adrian

NO 7 Wayne, Bruce

NO 8 Fairy, Tooth

NO 9 Thurston Howell 3

No 10 sir Topham Hatt

No 11 Artemis Fowl

NO 12 Charles Montgomery Burns

no !3 charles Bass

no 14 Jay Gatsby

No 15 Lucille Bluth

so, here it is the forbes list of the fictional billionaires. hope you all had fun reading it.

keep on, have lot of fun.

Spread love,..


Bang on !!!

*Here’s how the Indian TV news channel MDTV 25×8 would  report the  Jack-and-Jill incident. All names (except those of Jack and  Jill), are  fictitious.*

We have important breaking news here. Two persons have  been injured in a  freak climbing accident. Jack and his companion Jill had  gone up a hill to  fetch a pail of water when Jack fell down and broke his  crown. Jill came  tumbling after. Live from the hill, our reporter, Amrita  Shah, takes up the  story.

Thank you Prashant. Well, as you say, two persons – Jack  and Jill – had gone  up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Suddenly, Jack fell  down and broke his  crown and Jill came tumbling after. Prashant.

Thank you, Amrita. What do we know about the hill?

Not too much at the moment. Jack was going up the hill to  fetch a pail of  water when he fell down and broke his crown. Jill came  tumbling after.

[Headline appears at the foot of the TV screen: “HILL  BREAKS CROWN OF  PAIL-BOY JACK”]

Any news of Jack and Jill?

Prashant, it seems that Jack had gone up the hill to fetch  a pail of water.  We know nothing about the pail, or how heavy it was. But it  appears that  Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling  after. I have  here with me, an eyewitness to the entire accident, Mr  Shahid Trivedi. Mr  Shahid, tell us what you saw.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.  Jack fell down and  broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.

[Headline appears at the foot of the TV screen: “BOY AND  GIRL TUMBLE DOWN  HILL. WATER SPILLED”]

Jack and Jill. What do we know about them? Are they brother  and sister? Are  they married? Just what were they doing on the hill  together?

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

And what happened next?

Jack fell down and broke his crown.

Go on…

And Jill came tumbling after.

Prashant, there you have it! Two people innocently going  about their  business to fetch a pail of water when one of them falls  down, breaks his  crown, and the other comes tumbling after. Back to you in  the studio,  Prashant.

[Headline appears at the foot of the TV screen: “WATER  ERRAND ENDS IN  TRAGEDY”]

I have with me in the studio now, Professor Chandrashekhar  Belagare from the  Indian Institute of Applied Hill Sciences. Professor: A  hill. Jack. Jill. A  pail of water. A tragedy waiting to happen?

Well… that depends on the hill, the two persons, the  object they were  carrying and the conditions underfoot. Let us look at the  evidence so far:   Jack and Jill / Went up the hill / To fetch a pail of  water. / Jack fell  down / And broke his crown / And Jill came tumbling after.

Clearly, one would suspect that if Jack’s fall was severe  enough to break  his crown, then the surface of the hill must have been  slippery and  therefore unstable. But I think we’re overlooking  something quite  fundamental here. Who was carrying the pail? Jack fell down  and broke his  crown and – this is the key – Jill came tumbling after.  If Jack and Jill had  been carrying the pail together, would they not have fallen  at the same  time? The fact that Jill came tumbling after suggests that  Jack lost his  footing first and perhaps knocked Jill over as he slipped.

Professor, thank you very much. So there we have it, two  persons – Jack and  Jill – went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack   fell down and broke  his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.
Later in the  programme, some other  news: Osama bin Laden captured in Afghanistan, President  Obama promises free  health-care for every American citizen, and Pakistan  launches nuclear  warheads against key Indian cities.
But next up, join us  after the break for  an in-depth studio discussion about hills, boys and girls,  and whether  water-fetching trips should be supervised. Don’t go away.
We’ll be right  back …..

P.S.: The irony is that this is barely a joke …. it’s is  near REAL!!!
That’s EXACTLY how our fancy (and so-called) NEWS channels
operate! What a  shame

When it comes to hearing the news hot, it always comes to Larry king!!

but why Iam referring him is because i found a bit of irony on his personal life, and over pot full of celebrity interviews he has done, the scandals and undoubtedly the best shows CNN has ever had.

One of my friend, from an international magazine was on chat and we were gossiping over the latest happening around the globe and he was anticipating a live show on Larry king live on Larry king himself explaining why he is getting divorced again.

A mock drill on how he would present himself asking question to himself and explaining what the ” Irreconcilable differences” were.

Honestly, Iam not making fun of the legend here nor is it in any of my intentions. But this is how people are, when they are intriguied on their most personal  questions. ofcourse, Larry king is one of the world’s most celebrated television personal and one of the most recognized face in the industry.

so, As far as the News is, it is heard that Larry and his wife, country singer Shawn Southwick has filed for divorce from each other over ” irreconciliable differences”

larry king live

As it has always been, you hear a lot of hot news from the talk show of  Larry king, so iam really curious over hearing it from his own talk show!!

oh Larry, i have two questions for you, would you please explain them for me because like the rest, iam also anxious to know about it.

1. Is it true that you are having an affair with your sister in law?

2. how many of your plush homes will you loose on the legal battle?

ok, so i do hope that all the problems will get solved and you will be on air grilling the rest and with hot news. oh,i did see the live interview of Martina Navarotilova by you. Really liked it.

yup, i do wish Larry gets the custodial rights for his children because he is such a good company, dont you think so?

Do leave your comments on the article.

At the mean time, let me have my sweets on the occasion of Vishu.

so, thank you for reading.

Take care, God bless..spread love

hi dear friends,

yup, i woke up to the music of the crackers cracking all around @4Am. Had a small thought for a while that i was somewhere at Sarajevo amidst the bombshells, hehe

Somehow, i feel blessed that iam born at this part of the world and my life is as peaceful and happy as it can be. My prayers for all the people

in the world for a happy and prosperous life.

sree krishna

Saw vishu kanni and its been fun at home.

went to temple in the morning and it was very peaceful for mind to see happy faces all around. Got vishu kaineetam from temple and here iam to wish all my loved one and you, A happy and prosperous vishu.


and yup, my vishu kaineetam( gift ) for all of you,

vishu kaineetam

lots and lots of love,

keep reading, spread love

God bless All

hah, well iam the editor in chief of my blog,  and i guess im on vacation now!!!

Can feel the aura of happiness flying all around me now.Announcing its Vishu!!

Last few days had been miserable; the fever, sorethroat, missing the volleyball match( we lost in final, sad!)  didnt even get time for blogging or reading much.

But its vishu  here. Wish to see the flowers of cassia Fistula @my college again. it was flowered when i was leaving there a few days ago.

cassia fistula- vishu kanni

Next two days, im all booked for my family and dear friends. By the way, where are you guys??


Want to get some crackers, fireworks, get the whole house lit with diyas and yup, i wish to take a resolution to be veg for vishu alone. I could take it for tomorrow as well, but i guess i know where i will be if iam with my friends tomorrow. Chicken Biriyani in air, hehe..

I havent tried if there is Hyderabadi Biriyani from calicut, should hunt down at paragon or zains if they serve it..Got the idea from the menu details of Sania’s wedding!!

I miss my best friends these days. But its ok, life has to move on.

love you all..

So, listening to Lucky Ali’s track  after a long time. Old tracks!! wow, feels very nostalgic and may be its the music, iam all the healthy back again. Love you, Ali( dont take it as a gay sense, controversy buffs!!)

what would our lives be if the Government banned music here? cant even imagine.

As iam writing this a group of people visited my home for monetary help for a charitable society supporting cancer patients. it was good to hear their story. i have been earlier involved with a pain and palliative society and i know how hard it is to see some patients in the last stage of their life. God, please take their pain away from them. My prayers for all of them.

i look miserable now, without a shave for the last few days. When i told them them about me, they looked at me as if iam lying. Did had to explain them that its the fever!!!, the next big thing after this entry, iam to get a clean shave!!

Speaking of the people who collect money from door to door, reminds me of something! actually, a group of people from a temple ( cant name them) were at home seeking money. But this was different. Because, it was an urge to buy a divine idol and they promised that it would remove all our problems!! so, my dear mom actually, got the brochure and asked them to come later. When i was home and i read the brochure, i decided that i would neither buy or contribute money.

The reason was because, in the pamphlet it was written like few people didnt buy this idol and were met with ill fate and certain people were blessed with huge fortunes etc after they took this. I felt it more like an emotional blackmailing.

What would you genuinely do if you could afford the thing they were saying and yet didnt want to buy it! or if they came to you and you didnt have the money to afford it!

In both ways, i dont believe my fate is decided by any of these. But imagine the emotional blackmail it does.

Religion and beliefs make us a complete man and it is part of our identity and in that way iam a secular. But think about being misinterpreted on our religion. I dont want someone else to manipulate my life or  be it my religious existence. I found the pamphlet to be ridiculous. My mother was keen that we pay them for their cause, but i said No.

Why do people go to seek peace in saints and other Godmen before looking for peace in their home?? May be they do get real comfort being with them, but have they really checked for peace in the life around them.

I find peace in a lot of things around me, my family, my friends, my world. I prefer to introduce them as mine, because they form a part of my identity, because iam a lesser man, without them.

Then what?

yup, Sania mirza is

wedding bells

married and again i know Shoaib is wearing a black sherwani and Sania is wearing her mother’s nikah dress, there will be hyderabadi biriyani(ooh God, i need one right now, the last time i was at Hyderabad, was for my Cousin’s wedding!!)

But why do the biggest television channel need to show us upto date information on this. Ofcourse the TRP!! i guess they stop it after the wedding is over!! Rumors heard that Sania is given mohar of 61 lakh’s.

My dearest friends in the media, are we run out of topics. its almost like the trending topic of twitter, ever since i have joined all i hear is “justin Beiber” i think i like that guy now!! yeah, thats it, you feed them 24*7, you start developing stockholm syndrome!!

so, i here i go for my vishu celebrations. see you soon guys.


be good,God bless

HaPpy ViShu

Bono- the u2 uno

“Read it as Bono, the u2 you know”

below is the exert from essentials from the official website of u2
THis is written in order to support the charity events that my favorite band support, the causes they beleive in.

my love for Bono, and his beautiful wife, Alison for the initiatives they run across the globe.

Essentials knowledge about the band

U2 formed in 1978 after Larry Mullen pinned a ‘musicians wanted’ ad to the notice board at Dublin’s Temple Mount School. Adam Clayton had discovered rock’n’roll as a thirteen year old, buying his first acoustic guitar and then talking his parents into buying him a bass guitar. ‘It just sounded good to me. Deep and fat and satisfying.’

From the beginning, U2 were marked out by their passion. “A band before we could play” was how Bono put it in early interviews. Edge remembers reading UK music papers NME and Sounds every week and then hearing about this ‘wild kid called Paul Hewson.’

The four teenagers, who initially called themselves ‘Feedback’, rehearsed in Larry’s Dublin kitchen, Bono on vocals, The Edge on guitar, Adam Clayton and Larry making up the rhythm section of bass and drums. Inspired by punk, but insulated from the standoffish cool by the Irish Sea, Feedback had become ‘The Hype’ and then ‘U2’ and were soon building a local reputation based on the passion of their performances.
‘I suppose a watershed moment would have been seeing The Jam on Top of the Pops, ‘remembers `Edge. ‘And realizing that actually not knowing how to play was not a problem… music was more about energy and trying to say something and not necessarily about great musicianship.’
After a brief period being managed by Adam, they had met up with Paul McGuinness but an early Irish release in 1979, the ‘U23’ EP on CBS, proved a one-off. They would wait until the following year to sign a long-term deal with Chris Blackwell’s Island Records. ‘I was amazed at the quality and talent and ambition of these four musicians and yet we couldn’t get a record deal.’recalls McGuinness. ‘Everyone in the world passed on U2 before we finally found a home at Island Records.’

U2’s first single, 11 O’Clock Tick-Tock, was released in May 1980. Boy, their debut album, was released five months later – promoted by another single, I Will Follow , October, a year later and by May 1983, they had their first UK number 1 album with War, culmination of a trio of albums produced by Steve Lillywhite.

War featured hit singles New Year’s Day (the video shot in the snow in sub-zero Sweden) and Two Hearts Beat As One while the live album Under A Blood Red Sky released that November, cracked the US Billboard Top 30. It was also the end of a chapter for the band and the beginning of a quarter century of studio collaboration with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. The Unforgettable Fire, recorded in a the ballroom of Ireland’s Slane Castle, spawned one of U2’s most iconic tracks in Pride (In The Name of Love) … as well as a whole lot more experimentation. ‘In America there was such a backlash when we put out The Unforgettable Fire,’ remembers Bono. ‘People thought we were the future of rock’n’roll and they went, ‘What are you doin’ with this doggone hippie Eno album?’ ‘We owe Eno and Lanois so much for seeing through to the heart of U2.’
Three years before the band had played support to Thin Lizzy at the annual Slane outdoor show. Seventeen years later, now established as the pre-eminent live act in rock’n’roll, they would return to play two sell-out shows themselves, later released on a live DVD, U2 Go Home’.

Back in the 1980’s, the nine-month tour following the release of ‘The Unforgettable Fire’ took in 54 US dates and led to the band’s unforgettable appearance at Live Aid in July 1985. ‘In the middle of Bad he went on a wander trying to pick out some girls to dance with,’ remembers Larry. ‘It felt like he was gone for ever. We were quite jittery as it was and when Bono went missing, a certain panic ensued.’

They didn’t realize it at the time but it was a set that would alert a whole new audience to their music but it was another two years before the band released, The Joshua Tree in 1987, the original working title of which was ‘The Two Americas’. If the constant touring had seen the US hypnotise U2, America was about to return the compliment – the singles With Or Without You and the gospel-flavoured I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, went to the very top of the US singles chart.

The Joshua Tree went on to sell more than 20 million copies and at the 1987 Grammy Awards, won the band ‘Album Of The Year’ and ‘Best Rock Performance’, the first of what has become a record-breaking run of Grammy wins. In 2007 a remastered version of the album was released to mark the 20th anniversary of its original release and in their book, ‘U2byU2’ the band talked in detail about how many of the songs came together. At the 1987 Grammy Awards, U2 won Album Of The Year and Best Rock Performance for The Joshua Tree, their first Grammy Award wins.

When Time Magazine put the band on its cover with the headline “Rock’s Hottest Ticket”, it was only the fourth time a band had made it to the cover – following The Beatles, The Band and The Who.

A year later, in 1988, U2 topped the British single charts and released in theatres the live concert movie ‘Rattle & Hum’ which chronicled the US leg of the 1987 Joshua Tree tour. The double album Rattle and Hum’ featured the number 1 single, Desire and a collaboration with BB King, ‘When Love Comes To Town’. The band finished their 1989 Lovetown Tour with a series of late December shows at The Point Depot in Dublin when Bono announced that ‘…this is the end of something for U2…we have to go away and … and dream it all up again.’

They did too, going away to Hansa Studios in Berlin with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois and dreaming up an album called Achtung Baby which took their music in a whole new direction. Band and production team had clashed over the direction they should be taking but out of this turmoil came one of their most acclaimed albums ever. As Daniel Lanois put it, ‘If you manage to get the four of them in one room with instruments in their hands you’re going to get results. That has a lot to do with my job – just getting them in the room and playing.’ With The Fly, Mysterious Ways, and One U2 began the nineties with a new sound, a new reputation on the dancefloor and a series of their biggest hits.

The subsequent Zoo TV tour opened in Florida on February 29 1992 and circumnavigated the globe twice in almost two years before ending in Japan on December 10 1993. Achtung Baby had proved a groundbreaking album and production designer Willie Williams set about reinventing the rock tour with help from a 130-foot video wall juxtaposing 24-hour hard news, shopping channel ephemera and postmodern slogans to ramp up the irony levels. (“EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG”). Guest appearances featured Lou Reed, Salman Rushdie (while in hiding in the aftermath of publication of The Satanic Verses) and Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA, who performed ‘Dancing Queen’ with the band. Still can’t imagine what it looked like ? This is what it looked like. It being the run up to the 1992 American Presidential Election, Bono interrupted the set list to make satellite calls to the Bush White House. He never did get through to then President George Bush – little did anyone know that within a few years Presidents and politicians would be taking those calls – but via the ZOO TV satellite link he also called into war-torn Sarajevo, hearing the voices of a city under siege thanks to the maverick journalist Bill Carter.

In the middle of Zoo’s European leg the band recorded a whole album, the haunting and experimental Zooropa (1993) featuring lead vocals from Johnny Cash on the final track The Wanderer. The Zoo stop in Sydney was later digitally remastered and released on DVD,
‘ Zoo TV Live From Sydney’.

The Sarajevo connection inspired one of the tracks on Passengers: Original Soundtracks Volume I, the most experimental album the band had collaborated on – unsurprisingly with Brian Eno at the heart of the mix. ‘Miss Sarajevo’ featured a star turn by Luciano Pavarotti. Crowning this heady period, Pop (1997) cloaked its heavy lyrical payload in state-of-the-art dance rhythms, a creative collusion with DJ Howie B. ‘The themes are love, desire and faith in crisis,’ explained Edge. ‘The usual stuff.’
The resulting tour, POPMART – which saw the band become the first major act to perform in Sarajevo after the Bosnian War – was another visual spectacle imagined by Willie Williams introduced the rave-rock of Mofo and Discotheque to a new generation of fans.

It was four years before another album, but it was worth the wait: All That You Can’t Leave Behind features songs which went on to win ‘Record of the Year’ Grammy Awards in two consecutive years – ‘Beautiful Day’ in 2001 and ‘Walk On’ in 2002 – the only time this has ever happened. Released in 2000, ATYCLB went on to win seven Grammys and sell more than ten million copies worldwide. ‘I think it was a very good idea to make a record that actually sounded like U2 again…’ explained Paul McGuinness. ‘It went to No.1 in 32 countries.’

It was followed by the 113-date Elevation Tour, a similarly stripped-back approach, with the focus firmly on the songs. ‘It wasn’t really minimalist,’ says Edge. ‘But compared to POP anything would seem back to basics.’ It was the design that grabbed Larry: ‘The use of the heart as a runway to get out into the audience and the way the heart itself filled with people, was great. It was almost like a club gig within an arena.’

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004) was “very much a guitar record,” explained Adam. “Vertigo, Love and Peace, City of Blinding Lights, All Because of You, all pretty up , rocky tunes. A lot of them are a kick-back to our very early days, so it’s like with each year we have gathered a little bit more and this is what we are now.’ Recorded with both new and old producers – Steve Lillywhite, Chris Thomas, Flood, Jacknife Lee, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Nellee Hooper and Carl Glanville worked on the album – U2’s eleventh studio record from was released in November 2004, debuted at at Number 1 in 25 countries and the lead single Vertigo won three Grammy awards, including Best Rock Song. The Vertigo tour which followed was the highest grossing tour of the year and with the album confirmed U2 as “the greatest rock and roll band in the world.” During 2005 U2 played to more than 3.2 million people. In March Bruce Springsteen inducted the band into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, describing them as ‘the keepers of some of the most beautiful sonic architecture in the rock-and-roll world,” said rocker Bruce Springsteen while inducting U2.’ And then there was Live 8, beamed live to half the planet, and opening up with U2 performing Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with Paul McCartney. At the 2006 Grammy ceremony, U2 took home 5 Awards, including the coveted Album of the Year for HTDAAB. These new wins brought their total number of Grammy Awards to 22, more than any other band.

While spending a month recording at Abbey Road Studios London in 2006, U2 collaborated with Green Day to record a cover of the song The Saints Are Coming by The Skids. The recording was a benefit for Music Rising, a charity founded by The Edge which aims to help rebuild the musical heart and culture of New Orleans by replacing instruments that were lost during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. The band have released three ‘Best of’ collections: ‘The Best of 1980-1990’, ‘The Best of 1990-2000’, and ‘U218 Singles’
in 2006 which also featured the new song ‘Windows In the Skies’ .

Five years after the release of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, in March 2009 the band released No Line on the Horizon. Their 12th studio album was written and recorded in in Fez, Morocco, Dublin, Ireland, New York and Olympic Studios in London. The album calls on the production talents of long-time collaborators Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, with additional production by Steve Lillywhite.

read more about the band at their website


Kerala, situated on the lush and tropical Malabar Coast, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Named as one of the “ten paradises of the world” and “50 places of a lifetime” by the National Geographic Traveler magazine, Kerala is especially known for its ecotourism initiatives. Its unique culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demographics, has made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

kerala God's own country

Growing at a rate of 13.31%, the state’s tourism industry is a major contributor to the state’s economy.Until the early 1980s, Kerala was a relatively unknown destination; most tourist circuits focused on North India. Aggressive marketing campaigns launched by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, the government agency that oversees tourism prospects of the state, laid the foundation for the growth of the tourism industry. In the decades that followed, Kerala’s tourism industry was able to transform the state into one of the niche holiday destinations in India. The tagline Kerala- God’s Own Country has been widely used in Kerala’s tourism promotions and soon became synonymous with the state. In 2006, Kerala attracted 8.5 million tourist arrivals, an increase of 23.68% over the previous year, making the state one of the fastest-growing destinations in the world.

Popular attractions in the state include the beaches at Kovalam, Cherai, Varkala, Kappad, Muzhappilangad and Bekal;

the hill stations of Munnar, Nelliampathi, Ponmudi and Wayanad;





and national parks and wildlife sanctuaries at Periyar and Eravikulam National Park.




The “backwaters” region, which comprises an extensive network of interlocking rivers, lakes, and canals that centre on Alleppey, Kollam, Kumarakom, and Punnamada (where the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held in August

nehru trophy


Heritage sites, such as the Padmanabhapuram Palace and the Mattancherry Palace, are also visited.



Cities such as Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram are popular centres for their shopping and traditional theatrical performances.

During early summer, the Thrissur Pooram is conducted,

thrissur pooram

attracting foreign tourists who are largely drawn by the festival’s elephants and celebrants.The main pilgrim tourist spots of Kerala are Sabarimala Temple, Chettikulangara Temple, Vadakumnathan Temple, Guruvayoor Temple, Malayattor Church and Parumala Church

Other than these, kerala is also known for the contributing two things to the world, which are Kallaripayatu(martial arts) and ayurveda(ayu=life, veda= knowledge/related to science)



so, i guess you have liked the small pesentation done on my State, kerala, India.

I’m proud that iam born and brought up at this part of the world with so much of life and activities.

India in itself is a unique experience. very different culture, religions and yet bound together by one bond of love.

Jai hind.


God bless

I belong to a part of the nation that has contributed some of the finest actors and technicians of the nation. before i proceed further on my observation, let me make it clear that i dont belong to any of groups that will be mentioned here and dont really have any pledged obligation to any fan’s clubs, but my review on this scenario is as a voice of an average middle class person just like you.

how do my observation represent the voice of the common man?

i say this because iam 25 and i had my education from a leading professional college from kerala. just like me, a lot of people get selected to medical courses, some choose engineering courses, some do paramedical courses, and a large group of people do other degree or diploma courses. So, i been fortunate enough to have friend’s from all these category and since it is a common entrance examination, most of my friends are from distant and remote corners of kerala.  most of the youth here are well educated and i do take pride that my state has the most educated people in the nation.

So, like most of the ordinary youth, i have had my funny times with my batchmates and one of our common  entertainment is MOVIES. I have been to some of the worst and finest cinema theatre’s of the state. but in the last five years of my life, i have very rarely gone for a malayalam film.

Now, before my reader can predict that im the reason for the failure  of malayalam film, let me clarify the reason.

i have already seen and heard a lot of discussions on the reason for the failure of failure of malayalam film, some of the most ridiculous and stupid claims from the parts of film producers, actors and even technicians.

The few reasons why i very rarely watch malayalam movies??

First reason is that i dont have any obligation to any superstar and i dont really go to films because it has a particular actor in it. from the atmosphere of my college and the friend’s i have, i have noticed that if a movie is ‘entertaining’ we will go for!!

secondly, i dont like to waste money on a movie that dosent really entertain. The last malayalam movie, which i really appreciated was “Ritu’. i have seen a few movies after that too, but most of the dont even deserve a mention here. i dont find it wrong when i say that i dont like to waste money to watch a movie that has a ridiculously boring plot, same old repeated story background and cheap comedy inserted just so that people wont rise from their seat.

There was a time when malayalam films had the credit that they were more family oriented, but nowadays i find that it is loosing that credit too.

The controversy that suerstar films only run in kerala, new comers are being denied chances etc. See, soon a time will come when people will refute these films also. You need to get into the public opinion too. At a point they will verdict that enough is enough. There is no formula for superhits, it becomes with the right combination of all the right ingridients.

Recently, i saw the movie ‘kerala cafe” and i found the treatment to be experimental, unique and interesting.

One of the biggest mistake from the film makers is that some of them are guided by the myth that you deliver anything and the audience will digest it. Some times it works, but you cant fool them all the time

Why do films from other places like tollywood or bollywood become superhit here?

There are a lot of factors, but the main thing is the lack of entertainment quality in comparison with the  rest. ofcourse, kerala is a small market, a very small state here and for a population of merely 3 crore, we cant genuinely expect the producers of the movie to invest large chunk of cash like the movies from the other places that go Global. so, what are the options here?

There are two options. One is to continue making films which are creatively and technically cheap and in the large race, stay out of main market or start going global. When i started blogging, i had two options, either focus on writing articles that would matter and keep my horizon smaller or go global. So, i decided that i would that i would focus on larger platforms and so today, i enjoy having readers, who interact with me from places such as Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Usa, Hong Kong etc. so, in a larger scenario, i get benefit of having friends at all corners of the world. Like wise, Malayalam films must be made for a larger platform of audience. Bengal is another state with the same conditions like kerala, but of late film makers like Rituparno Ghosh, parna sen etc are all making impact on world cinema, with good movies.

Is it possible and is it feasible to sell such movies?

Stop shrinking your world, and start exploring the different possiblities.

More than half of the gulf is occupied by Indians and there are a lot of potential in the gulf for Indian products. Keralites are also at large in the middle East. Excluding ,Saudi Arabia, most of these places have film theatre’s and it is always a scope for a new market.

Another major problem to compact is piracy and it is a great problem. If the film people use half the time they spent on making unnecessary controversies, accusing one another, they can stay together to curb these menaces.

How to improve quality?

come on, kerala has given birth to some of the finest talents in film history and naming only a few may not be justifiable. So, i dont have to teach these well talented people, how to make good movies. Besides, a joker once told me that if you can do a thing, never do it for free!!

Why is it that dubbed films from other languages become superhit?

One of the main thing that has started happening recently is that films that get dubbed from other languages into malayalam, have become superhit. so, what does it make?

it proves that Keralites are still in love with malayalam. so, stop blaming that keralites are adopting new culture, forgetting mother tongue etc. Allu Arjun film’s becomes a hit here. so, what does that prove? it proves a lot of things.

1. A large part of the audience are youth, college going students. so, understand what they like.

2. Dnt try to make movies of Allu Arjun’s Genre with Actors like Mohanlal, Mammotty etc. No, that is not a rude remark. Allu Arjun may be a youth icon, but he would have to sweat heavily to get the number of national awards and state awards these film stars keep at their homes. These are versatile actors, please use them for the right roles.

3. I read an interview of a film producer from kerala making a remark that films from other places run because they have lot of extra factors, like Sex, vulgarity like bombshells in bikini.!! He also remarked that these actress charge so much that more than half the movie  budget would be spend on them alone. Mr. producer, on the first place, you are not making films, so that you make the people socially responsible, morally ethical and culturally superior. you make the movie with the same intention that you need profit and you and i, are aware of these, stop crying over it. Im not promoting such scenes in the movies, but iam saying is that he better change his view on the fact that the youth only watch adult oriented movies. recently, most of the films that were made with such themes have also ‘bombed’ at the box office.

We understand!!

How can i blame an entire industry just like that? There are lot of good talents here, why are they not coming up with good movies.

Again there were accusations that the superstars are fighting behind the scenes to chop the role of other artists, demolish the films of the other etc. well, i dont know how much of this is correct or rumours, but i wish they be rumours. Because again, one day, these superstars would have to move their back for new coming talents. so, better stop setting bad examples for the new generation.

Control the fans from defaming films of other artists . Atleast in this part of the world they dont create temple for the stars!!

oh, the real reason why i thought of writing this article.

Actually, i started writing this article two days ago, when the film chamber of kerala announced that film artist technicians and singers couldnt appear on television for doing shows.

The ban extends to reality shows, being judges on TV shows and such programmes. They can appear on TV if it is meant to promote a film which they have acted in.

I realised the main reason why the film industry is not going to survive long, if  something is not done immediately. i thought i would finish it very fast, but honestly, as i started i saw all the other aspects as well coming in and i really didnt know how to start in an unfamiliar territory.

I think the main problem with the people in the chamber is that they are forgetting the basic rule of successful business, “customer first’. They are forgeting about what the customer (audience here) really wants.

First, they serve bad food, serve it in a bad plate and finally give a large bill!!!

Why the film chamber made such a rule?

One reason why such a decision is going to be implemented is that there has been a drop in theatre collections, which has affected the stake holders of the Chamber.

So, they have found out that it is because these stars act in the Tv programmes and  shows, that the people are glued to the Tv. People dont need any particular reason to be glued to T V

This is actually a slap on certain group of people who are perhaps making more money than the rest by television.

come on, everyone have their choices of making money and that is not wrong as long as it dont affect anyone else.

I find it quite undemocratic that a group of people can ban you for doing something you want, just because you are a part of their group.

Also, it is time that the chamber realize new means of revenue from films. Use the media wisely and then you can market your films better.

Be innovative and more than that be constructive.

These stage shows and Tv programmes are all part of potential profit sites to endorse your products. How the chamber use them will provide them the correct result. So, please dont come up with such childish excuses.

Sometimes Bad food at good place sells,  sometimes good food at bad place sells.

But always, good food at good place sells!!

why am i refering to food?? May be im really hungry now!!!

After reading this i can see an entire movie industry standing in front of me and asking, who the hell am i to write about them?? My dears, iam just one of that person you see standing in the long queue in front of a theatre   ( and without a girl friend!!! if i had, i would have got tickets more faster) keeping the fingers crossed with the expectation that this movie be worth the money iam investing on your movie.

When it proves to be a shocker, i really wish i could……………..!!!

Thank you for reading, do leave in your review on the article.

Thank you God bless.