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hi guys,

i just decided to come into the cyber world after a few serious stints battling with the different diseases i encounter in my clinic, and just to relax myself from the boredom, i decided to watch some film and i hit it on the classic, The shawshank pic…got so obsessed by the film and wanted to upload some of the fav dialogues from it..but just as lasy iam with the computers, i decided to surf the net and collect the uploaded things and paste them into my, i must say this is not completely my painful i must thank a blogger called Wiztec for the contribution and also the script writer for this wonderful dialogues..For all those who havent seen it, please find it and watch it ASAP!!!!

The most famous dialogues of the Best Movie ever Made : SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION

Can anyone forget Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman in Shawshank??…at least I cant..coz this one movie taught me a through these dialogues carefully..each line has a story to tell teach you..!!

RED: Andy? I guess we’re getting’ to be friends, ain’t we?

ANDY: I suppose we are.

RED: I ask a question? Why’d you do it?

ANDY: I’m innocent, remember? Just like everybody else here.

ANDY: What are you in for, Red?

RED: Murder. Same as you.

ANDY: Innocent?

RED: The only guilty man in Shawshank.

RED: Heywood, enough. Ain’t nothing wrong with Brooksie. He’s just institutionalized, that’s all.

HEYWOOD: Institutionalized, my ass.

RED: Man’s been here fifty years. This place is all he knows. In here, he’s an important man, an educated man. A librarian. Out there, he’s nothing but a used-up old con with arthritis in both hands. Couldn’t even get a library card if he applied. You see what I’m saying?

FLOYD: Red, I do believe you’re talking out of your ass.

RED: Believe what you want. These walls are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. After long enough, you get so you depend on ’em. That’s “institutionalized.”

JIGGER: Shit. I could never get that way.

ERNIE: Say that when you been inside as long as Brooks has.

RED: Goddamn right. They send you here for life, and that’s just what they take. Part that counts, anyway.


RED: I have no idea to this day what them two Italian ladies were singin’ about. Truth is, I don’t want to know. Some things are best left unsaid. I like to think they were singin’ about something so beautiful it can’t be expressed in words, and makes your heart ache because of it. I tell you, those voices soared. Higher and farther than anybody in a gray place dares to dream. It was like some beautiful bird flapped into our drab little cage and made these walls dissolve away… and for the briefest of moments — every last man at Shawshank felt free.

ANDY: Here’s where it makes most sense. We need it so we don’t forget.

RED: Forget?

ANDY: That there are things in this world not carved out of gray stone. That there’s a small place inside of us they can never lock away, and that place is called hope.

RED: Hope is a dangerous thing. Drive a man insane.

ANDY: You’re right. It’s down there, and I’m in here. I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.

RED: Andy loved geology. I imagine it appealed to his meticulous nature. An ice age here, a million years of mountain-building there, plates of bedrock grinding against each other over a span of millennia… Geology is the study of pressure and time. That’s all it takes, really. Pressure and time.


RED: I like to think the last thing that went through his head… other than that bullet… was to wonder how the hell Andy Dufresne ever got the best of him.

ANDY: Dear Red. If you’re reading this, you’ve gotten out. And if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further. You remember the name of the town, don’t you? I could use a good man to help me get my project on wheels. I’ll keep an eye out for you and the chessboard ready. Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I will be hoping that this letter finds you, and finds you well. Your friend. Andy.

RED: I find I am so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it is the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain… I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.


for all those who havent seen the film yet, what are u waiting for…hurry

so, fellas…let me go on with my other works, till the next upload keep reading and spread love..





Yes, iam back and yup as for all those who missed reading me, let me remind you that i happen to be a doctor as well and in my busy schedule you cant expect me to keep updating everyday, every second of my life…but still for all those lovely souls out there eager to squeeze me  my by my neck and pull me by my hair, let me remind you, thats not gonna happen…heehehe…anyway, give me a feedback after you read it just as you always do…

once again, iam typing this from the balcony of my beautiful home in calicut and for all those wonderful friends who know my home and locality must be aware that i live in a world surrounded by beautiful girls travelling up and down the road, so the chances for spelling mistakes and distractd statements are a thousand times more possible!!please ignore and dont bother to correct my grammar, cos iam not gonna improve!!!

so, i started my day with a question in facebook..

what 11 letter english word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?

And honestly i didnt get a single reply, may be cos all my friends are busy checking the profile of hot people from opposite sex!!or not really smart enough to answer that question!!!

whatever, and for all those who read that question above and  are still wondering what it might be, the answer is INCORRECTLY!!!!

yup, so another lazy valentines day.

Not a single soul proposed me..nyway its never too late!!!!

Was reading the update of a ‘single’ friend in New york. Jai says that he felt like being a gay when he was walking through the streets today. bro, never mind, hamara number bhi ayega( our time will also come!! nyway, im not gayyyyy!!!heheehe)

Had a busy day yesterday at hospital, so that helped remove the pain of being single!!

it was indeed busy, and i think i should focus on my diet more instead of advicing my patients to take regular diet. Woke up late  yesterday, and skipped breakfast!!! DEar friends, please dont try this at home!!!HAve food at regular time

Again, it was Priya’s marriage yesterday and i couldnt go. given the fact that she is one of my closest friend and missing her marriage dosent make me happy either. Its just that i had some prior commitments and i just couldnt make up to it..From the bottom of my heart, if you are reading this  Pepy, IAm so sorry!!!

some thoughts are really disturbing me as i say this.

I remember during the last day of my classes and before we became house surgeons i remember joking to pep that i wouldnt miss being on her marriage. As time pass by, i think we let off such sentiments i suppose. iam sorry for saying this like that..i could have made it to there but i had an important medical camp to attend and iam not making exuse here..

To all those guys out there who probably try to avoid such important things in the life of their friends, let me remind you even before you think of trying that, its not actually a good feeling after you miss that event..A sort of gulit keeps pricking you up, on why you didnt go there. So if you dont have a proper excuse never miss such days in the life of ur friends..

yes, for all those who are curious to know what iam reading now, well, iam reading interpretation of dreams, by Sigmund Freud and its a good read for those who are curious to read more about dreams…for the rest of you docs out there read Davidson or Bailey!!!!

What more, well..i gtta be studyin now, get u later…

preparing for pg entrances..

books again

love all..spread love,


My latest updates

well..its a good and tiring morning here, coz i stayed up all night to see spain win the world cup. So, iam on leave today and its raining a bit outside my beautiful home at calicut. its so wonderful and relaxing to stay at home today.

Well, the octopus did it again. But i wouldnt like to call it this way. The match was interesting and Holland did put up a good fight.

so, will be going to hospital after a while.

just for all the sports lovers..its all about putting that big fight to win..the result may be whatever, but do what you love the most, at the best of yourself



SO, where do i start..well, iam perfectly enjoying my sunday at my home finally..its been a while that i been at my home and its sunny today….Though i say a lot to someone concerned that i love the rain very much, today the sun has really turned me go crazy..Am i missing something, or am i enjoying my being single status  at home..Watever, its good to have Mom made food at home!!

Yes, the match..Good that German’s won and think they deserved that much!! and thanks to them for throwing Argentina out..ofcourse, i love Argentina play..but the reason is just my loyality to Brasil and to be honest i will change my team once India starts playing world cup..I mean it fellas..Oye, its Football, not cricket world cup!! Stayed up and watched Germany win!! Also, glad that Paul, the octopus is still alive, Hehe!! I really wish that Spain will lose, just because i want Holland to win!! Am i hurting my readers at Spain..Well, my statistics say that i got more readers at  Spain than in Holland, but iam sorry fellas, i do what i love..plzz NO OFFENDS!! Hope both the teams play well and fairly, no one gets hurt and wish that Villa get the golden boot!!Now, iam not supporting Holland cos of any statistics or anything, but just that since everyone are cheering for spain, i want to support the other! Dad dont care who wins, My sis says Spain and even my lil bro is saying SPain(what a pain!!) i guess, i will have to watch the match at my bedroom alone  if all here are so keen to see Spain win!!

YUP, iam sorry for the little sarcastic comment i made on my Facebook, that i want to see PAul, the octopus killed..well, i dont  mean it literally and iam against any violence or murder!! its just that i dont like to believe the fact that the Argentines or Brazilian’s lost cos he predicted so.. it belittles the effort of the winner or the struggle of the looser!

Then what am i not sorry for! well, my last entry named Strangulation had me make an annoying statement over a person i found to be enjoying himself when he annoys his subordinates and his co- workers. Well, i do believe that the entry has personally offended the person  i know..!!so, what!! let me explain..Whoever treats his juniors badly, is actually stting up wrong examples for the others..the same people will learn from his character and will be forced to do the same to the people under, it would become a hierarchy dominated area and in medical field we are independent to take our independent decisions. so, my dear friend better change your character, you really need behaviour modification. I  really get tired sitting with people who can talk so much gossip about others, and do behind the back talking of one word of advice to my dear readers and friends, plzz dont try this at anywhere!! it deglams your own self image. How can i say so much against someone and believe that iam doing is right?? well, personally, i dont hold any grudge against anyone and there is no other  way i can explain it to the world that we must be watchful of our character!! My policy is simple, you let me live peacefully and i let you have the same…

Sorry, got carried away!!Again, last week i finished reading ‘ Doctors’ by Erich Segal. Should i say, that i found the book to be very interesting and at the same time very much associated with the life of we medicos..Behind the four walls of the campus and in the coridoors and classroom there is also life there and we are all merely normal human beings, blessed with the power to heal and cure.

i finished reading the book on Doctors day, which is the first day of this month and iam glad that i read this book.

The story involves around the life of Barney and Laura. Best friends from childhood and the reasons that lead them to take up medicine, the life inside the medical college, a lot of scenario that extends from euthanasia, medical ethics, friendship, apartheid etc..

All these things are moulded so beautifully and within the grade so that even a layman can know the pnemonic to learn the 12 cranial nerves in the human body!!I found it interesting more because, i have earned a lot of things in my medical life, just like Barney, the central character. i have my best friends here, gave me the power to be a bold man and to be expressive of my thoughts and ideas, fame and respect and above all iam glad that iam conscious of the power vested in me that tells me to heal a wounded soul both physical and mental.

The timing that i got the book to read was also wonderful.It happend after the day i told my best friend that i was confused in my road ahead of my life and she as usual being the marvellous and magnificient in my life(its a personal thing to call her that..n before you laugh make sure iam still alive..hehe) , comes up with this book she had in her shelf and once again i couldnt help being submerged into reading this.

it did help me realize where my area of specialisation should be. i guess i should go for it!! Before i tell you what it is, i need to make some important arrangements and i will let you know once iam on!!

whatelse, whatelse…!!!

hehe, thats a dialogue iam very much used to say, when iam on phone for a long time!!!Am i talking too much today!

hey, thanks for reading pal..hope you had a good time reading my blog..remember that love is the fundamental basis of medicine..So, be in love, have love in heart and give love a lot..

lots of love,


being doctors

so, the week went rather hectic, the long days at the op, and the fact that iam dealing with the kids department more so that keeps me busy all around and again there was this rather rainy sunday duty, keeps me wet all the time.

so, what happens in my life rather than the usual breathing and eating ans so so procedures?

well, iam still alive, breathing and as usual my life tells me that my reason for existence is for a purpose, and everyday i wake up, iam assured that i have , cause iam lucky privileged to be a doctor.

well, there are a few interesting turn outs, especially because iam dealing with a lot of kids these days and sometimes i keep wondering about the slight mistakes he makes when he sends some kids to earth, certain congenital anomalies like mulitiple sclerosis, melanoma,,,etc. iam not on the angry side, i know they are all the most beautiful people in the eyes of God and the family that loves them so dearly or we doctors who live to see these things close to heart …why , that bothers me on one side is because of certain defects, i myself had to face during my early days and even some of those problems that have still stayed with me. There have been times when i have felt sad just because the way he created me with those defects, and have left me  frustrated and angry.  There were times ,when i felt lucky to be alive and doing better than some of the people i encounter around my life. but this is not the right way to be reassured. Today, i rather feel solace when i find that i can be of a tiny hope to the people who suffer, i can share with them the frustrations and anger some of them go through, cause of their defects, and help them motivated to go ahead.

There are certain cases such as a multiple sclerosis patient, i find very touching to my heart. well, i dont want to share much on it, so as to protect the identity of  my patients, yes but i do hope to start a program on the ways to help people with complicated diseases such as this, tro go ahead and also on ways to help the people who are less privileged to afford the treatment. well, my idea is  just a seed about to germinate, so if any of my readers are having anything to do with any of this, please hit me with your ideas and opinions and we shall move ahead with them.

other than that, well, i have been reading DOctors by Erichsegal and havent finished it yet,.. so the review will be there in  the next week edition of the blog, hopefully..

my time dosent lent me the luxury of more hours at net now, so happy living till the next time i get to you all..

and yet, if you are watching football matches at world cup and cheering for your favorite team, remember, iam cheering for Brasil….so, lets see, if the best men wins!!!

love and spread love,


Well..i have never been so busy like this in the past few months. The CME programme at college and a lot of constrains over it and in a way iam a little bit tired though the food is great these days.

So  it rains here now and then and the mood is awkwardly romantic and iam shameless to admit that iam still sadly single!!!

Cant remember doing anything great recently other than fighting with a good friend, which happens more like a circardian rhythm, so which is very normal now and then and iam so confident   on the fact that my friendship with her wont bother on any ground that iam still bluffing over it on net!!!

yup, so me and three friends of mine recently  had this wonderfully stupid idea to visit another friend. all sounds normal till here, but it was to walk to his house in the rain under two umbrella at midnight for more than a kilometer with the aid of lightning as source for vision. let me tell you, i really was against the idea of doing this risk, but once i started walking for a while, i realised how wonderful life can be to make such an act of stupidity with people we call as dear friends. i know it was stupid, but the visit was for an important cause and iam glad that the cause was for good.

So, let me tell you what interested me, one it was fun to feel that little risk once in a life when all the time , i have lived uinder the cradle of comfort. it was a honestly glad feeling to know that we have our friends with us at the time of emergency.

Again, i was saddened with the crisis that a lot of family around us faces. ofcourse, living in a hospital, we see them everyday, but when we see the sadness in some part of the world sometimes, i dont know why, i do feel a little upset. Recently on the manglore plane crash, my friend messaged me that nothing is permenant..well, nothing really is, but iwant to leave an impression of myself on everything i do, before i die..

Havent been to home for a looking forward to go there soon and mom has started complaining that iam less emotional these days…but dear mom if my sis shows you this, i want you to know that i love you a lot though i cant express it

so, spread love as usual…

bye for now

A world of inequalities

We live in such a world of inequalities. A world where people are biased on the basis of Sex, colour, religion, caste, height and anything and everything you can name it!!

Two days ago, before i was going home from my hospital i happend to read a journal that appeared in a magazine from Mathrubhumi, which happens to be one of the leading media group at kerala. So, this article was about the naxalites and maoist growth in some parts of India and i was made to keep wonder about why we have so much of social problems.

Lets me puts this straight from my heart. We claim ourself to have the biggest democracy, The 7th largest country in the world and yet we have all the problems that are resemblance and replica of the conditions of some of the third world countries.

Why do i blame??

The reason is as simple as clear water. India is independent for more than 50years and also a republic nation . And yet in many part of the nation the common problems the people are facing include Unemployment, illiteracy, lack of food and famine and many insecurities which are created on the basis of sex and religion.

Ever since i can remember i have won essay competitions by writing the same clieshe of words on corruption, unemployment etc by blaiming them on the Government policies, population etc, But today i guess i have realised something more. The real people responsible for this is not the politicians, but the people, which include me and you.

The people include the set of people which corresponds to the entire population of the nation. Are we doing the right job as a lawful citizen. Ofcourse, most of us pay taxes, We educate, we work, we earn money, we do contribute to the Governing process of the countries, then what wrong have we done.

DONt we all promote a corrupt society knowingly or unknowingly

I honestly believe that 50 years is more than enough time for a nation to develop from a developing nation into a developed nation. You may accuse that there are curbing factors such as population, unemployment etc But are they really a big excuse!! its a shame that even today there are places in this nation where people have to live in forests and again they dont get any of the democratic benefits most of us enjoy. There are landlords and feudalism where a few people treat the underdogs as instuments to rub their inequal is our world.

Are we a poor nation?

Ofcourse not, check the list of the forbes billionaires and the number of indians in it. What an irony. but i wouldnt blame them as they are doing things what is good for their interest, the interest of their company and the interest of their shareholders. But is the Government doing enough.

Why is India corrupt? We may say that the politicians take bribes from the rich and hence the rich gets richer and those who cannot afford it gets poorer.

is it the only reason?

Look at every corner of our life? At most of the places we ourself are negligent. From the level of the third class workers to drivers and many at the middle class want to earn an extra “TIP'” from the other.

You go to a hotel and observe what happens. YOu have your food, pay your bill and show off by giving a generous tip to the waiter. ofcourse, most of us have done it..But i think this is where the problem lies. We expect a more premium service from them for what they are supposed to do even without the tip, and then what we are doing is promoting a rend that we need to get paid for serving better!!

The same thing happens at all places and in this way we indirectly promote corruption.

India has been ruled by all sort of political parties and yet still the inequalities prevails. Perhaps if All in the nation retained equal status that wouldnt be profitable for all.

So how do we contribute to the society?

By electing A better Government that serves for the needs of the people and by being aware of our democratic rights and by standing as a man against social evils like corrution, promote education, equal rights for all and prevent any bias, even it be gender based..

Recently, a friend of mine send me an email on irony. The life of two classes in Mumbai. The pics had the houses of the residents of places like Malabar hills, like the billion dollar home of the Reliance man, or the fortress with the name meaning “WISh” or “prayer”(ofcourse every indian knows the resident, i guess, else google for Mannat) and on the other half of mumbai the life of the chaiwallas and the slumdwellers.!!


Everyone of us dream of a comfortable life for us and the people around us, a slight luxury which is never harmful for the growth of our nation. But what ii wish is that our process of making wealth be in the interest of the whole nation and never against it. Do good for the world and the most important, Be honest. it sounds easy to says, try being honest and you will know what it really means.

I want to remember a man who taught us some of the most valuable leasons of humanity, the message of truth and non violence and yet we prefer to remember him for his shining face on a 500 rs indian currency and the easier we earned the money, the most better.

For the respect for Mahatma Gandhi, lets atleast pledge to be a good citizen, with atleast the enough courage to be never corrupt and act against corruption without looking the pros and cones of the aftermath.

Thank you for reading guys…lots of love.


you are here

ofcourse, you are here which means you are at my blog and reading what i have in store for you!!

but where was i?

well, thanks for all those who bothered to think for a while about where i was?

well, iam here right in your pc/laptop and talking to you. okay, come on, now let me tell ypu what happend.

so, i was a bit busy with a little bit of my personal work loads and rounds at hospital and all that stuff that i really didnt get much time to make any update for a while. so, yup i did make a train journey to and fro from kannur to trivandrum.

so, it was this all of a sudden quickly planned and non cancellable plans and i must say that this is one train journey, i will hardly forget for a while.

let me before hand put a short introduction about the political scenario at my state, kerala for a while. There is a routine here at this part of the world that there must be an hartal/ strike once in now and then, so that the people know that there are a few political parties alive out here!!

so, unfortunately my travel was planned on the day of the hartal and since it couldnt be made on tghat day, me and my friends tried the best to get a reservation ticket for the train travel(which takes approx 12 hours to reach) But again it was destiny, that we would have to travel in general compartment among the rest of the travellers and as i predicted, it promised to be a back breaking, torturous journey. Honestly, train journey is very much a part of my life, having travelled regularly during my last fews years of my medical education. so, we started out at the evening and by the time it was midnight the entire compartment was occupied with not a place to sit comfortably. i was lucky that i had two friends with me in my journey and as unpredictably the train journey is, so unpredictable is the chances that you may loose yourluggage in a crowd in Indian train travel.

It was full moon outside and the view through the side window of the train was equally romantic, but as in the mood i was, all i needed was a heavy doseof sedative, so that i could get a sleep for atleast 15 minutes continiuosly.

Again, as i couldnt control to sleep and as i was slowly moving into the state of tiredness, i kept trying to think about deeply into what and where my life is leading..A lot of philosophical thoughts, which i wouldnt want to mention out here for a while, but may be later!!!

SO, once i made it to the destination and our purpose for visit was fullfilled, it was time for the return journey, which once again was done without any reservation and had to be in the general compartment, i was defenitely sure even before the beginning of the night, that it would ofcourse be interesting..

Before i would state any  further on my train travel, i want to mention about two restaurants i visited at trivandrum this time. well, both, just because the food was good, though not exotic as you would find on some other parts of the world, these two places are equally famous at truivandrum and if you are a tourist visiting trivandrum for the first time, do visit the indian coffee houser at Thampanur. what i liked about the place is nothing but the architecture of the building, designed by renowned Larry baker. So, the breakfast was fresh and quiterefreshing, provided we had a very hedctic journey, as if we were participants of the amazing race!!

The second restaurant is again one of its class, and has certain nostalgia associated with it and for obviousreasons iam not mentioning the best parts now. so, we had our snack at  this place called Azad, and again there is this food called KOthu poratta, which we had from there. VEry delicious i felt, though i dont really like much of the trivandrum food stuff, i found this one interesting. A friend of mine from kottayam, who was with me during this travel was saying that this dishcomes from her land. iam clueless, but yes the food is hot.

Again, the train travel was fine because a few of our lady colleagues were also there with us on the return at our compartment. So, it was good chatting with them for a while and more that all of us were less bothered about the luggage. ( this is one good advantage of travellingin group)

FOr all those who know me personally know, that i wouldnt have gone all this way to describe a train travel, so what is cooking!!

ok, so there was a fellow passenger, a beautful muslim girl who joined in between in our journey,a total stranger for all of us. So, she sat right next to me and really i wished i knew her for ages!!( ok, i can see who is frowning…yeah, who all have taken the phone…..okay, friends, no comment about my commitment status on page pleaseeeeeee!!!)

well, it wasnt exactly as i said it, but yes there was rush in the train, she sat next to me in my seat and ofcourse there were about 5 of my female colleagues ande one boy colleague with me in the train travel!!

so, i was struck for a while because all the while i was happy inside that i was travelling with all my friends at a late hour and so the chat would be interesting and yet my mind was wandering in its own trying to acess ionto the heart of this beautiful stranger.

i kept rerhearsing the words a close friend of mine ( a girl) told me, if ever you find a girl and you want to get closer, never approach, let her approach you!!!hmmmmm, the minute this article is finished the girl who taught me this is going to cryyyyy

so, i kept waiting for a long to start a conversation with her, while the rest of my friends were busy chatting and teasing me with the several names of girls, i have bewen accused of being linked with!! For a second, i could feel them as if they were involved in a controversy to defame me to the cadre of a cassanova,a ladies man image, an image i always deny, but keeps haunting me from past!!! So, my dear friends kept checking all the pictures in my mobile and kept commenting on all the pictures they found. i kept looking at the girl next to me, though listening to all their mussings.yes, she was listening and yes those jokes were interesting for her!!

Again, my friends kept refering to me as Dr. Nidhin valsan!!!well, that is a plus or minus tag for any conversation starter. SO, you are a doctor, huh..i really wished her to start, but she closed her eyes for a while and yes plugged in her ipod!!!

For the first time in my life, i hated Steve jobs for making that thing!!!

So, i kept wishing to ask something to her, and at the same time my dear friends with me kept pouring me with questions and questions!! For all those, who were there with me then, and is reading this now, iam really really mad at you, heheh!!!!

so, what happend finally

well, it took me 4 hours to get the courage to ask something  to  her and i did ask her, a question which i dont repend to this minute. i asked her, if she could take the bottle of water from the side pocket of the bag of my friend, who was sleeping besides her, and she did do that.

But alas, she got down at Ernakulam at midnight and i couldnt help controlling my feeling that i could have talked toi her for a while. Come on, NIdhi, be practical…she is just a stranger and there are lot of strangers in thisworld!! A part of broken dreams, hehehe..may be its for good!

so, fellas, before i could conclude a small advice of wisdom for, if you love anyone never wait ofr the other to express their feelings to you, take yourchances, and go for it!!

NOw dont think that i lost a love or new girl friend in that train travel, those who know me well enough know, why it is that way..hehehe

So, yup for all those lovers, express your feeling and be true to your relationships..

finally, keep in touch fellas, iam being too busy nowadays and iam not even having time to proff read this now, and have to leave soon.

till the next time, we talk to each other, keep in touch, spread love and i love you all

well, sorry fellas, i was busy with a lot of personal commitment the last week and honestly, i was suffering from my own miniature form of “depression”( due to certain personal causes, which i wouldnt share out, because it also involves some other lives too)

But thankfully for the wonderful friends and family i have iam back and i’am at my very best!!

But its sad that i didnt read any new book the last week so that i can enter them on the book review section of my blog or  read anything on medical articles or related topics. As i was very busy enjoying a little bit of my personal loneliness, which is over now and  i have a Sidney Sheldon( if tomorow comes) now @ my bed and i would soon come out with its review and do wait for  more of my interesting articles.

SO what did i find interesting last week?

There was a train journey,  and i find most of my travel very interesting. The good thing was to observe the people and the different people who travel together, a lot of wonderful memories actually.

HAH, one thing that makes me very angry actually, which i just remembered. i was on one of these train travels and in the berth above my compartment i found a college note book of  someone, with no name or identity of the college, just a completely written notebook and also another notebook with a girl’s name over it, but no identity of college or what so ever.

So, i kept wondering what could have happend? with all my these many years of experience at college, most probably a boy would have got the book from a class mate of his (possibly the girl) and had misplaced it in the train. now why is it that the book belonged to two different people? well, the hand writings were different. Also, why it is a boy? because, mostly boys have the habit of keeping books in hand rather than in a bag. The other book belongs to a girl, because it had a name over it. Also, since the train was coming from half a distance from Chennai and i am at God’s own country kerala, the owner of the book could be anyone from an arts college anywhere between the line.

What makes me angry is, over the absent mind character of these people. How some people borrow things from others and even forget to take good care of it!! Also, couldnt they write out some personal identification of their college on their books, because at any stage they help to get lost things found.

Again, last week i was more frustrated over the incidents regarding the Indian premier league(IPL). Lot of income tax raids and allegations.

Somewhere down the core, as an entusiast in sports i believe that sports should be conducted fairly and it should be regualted in a way that it dont impart corruptions.

Now, IPL is not a charitable organisation, ofcourse the teams are making money and a lot of money.

But what keeps me wonder is over the sources from which the money is arriving. Lot of black money has been invested, made into white, and all the claims that there are serious issues of match fixing going on, well somewhere down the line the simple man in me is confused and also it has cut down my interest in the IPL.

in What started as a War of words@ twitter, between IPL commisioner Lalit MOdi and Sashi Tarror has now opened doors for investigation into the darker shades of the glitz  on the field and behind the IPL night parties.An ocean of corruption with big names involved from the field of films, politics and sports.

Lot of names are coming ahead including two, prominent cabinet ministers in accusation of misusing their office and chair. When will India learn?

Equality sounds wonderful in words, but actually it dosent, as claims all these leaders who get to the chair with our support and remember us on time atleast once in five years with the same fake promises and virtual ir-reality. how do you think we can curb all these corruptions??If you have any opinon or suggestion, do comment them down

Saw a film by Manirathnam on television. The film was “kannathil mutamital” by the legandary film maker from the south and i found myself deeply attached to the entire plot of the story. The story is about the search of an adopted child who goes in search of her biological parents, from Chennai to Srilanka and the film shoot in exotic location at India and across the war torn nation of Srilanka between the Government and the LTTE. There were lot of emotional scenes in the movie and the entire work being from the creativity of maniratnam was an interesting thing to watch. The brutality of the war and its effect on the innocent lives, being portrayed very cinematographically and it was indeed very touching to watch the movie.

so, if you havent seen it, watch it!!!

Again, did get my teeth clipped!! its a hard thing and my fear for mouth ulcer is notoriously famous among my friend circle. Hope the act that iam doing now with my dentition turns out well.All the sufferings be rewarded!!

Well, got back home yesterday and i have a some very busy days coming ahead, but i honestly want to thank all my personal friends who were there by my side during my bad days.

Also, thank you for all my readers and commenter ‘s who keep updating me with interesting news material and articles, feed backs and love you  all for making me a popular international blogger, the status i enjoy now,and for all the goodness that you all  share with me and the world, thank you all..

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I had a strange dream this perfect sunday morning as i woke up and i was very curious to find out if forbes were rating the wealth of fictional character’s how much the cullen’s will be worth.


As soon as i found time, i logged into forbes and there it was the  rating for the fictional characters. i never knew that they kept a listing for fictional characters, but actually they been doing it for a long time . so, i thought i would better share it with you all.

Glad to know that i “know” some of these billionaires, while some are not really very popular with my area of expertise.

so, here is the listing of the FORBES 15.( click on the image to read more!!)

No 1 carlise Cullen

no 2 Mcduck, scrooge

no 3 Richie Rich

no 4 stark, Tony

no5 Jed Clampett

no 6 Veidt, Adrian

NO 7 Wayne, Bruce

NO 8 Fairy, Tooth

NO 9 Thurston Howell 3

No 10 sir Topham Hatt

No 11 Artemis Fowl

NO 12 Charles Montgomery Burns

no !3 charles Bass

no 14 Jay Gatsby

No 15 Lucille Bluth

so, here it is the forbes list of the fictional billionaires. hope you all had fun reading it.

keep on, have lot of fun.

Spread love,..