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SO, where do i start..well, iam perfectly enjoying my sunday at my home finally..its been a while that i been at my home and its sunny today….Though i say a lot to someone concerned that i love the rain very much, today the sun has really turned me go crazy..Am i missing something, or am i enjoying my being single status  at home..Watever, its good to have Mom made food at home!!

Yes, the match..Good that German’s won and think they deserved that much!! and thanks to them for throwing Argentina out..ofcourse, i love Argentina play..but the reason is just my loyality to Brasil and to be honest i will change my team once India starts playing world cup..I mean it fellas..Oye, its Football, not cricket world cup!! Stayed up and watched Germany win!! Also, glad that Paul, the octopus is still alive, Hehe!! I really wish that Spain will lose, just because i want Holland to win!! Am i hurting my readers at Spain..Well, my statistics say that i got more readers at  Spain than in Holland, but iam sorry fellas, i do what i love..plzz NO OFFENDS!! Hope both the teams play well and fairly, no one gets hurt and wish that Villa get the golden boot!!Now, iam not supporting Holland cos of any statistics or anything, but just that since everyone are cheering for spain, i want to support the other! Dad dont care who wins, My sis says Spain and even my lil bro is saying SPain(what a pain!!) i guess, i will have to watch the match at my bedroom alone  if all here are so keen to see Spain win!!

YUP, iam sorry for the little sarcastic comment i made on my Facebook, that i want to see PAul, the octopus killed..well, i dont  mean it literally and iam against any violence or murder!! its just that i dont like to believe the fact that the Argentines or Brazilian’s lost cos he predicted so.. it belittles the effort of the winner or the struggle of the looser!

Then what am i not sorry for! well, my last entry named Strangulation had me make an annoying statement over a person i found to be enjoying himself when he annoys his subordinates and his co- workers. Well, i do believe that the entry has personally offended the person  i know..!!so, what!! let me explain..Whoever treats his juniors badly, is actually stting up wrong examples for the others..the same people will learn from his character and will be forced to do the same to the people under, it would become a hierarchy dominated area and in medical field we are independent to take our independent decisions. so, my dear friend better change your character, you really need behaviour modification. I  really get tired sitting with people who can talk so much gossip about others, and do behind the back talking of one word of advice to my dear readers and friends, plzz dont try this at anywhere!! it deglams your own self image. How can i say so much against someone and believe that iam doing is right?? well, personally, i dont hold any grudge against anyone and there is no other  way i can explain it to the world that we must be watchful of our character!! My policy is simple, you let me live peacefully and i let you have the same…

Sorry, got carried away!!Again, last week i finished reading ‘ Doctors’ by Erich Segal. Should i say, that i found the book to be very interesting and at the same time very much associated with the life of we medicos..Behind the four walls of the campus and in the coridoors and classroom there is also life there and we are all merely normal human beings, blessed with the power to heal and cure.

i finished reading the book on Doctors day, which is the first day of this month and iam glad that i read this book.

The story involves around the life of Barney and Laura. Best friends from childhood and the reasons that lead them to take up medicine, the life inside the medical college, a lot of scenario that extends from euthanasia, medical ethics, friendship, apartheid etc..

All these things are moulded so beautifully and within the grade so that even a layman can know the pnemonic to learn the 12 cranial nerves in the human body!!I found it interesting more because, i have earned a lot of things in my medical life, just like Barney, the central character. i have my best friends here, gave me the power to be a bold man and to be expressive of my thoughts and ideas, fame and respect and above all iam glad that iam conscious of the power vested in me that tells me to heal a wounded soul both physical and mental.

The timing that i got the book to read was also wonderful.It happend after the day i told my best friend that i was confused in my road ahead of my life and she as usual being the marvellous and magnificient in my life(its a personal thing to call her that..n before you laugh make sure iam still alive..hehe) , comes up with this book she had in her shelf and once again i couldnt help being submerged into reading this.

it did help me realize where my area of specialisation should be. i guess i should go for it!! Before i tell you what it is, i need to make some important arrangements and i will let you know once iam on!!

whatelse, whatelse…!!!

hehe, thats a dialogue iam very much used to say, when iam on phone for a long time!!!Am i talking too much today!

hey, thanks for reading pal..hope you had a good time reading my blog..remember that love is the fundamental basis of medicine..So, be in love, have love in heart and give love a lot..

lots of love,



This book was written in 1996 and i guess i read this book in 2008. so, it took me 12 years to get this book, because honestly i was never a DS fan, and dosent mean iam one now, but i never really knew much about the genre of this author.

so, i happen to read one of my sister’s book from Danielle steel and decided that i would never read Danielle Steel again. i dont want to comment much about that book, but the book Was Mirror Image and i found it to be a big lag, to be honest. And later, i had to read The long road home and was bit interested in the writing and then one day i came across Silent honor. Actually, i cant make a deep review on the book now because, i dont remember much about it, as i read it two years ago.

The story revolves around Hiroko, whose life is shattered during the WW2.

A japanese at American soil during the world war two.

ON december 7 after the pearl harbor is bombed America declares War on Japanese and she becomes an enemy at the foreign land. Huge portrayal of tragic life inside the detention camp, the life of people forced to abandon all what they love, their homes, wealth, freedom and lives. the love story of Peter and Hiroko, acts as her link to the outer world. It tells of Americans who were treated as foreigners in their own land. And it tells Hiroko’s story, and that of her American family, as they fight to stay alive amid the drama of life and death in the camp at Tule Lake detention center.

With clear, powerful prose, Danielle Steel portrays not only the human cost of that terrible time in history, but also the remarkable courage of a people whose honor and dignity transcended the chaos that surrounded them. Set in a vivid backdrop of war and change, this  novel is both living history and an outstanding fiction, revealing the stark truth about the betrayal of Americans by their own Government and the triumph of a woman caught between cultures and determined to survive.

For every war that is fought there are two sides .one side from a nation and the other side from the against. Most of us are familiar with Pearl Harbor and its influence on America to enter the war, but never before have i had a chance to look at it from a different perspective.

Though i very rarely read books of that period, i couldnt resist to go on when i had it started. i found myself empathizing with the character of Hiroko.

i would rate it a read for people who are interested to know a different perspective of one of the most shameful past of american history and also over a series of sacrifice, tragedy and unparallel love.

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Hans Christian Andersen was born in the town of Odense, Denmark on Tuesday, April 2, 1805. He had a history of being dyslexic.

Andersen published his first story, The Ghost at Palnatoke’s Grave in 1822.

It was during 1835 that Andersen published the first installment of his immortal Fairy Tales (Danish: Eventyr). More stories, completing the first volume, were published in 1836 and 1837. The quality of these stories was not immediately recognized, and they sold poorly. At the same time, Andersen enjoyed more success with two novels: O.T. (1836) and Only a Fiddler. His Specialty book that is still known today was the Ugly Duckling (1837).

In the English-speaking world, stories such as “Thumbelina”, “The Snow Queen”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Little Mermaid”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, and “The Princess and the Pea” remain popular and are widely read. “The emperor’s new clothes” and “ugly duckling” have both passed into the English language as well-known expressions.

In the Copenhagen harbor there is a statue of The Little Mermaid, placed in honor of Hans Christian Andersen. April 2, Andersen’s birthday, is celebrated as International Children’s Book Day.

My favourite among his work is The little mermaid and it will always be remembered as one of the best works of all time.

so, friends, lets hear it for the king of fairy tales.

Why do i love vampires!!!

There is something about stephenie Meyer.

She writes things with such ease and authority that you fall in love with the story, the character and somehow goes on reading it, even when at one conscious part of your life, you know its just a fantasy, that there is nothing like vampires and werewolves, but still…you cant stop when you start it moving!!
I started following twilight after the first movie was released and then i hunted like a wizard on a witch hunt to all the branded book shops to find the next series, the next and the next.

so, if you have to listen about the third book, you need to know a little bit or two about Isabella swan, a new addition to Forks, her family of normal human origin, boy friend/ lover Edward cullen and his family of vampires, best friend, jake/ jacob and  a group of werewolves.

The plot thickens from where they stopped in New moon, where Bella gets reunited with Edward after a series of event that brought Jacob as her best friend.


Bella’s high school graduation is approaching and she will soon be leaving Forks forever, ostensibly to go to college – but in reality she is planning to join her boyfriend in his vampire existence and will therefore be unable to return home, due to being dead and possessed by a terrible blood lust for the first few years.  Not that the reader is actually taken that far in this story, we make it through graduation but then the dangerous vampires from Seattle come to Forks and dealing with them dominates the rest of the novel.

The story goes through a plot of romance between Edward and the emotional conflict that Bella faces with her relation with Jacob, who has fallen in love with her and blatantly tries to win her love, constantly trying to emotionally blackmail her.

But in the end, the werewolves and the vampires, have to join together to protect one thing they love, BELLA against the evil forces coming from seattle under victoria, the revenge seeking vampire for her loses in Twilight and New moon.

May be it is the teenage romance that made this story win such acclaims.

As like every twilight fan, i have grown up with the book and as every series come by i also anticipate the bolder part of the story, the marriage of Bella and Edward. so, as i kept waiting, the “Breaking dawn” was out on market and i too had my share of excitement on what lay ahead.


As expected, the book starts from the right place. The most anticipated honeymoon romance of the series takes place at a wonderful island and as a result Bella gets pregnant and the story moves within the tensions Bella faces from the baby in her womb, the birth of Reneesme and  the imprinting of Jacob with her, and also the final conflict between the volturi and Bella’s life as a vampire.

In an overall review, twilight saga was an excellent series for me to grow with. In my earlier blog i had tagged J K Rowling to be a schizophrenic, but again as a compliment, i would do the same with stephenie.. i do believe that this book and the movies that will hit the market soon, will be boxoffice record setters!!

But somewhere inside i do feel that may be, it shouldnt have ended!!

Iam at present reading more about Stephenie meyer from her website, stephenie

How do dreamer’s win so much!! because they dared to dream and make their dreams into reality. so, i recommend all my Fans and followers to go chasing your dreams.

who knows where you may hit the gold!!

so, happy dreaming and enjoy life.

God bless you

So, how did i get into this.

First, i never took a pledge to read all of Chetan’s novels, but here iam from time to time reading all what he writes.

This happend because one of my dearest friend was too busy with her own life, that she couldnt actually find time for me!! And in an effort to keep me engaged, gives me this Book and tells me to read and understand a thing or two about marriage. Great!!!

(before, i proceed further i want to say a few notes on the above comment. Because my friend can get very provoked by the ‘sarcastic’ comment, this may put my very existence to jeopardy and so, if anything happen to me……hehehe

Dnt worry dear, i know you are one of the most  wonderful person in my life and i know how much we appreciate each other, thank you for all what you mean for me!!)NO, I’M NOT SCARED

ok, so back to the book.

Chetan Bhagat is a new breed of Indian writer, especially because, he writes in a so simple language and there is no need to  keep wondering what every word mean. He seem to enjoy the title of being the most read Indian on the planet and i believe he deserves to keep the tag for a while.

The plot is always almost the same. You need to be from IIT / IIMA

must be a part of the metro sexual drive!!

Should use some F words, and a little bit of cheese and under the bedsheet  jokes, some probable reminders of bollywood movies, hero proposes on the knee , ALWAYS!!

As i guess, this story is inspired from his own personal events, being himself Punjabi and Anusha(his wife) being a south Indian. And he has dedicated the book to his in laws..well, i have never heard anyone do that before!!!

The Indian dish made with all the Indian masala, A south Indian girl and a Punjabi add to the side dish, there are miserable mother and mother in law, An angry patriarch and dummy Father in law, Brother in law, relatives, marriages , dances, IIM campus,  bossy yet supportive boss,  etc etc

The story starts very much like any Bollywood tale, Boy meets girl, and girl meets boy.

Boy and girl, a girl’s dorm at midnight and combined study!! Maybe, a plot of his next story, “What not to do in ladies dorm at IIM”(quote inspired from Five point someone”)

So, they fall in love. They live together without telling their family. But when they want to get married, they want both their family on their side.

But can a Punjabi clan accept a south Indian bahu or a south Indian family accept a Punjabi groom!!

The story 2 states, is the story of Krish and Ananya from two different states of India. They meet at IIMA, fall deeply in love and want to get married by family support. The story goes deep into the Matrimonial menace, Dowry, the difference extending from kitchen to the music and lyrics of Indian music, the carnatic classic and the Punjabi bangra!!!

How they convert their love story into a love marriage is the toughest battle, of the season. Ofcourse, like Indian movie tale, the end will always be fine. so, you can pretty much assure how the story is going to end

SO, did i have fun??

I finished the book in a straight six hours, the 269 pages being the easy turners. SO, let me add a few things about being an Indian!!

we Indian’s  love the Drama called life. Here, marriages happen once in a life time and we also make a big fuss about it!!

On a personal note, it is indeed a dilemma for most of the young generation of India, who are well educated and are deeply in love, but happen to choose the girl from a different state, a different caste ,or  a different religion.

The protagonists of the story however falls in love in spite of all these above barriers!! falling in love is one thing and getting married is another and in India marriages have to happen only with the blessings of the family.

Why do i love this book, though t is never the best work of Chetan or not among the class of books i have read recently. well, there are many reasons and oneamong them is that in Krish, i see myself, though i dont have dilemma like that in my life for present, yet i can feel the feelings as my own.!! Then, there are quite other reasons too, but i have emailed them to one person who should hear it, Mr. Chetan Bhagat, himself. Like i have associated myself to it, i find most of you too will find some association with your own story.

It is  a good guide for The great Indian Marriage   story.

read it, enjoy it!!!

so, i came across this book at a visit made to a friend of mine and there were two books, A thousand splendid suns and the kite runner. so, i took the kite runner an decided to fly. Hosseini, owns a medical degree from the university of california and is  presently the goodwill ambassador for UNHCR, the united nation’s refugee agency.

So, What i find in this book?

its interesting!!

Because, very few books make you attached to the characters.

The issues are set in Afghanistan before and after the soviet invasion, the life of refugee’s and over issues that are universal, like the conflict over friendship, betrayal, the longing for acceptance, and survival. The story provides an on sight into one of the mostly viewed culture post 9/11

The story is about two people and it covers a time in their past, as children. The story moves through the eyes of Amir, who was born into the family of a rich pashtun and his friendship with a hazara servant boy, Hassan. The term friendship may be more sided feeling. because, while Amir at points envies his friend, the loyalty of Hassan at all stages remain steady.

There are lot of children in Afghanistan, but little childhood. This explains a lot about the life during the stages of War.

while Amir and his father seek refuge in the shelter of America, hassan and his family are thrown to suffer among the millions of other people living the life of refugee’s in their own land. The simple youth that were spent on the kite running is lost once the war takes over.

There are lot of revelations and the bond between the father and son, as well as the expectation that a father has for his son is all depicted well in this book.

May be, there is a lot of common things with the author and the character of Amir. because, like many, he was also a refugee and his father at one time was a very big diplomat in the Afgan, before seeking asylum in the USA.

The story brings in the most beautiful caricature or portrait of the innocence of youth and also the saddening depiction of a war torn nation. Amir again makes a travel to the Afgan in the story to save a life that is a part of his own family.

This book has a lot of issues that can be discussed and debated upon.

Again as i said, its interesting, and it surely will stop you from keeping the book down until you are finished.

where did you read this before, “behind every great fortune, there is a crime’

i guess i read it in Godfather. somehow, i have reason’s to believe that the entire story outline for Adiga’s white tiger came from this.

“white tiger’ or Balram Halwai, is a servant, philosoper, entrepreneur, murderer. The novel moves in a series of letters writen at a period of 7days to the chinese premier, Wen Jiabao. In a course of letters he makes a self confession of how Balram Halwai, becomes a successful entrepreneur, after murdering and running away with his master’s money.

At many places i found myself in the uncomfortable couch, because some truth’s are worse when we hear about them. very convincingly Adiga, puts his dagger into the hearts of the reader and makes you face a lot of questions about the debauchery and wickedness in the social system of india.

Never before, have anyone made such shocking confessions in a series of letters.  You enter into your uncomfortable zone from the very start when the protagonist, Balram Halwai, makes a mockery over the belief system in India where every thing has to be done with the blessings of God.

But which God, from the series of 360000004 Gods worshiped in India?? The questioning over the social systems in India is done with a whiplash of words that are very strong, abusive and make you shocked. even Mahathma Gandhi, is not pardoned from the language.

Balram halwai, becomes the voice of the million outcasts. The entire scenario, puts light on the other India, which many of us have seen, but dont really want to accept. There is stiff attack on caste and communal abuse, Reservations and the politricks to get into power. The corruption that runs deep root in the viens of India is also sharply portrayed. the character in a point blames his master for making him corrupt. because when the master gets corrupted, how can the driver stay innocent?

Very unconvincingly, Balram murders his master, where there is no other motive other than to change his fate. He escapes with the money and has no justifications, other than the fact that his master was a part of a corrupt system and had he not done that  he would always end up being a part of the rooster coop, and remain a driver.

“Balram’s violent bid for freedom is shocking. What, we’re left to ask, does it make him — just another thug in India’s urban jungle or a revolutionary and idealist ?

Again the most interesting part i liked in the book was the use of the quote by an urdu poet, “you were looking for the keys for years, but the door was always open”

so, does this book really has the solution we are looking for. No, this is no Rags to riches story. I personally, ended out with the rather unconvinced.

ofcourse, this book is rather about a contempory India, but it somewhere here and there leaves certain loose ends.

On the first place, the act of murdering the boss, so that he could move ahead is at any point not acceptable. Adiga, in the mean time at lot of places tries to proove that the master was shady, corrupted, but still he was his master and ofcourse trusted him. Also, the protagonist in the book, is aware of the fact that if he get away with the money, their men will hunt down his family and kill them one by one. still he comits the act and in an act of doing penance the murderer turned entrepreneur  prays for all his member in temple from time to time. He corruppts the police and other’s so as to get his business move smoothly and yet tries to make a romise that sooner or later he will built a school where children will be taught how to become like him, the white tiger.

on no stage does the character raises his voice to be the change in the society.  As if he is convinced with the fact that no one can make a difference in the system

Also, unconvincing, is the explanation for why he wants to write letter to Mr. wen jiabo. There are occasional reference to indo-chinese relationships, but still again it is not very convincing. finally, there is not just one India. there is corruption, and still India is unique in its on ways. “Adiga’s message isn’t subtle or novel, but Balram’s appealingly sardonic voice and acute observations of the social order are both winning and unsettling.

Finally, Adiga, a jounalist and debutant author is very promising figure, a name that will go far beyond what he acheived with the man booker prize of 2o08. With the education from oxford and columbia, the author has still managed to enter into  being the mouth piece of the protagonist, whose parents didnt even bother to give him a name.

This book is a shocking revelation!! it wont give you the flavour of the exotic India, or the promises of India shinig campaign, but it does make you face some exuberant realities.

thank you for reading, take care

God bless…

ps, i love you by Cecelia Ahern

There is something Irish about the authors from Ireland.

its a debut novel and she has struck the word, she is here to stay!! The book success is phenomenal and the movie version of it staring Gerald Butler and Hilary Swank also made it big at the box office.

so, what is this book about?

Gerry and Holly are the happiest couples in the world. They met through their best friends, known each other throughout high school, lived together, shared everything and were happily married and when they thought they had it all, Gerry gets diagnosed with Brain tumor. in the remaining few days of his life, Gerry secretly makes arrangement of a series of small letters called as THE LIST. The list actually forms it idea in a chat they had in their happy days, in which they jokingly claim about leaving a series of reminders of what to do when, even after one dies.

The book takes us through the world of a devasted Holly, who with the help from her friend’s and the list left by Gerry, in a time of 10 months return back to her life.

the book explains about the unconditional love of Gerry and Holly along with, her best friends and couple, Sharon and john, Denise and many characters intertwined but beautifully woven to make it into a modern day  love story.

This books gives you the same feeling that Nicolas sparks gave with” The notebook.”

if you love someone so much, does it really build a psyche between the two?

every time Gerry leaves a list, one for each month, it says ps, i love you along with a list of things Holly was supposed to do that month. He leaves it planned so beautifully as if he knows what would happen to her then.

if this book makes you think deeply about any particular person around you as  the protagnist, perhaps there is something going on for you, towards that person. if you think its true, go ahead, express it!!

Read it before or after you fall in love!! but do read it.

i read this book perhaps 6 months ago and as i was wondering of writing a book review of something i read, i couldn’t think of any other book than this.

so, i heard of Shantaram from a friend at Bangalore and he gave a short explanation for the books importance. all he said was that Jhony depp is going to play the roll of shantaram in its movie version. i dont know what has happend to it. but i did get to the book, without any further notice.

well, what do i say..

‘powerful, attention grabbing, gratifying and in short, the best narrative i have read in recent times.’

Set in the back drop of the 1980’s, when an armed robber and drug addict, Gregory David Roberts, escaped from Australian prison to India. from where he lives in the mumbai slum. In a narration that covers a decade of his life in India, gregory/Lin/ shantaram(a name given to him by his best friend’s mother meaning , the man of peace) he takes us into an extraordinary journey into the Bombay underworld, the slums and the notorious jail at arthur road, mumbai. i dont think i have read anyone write so well and beautifully about the shades of the Mumbai life, about the spirit and also did an open heart surjery of the indian village. Apart from setting up a free health clinic in the slums, and working as a money launderer and forger, he also learns marati and hindi, making them the quintessentials in mumbaikaar life.

also, there is Karla Saraneen, the lady whose green eyes unfold a lot as the story progresses. Apart from all these, he does act in bollywood and even goes to Afganistan to fight with the Mujahedeen.

it is an overall eye gouging adventure, a love saga and yet very lyrical.

Th cruelties of the jail, where he is arrested without any chargeable offense and tortured are very beautifully narrated.

The most captive part of the story is this part, which is yet in the starting page of the story as it drags you into the journey, through the heart of Mumbai, to Australia, and also extends to a journey via Pakistan to Afganistan.

my favourite part starts…

It took me a long time and most of the world to learn what i know about love and fate and the choices we make, but the heart of it came to me in an instant, while i was chained to a wall and being tortured. I realised, somehow, through the screaming in my mind, that even in that shackled, bloody helplessness, i was still free, free to hate the men who were torturing me, or to forgive them….

if you havent read this book yet,  get your copies soon. this is one book you should read before you die.

thank you for reading, take care and God bless