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I had a strange dream this perfect sunday morning as i woke up and i was very curious to find out if forbes were rating the wealth of fictional character’s how much the cullen’s will be worth.


As soon as i found time, i logged into forbes and there it was the  rating for the fictional characters. i never knew that they kept a listing for fictional characters, but actually they been doing it for a long time . so, i thought i would better share it with you all.

Glad to know that i “know” some of these billionaires, while some are not really very popular with my area of expertise.

so, here is the listing of the FORBES 15.( click on the image to read more!!)

No 1 carlise Cullen

no 2 Mcduck, scrooge

no 3 Richie Rich

no 4 stark, Tony

no5 Jed Clampett

no 6 Veidt, Adrian

NO 7 Wayne, Bruce

NO 8 Fairy, Tooth

NO 9 Thurston Howell 3

No 10 sir Topham Hatt

No 11 Artemis Fowl

NO 12 Charles Montgomery Burns

no !3 charles Bass

no 14 Jay Gatsby

No 15 Lucille Bluth

so, here it is the forbes list of the fictional billionaires. hope you all had fun reading it.

keep on, have lot of fun.

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When it comes to hearing the news hot, it always comes to Larry king!!

but why Iam referring him is because i found a bit of irony on his personal life, and over pot full of celebrity interviews he has done, the scandals and undoubtedly the best shows CNN has ever had.

One of my friend, from an international magazine was on chat and we were gossiping over the latest happening around the globe and he was anticipating a live show on Larry king live on Larry king himself explaining why he is getting divorced again.

A mock drill on how he would present himself asking question to himself and explaining what the ” Irreconcilable differences” were.

Honestly, Iam not making fun of the legend here nor is it in any of my intentions. But this is how people are, when they are intriguied on their most personal  questions. ofcourse, Larry king is one of the world’s most celebrated television personal and one of the most recognized face in the industry.

so, As far as the News is, it is heard that Larry and his wife, country singer Shawn Southwick has filed for divorce from each other over ” irreconciliable differences”

larry king live

As it has always been, you hear a lot of hot news from the talk show of  Larry king, so iam really curious over hearing it from his own talk show!!

oh Larry, i have two questions for you, would you please explain them for me because like the rest, iam also anxious to know about it.

1. Is it true that you are having an affair with your sister in law?

2. how many of your plush homes will you loose on the legal battle?

ok, so i do hope that all the problems will get solved and you will be on air grilling the rest and with hot news. oh,i did see the live interview of Martina Navarotilova by you. Really liked it.

yup, i do wish Larry gets the custodial rights for his children because he is such a good company, dont you think so?

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At the mean time, let me have my sweets on the occasion of Vishu.

so, thank you for reading.

Take care, God bless..spread love

I belong to a part of the nation that has contributed some of the finest actors and technicians of the nation. before i proceed further on my observation, let me make it clear that i dont belong to any of groups that will be mentioned here and dont really have any pledged obligation to any fan’s clubs, but my review on this scenario is as a voice of an average middle class person just like you.

how do my observation represent the voice of the common man?

i say this because iam 25 and i had my education from a leading professional college from kerala. just like me, a lot of people get selected to medical courses, some choose engineering courses, some do paramedical courses, and a large group of people do other degree or diploma courses. So, i been fortunate enough to have friend’s from all these category and since it is a common entrance examination, most of my friends are from distant and remote corners of kerala.  most of the youth here are well educated and i do take pride that my state has the most educated people in the nation.

So, like most of the ordinary youth, i have had my funny times with my batchmates and one of our common  entertainment is MOVIES. I have been to some of the worst and finest cinema theatre’s of the state. but in the last five years of my life, i have very rarely gone for a malayalam film.

Now, before my reader can predict that im the reason for the failure  of malayalam film, let me clarify the reason.

i have already seen and heard a lot of discussions on the reason for the failure of failure of malayalam film, some of the most ridiculous and stupid claims from the parts of film producers, actors and even technicians.

The few reasons why i very rarely watch malayalam movies??

First reason is that i dont have any obligation to any superstar and i dont really go to films because it has a particular actor in it. from the atmosphere of my college and the friend’s i have, i have noticed that if a movie is ‘entertaining’ we will go for!!

secondly, i dont like to waste money on a movie that dosent really entertain. The last malayalam movie, which i really appreciated was “Ritu’. i have seen a few movies after that too, but most of the dont even deserve a mention here. i dont find it wrong when i say that i dont like to waste money to watch a movie that has a ridiculously boring plot, same old repeated story background and cheap comedy inserted just so that people wont rise from their seat.

There was a time when malayalam films had the credit that they were more family oriented, but nowadays i find that it is loosing that credit too.

The controversy that suerstar films only run in kerala, new comers are being denied chances etc. See, soon a time will come when people will refute these films also. You need to get into the public opinion too. At a point they will verdict that enough is enough. There is no formula for superhits, it becomes with the right combination of all the right ingridients.

Recently, i saw the movie ‘kerala cafe” and i found the treatment to be experimental, unique and interesting.

One of the biggest mistake from the film makers is that some of them are guided by the myth that you deliver anything and the audience will digest it. Some times it works, but you cant fool them all the time

Why do films from other places like tollywood or bollywood become superhit here?

There are a lot of factors, but the main thing is the lack of entertainment quality in comparison with the  rest. ofcourse, kerala is a small market, a very small state here and for a population of merely 3 crore, we cant genuinely expect the producers of the movie to invest large chunk of cash like the movies from the other places that go Global. so, what are the options here?

There are two options. One is to continue making films which are creatively and technically cheap and in the large race, stay out of main market or start going global. When i started blogging, i had two options, either focus on writing articles that would matter and keep my horizon smaller or go global. So, i decided that i would that i would focus on larger platforms and so today, i enjoy having readers, who interact with me from places such as Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Usa, Hong Kong etc. so, in a larger scenario, i get benefit of having friends at all corners of the world. Like wise, Malayalam films must be made for a larger platform of audience. Bengal is another state with the same conditions like kerala, but of late film makers like Rituparno Ghosh, parna sen etc are all making impact on world cinema, with good movies.

Is it possible and is it feasible to sell such movies?

Stop shrinking your world, and start exploring the different possiblities.

More than half of the gulf is occupied by Indians and there are a lot of potential in the gulf for Indian products. Keralites are also at large in the middle East. Excluding ,Saudi Arabia, most of these places have film theatre’s and it is always a scope for a new market.

Another major problem to compact is piracy and it is a great problem. If the film people use half the time they spent on making unnecessary controversies, accusing one another, they can stay together to curb these menaces.

How to improve quality?

come on, kerala has given birth to some of the finest talents in film history and naming only a few may not be justifiable. So, i dont have to teach these well talented people, how to make good movies. Besides, a joker once told me that if you can do a thing, never do it for free!!

Why is it that dubbed films from other languages become superhit?

One of the main thing that has started happening recently is that films that get dubbed from other languages into malayalam, have become superhit. so, what does it make?

it proves that Keralites are still in love with malayalam. so, stop blaming that keralites are adopting new culture, forgetting mother tongue etc. Allu Arjun film’s becomes a hit here. so, what does that prove? it proves a lot of things.

1. A large part of the audience are youth, college going students. so, understand what they like.

2. Dnt try to make movies of Allu Arjun’s Genre with Actors like Mohanlal, Mammotty etc. No, that is not a rude remark. Allu Arjun may be a youth icon, but he would have to sweat heavily to get the number of national awards and state awards these film stars keep at their homes. These are versatile actors, please use them for the right roles.

3. I read an interview of a film producer from kerala making a remark that films from other places run because they have lot of extra factors, like Sex, vulgarity like bombshells in bikini.!! He also remarked that these actress charge so much that more than half the movie  budget would be spend on them alone. Mr. producer, on the first place, you are not making films, so that you make the people socially responsible, morally ethical and culturally superior. you make the movie with the same intention that you need profit and you and i, are aware of these, stop crying over it. Im not promoting such scenes in the movies, but iam saying is that he better change his view on the fact that the youth only watch adult oriented movies. recently, most of the films that were made with such themes have also ‘bombed’ at the box office.

We understand!!

How can i blame an entire industry just like that? There are lot of good talents here, why are they not coming up with good movies.

Again there were accusations that the superstars are fighting behind the scenes to chop the role of other artists, demolish the films of the other etc. well, i dont know how much of this is correct or rumours, but i wish they be rumours. Because again, one day, these superstars would have to move their back for new coming talents. so, better stop setting bad examples for the new generation.

Control the fans from defaming films of other artists . Atleast in this part of the world they dont create temple for the stars!!

oh, the real reason why i thought of writing this article.

Actually, i started writing this article two days ago, when the film chamber of kerala announced that film artist technicians and singers couldnt appear on television for doing shows.

The ban extends to reality shows, being judges on TV shows and such programmes. They can appear on TV if it is meant to promote a film which they have acted in.

I realised the main reason why the film industry is not going to survive long, if  something is not done immediately. i thought i would finish it very fast, but honestly, as i started i saw all the other aspects as well coming in and i really didnt know how to start in an unfamiliar territory.

I think the main problem with the people in the chamber is that they are forgetting the basic rule of successful business, “customer first’. They are forgeting about what the customer (audience here) really wants.

First, they serve bad food, serve it in a bad plate and finally give a large bill!!!

Why the film chamber made such a rule?

One reason why such a decision is going to be implemented is that there has been a drop in theatre collections, which has affected the stake holders of the Chamber.

So, they have found out that it is because these stars act in the Tv programmes and  shows, that the people are glued to the Tv. People dont need any particular reason to be glued to T V

This is actually a slap on certain group of people who are perhaps making more money than the rest by television.

come on, everyone have their choices of making money and that is not wrong as long as it dont affect anyone else.

I find it quite undemocratic that a group of people can ban you for doing something you want, just because you are a part of their group.

Also, it is time that the chamber realize new means of revenue from films. Use the media wisely and then you can market your films better.

Be innovative and more than that be constructive.

These stage shows and Tv programmes are all part of potential profit sites to endorse your products. How the chamber use them will provide them the correct result. So, please dont come up with such childish excuses.

Sometimes Bad food at good place sells,  sometimes good food at bad place sells.

But always, good food at good place sells!!

why am i refering to food?? May be im really hungry now!!!

After reading this i can see an entire movie industry standing in front of me and asking, who the hell am i to write about them?? My dears, iam just one of that person you see standing in the long queue in front of a theatre   ( and without a girl friend!!! if i had, i would have got tickets more faster) keeping the fingers crossed with the expectation that this movie be worth the money iam investing on your movie.

When it proves to be a shocker, i really wish i could……………..!!!

Thank you for reading, do leave in your review on the article.

Thank you God bless.

After years of speculation, Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin has come out of the closet.

According to Martin’s official website, he states “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”

Martin states that it was the birth of his twin sons that encourage him to make the long-awaited decision of admitting his sexuality to the world. He says that “to keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids were born with.”

For those who are curious, check out Martin’s gay confession below, courtesy of

A few months ago I decided to write my memoirs, a project I knew was going to bring me closer to an amazing turning point in my life. From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time. Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside. Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And this is something worth celebrating.

For many years, there has been only one place where I am in touch with my emotions fearlessly and that’s the stage. Being on stage fills my soul in many ways, almost completely. It’s my vice.  The music, the lights and the roar of the audience are elements that make me feel capable of anything. This rush of adrenaline is incredibly addictive.  I don’t ever want to stop feeling these emotions. But it is serenity that brings me to where I’m at right now. An amazing emotional place of comprehension, reflection and enlightenment. At this moment I’m feeling the same freedom I usually feel only on stage, without a doubt, I need to share.

Many people told me: “Ricky it’s not important”, “it’s not worth it”, “all the years you’ve worked and everything you’ve built will collapse”, “many people in the world are not ready to accept your truth, your reality, your nature”. Because all this advice came from people who I love dearly, I decided to move on with my life not sharing with the world my entire truth.  Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions.

If someone asked me today, “Ricky, what are you afraid of?” I would answer “the blood that runs through the streets of countries at war…child slavery, terrorism…the cynicism of some people in positions of power, the misinterpretation of faith.” But fear of my truth? Not at all!  On the contrary, it fills me with strength and courage. This is just what I need especially now that I am the father of two beautiful boys that are so full of light and who with their outlook teach me new things every day. To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment.

These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn’t even know existed.

What will happen from now on? It doesn’t matter. I can only focus on what’s happening to me in this moment. The word “happiness” takes on a new meaning for me as of today. It has been a very intense process. Every word that I write in this letter is born out of love, acceptance, detachment and real contentment. Writing this is a solid step towards my inner peace and vital part of my evolution.

I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.

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