Yes, iam back and yup as for all those who missed reading me, let me remind you that i happen to be a doctor as well and in my busy schedule you cant expect me to keep updating everyday, every second of my life…but still for all those lovely souls out there eager to squeeze me  my by my neck and pull me by my hair, let me remind you, thats not gonna happen…heehehe…anyway, give me a feedback after you read it just as you always do…

once again, iam typing this from the balcony of my beautiful home in calicut and for all those wonderful friends who know my home and locality must be aware that i live in a world surrounded by beautiful girls travelling up and down the road, so the chances for spelling mistakes and distractd statements are a thousand times more possible!!please ignore and dont bother to correct my grammar, cos iam not gonna improve!!!

so, i started my day with a question in facebook..

what 11 letter english word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?

And honestly i didnt get a single reply, may be cos all my friends are busy checking the profile of hot people from opposite sex!!or not really smart enough to answer that question!!!

whatever, and for all those who read that question above and  are still wondering what it might be, the answer is INCORRECTLY!!!!

yup, so another lazy valentines day.

Not a single soul proposed me..nyway its never too late!!!!

Was reading the update of a ‘single’ friend in New york. Jai says that he felt like being a gay when he was walking through the streets today. bro, never mind, hamara number bhi ayega( our time will also come!! nyway, im not gayyyyy!!!heheehe)

Had a busy day yesterday at hospital, so that helped remove the pain of being single!!

it was indeed busy, and i think i should focus on my diet more instead of advicing my patients to take regular diet. Woke up late  yesterday, and skipped breakfast!!! DEar friends, please dont try this at home!!!HAve food at regular time

Again, it was Priya’s marriage yesterday and i couldnt go. given the fact that she is one of my closest friend and missing her marriage dosent make me happy either. Its just that i had some prior commitments and i just couldnt make up to it..From the bottom of my heart, if you are reading this  Pepy, IAm so sorry!!!

some thoughts are really disturbing me as i say this.

I remember during the last day of my classes and before we became house surgeons i remember joking to pep that i wouldnt miss being on her marriage. As time pass by, i think we let off such sentiments i suppose. iam sorry for saying this like that..i could have made it to there but i had an important medical camp to attend and iam not making exuse here..

To all those guys out there who probably try to avoid such important things in the life of their friends, let me remind you even before you think of trying that, its not actually a good feeling after you miss that event..A sort of gulit keeps pricking you up, on why you didnt go there. So if you dont have a proper excuse never miss such days in the life of ur friends..

yes, for all those who are curious to know what iam reading now, well, iam reading interpretation of dreams, by Sigmund Freud and its a good read for those who are curious to read more about dreams…for the rest of you docs out there read Davidson or Bailey!!!!

What more, well..i gtta be studyin now, get u later…

preparing for pg entrances..

books again

love all..spread love,