hehehe…so its the last blog of the year and as all of u know, iam just a very lasy blogger!!! somehow i felt that i cant just give up on blogging yet and here iam writing my final blog of this year..iam stressing on the final blog of this year becase, i do want to blog more again….

And finally , today my posting  at mental hospital came to an end..had a great time there..meet a lot of patients…some maniacs and some on the verge of depression..hope that all of them get to the best state of health that they get and hope that the doctors there are able to deliever the best treatment ofr their patients…meet a lot of new friends..house surgeons..and pgs..

The posting lasted for one month and i travelled every day up and down to kottakal from my home..it was a hell of a journey bt im glad im still healthy after all those travels

what are my new year resolutions..well i havent made any of them yet..

so what lies ahead of me in the future?

well..have to work hard…be better than before..