well..i was practically invisible from the networld for the last few days and as i check, my last update came 68 days ago. i could have waited for one more day to make that magic number into 69..but then the number is a bit….hehe..you know!!!

where was i?

well, ui was busy behind a lot of stuffs..ofcourse too lasy to even make an update about my birthday celebrations.

just like every year, this year also the day passed fine on september4th. and as usual i had all my old friends around to wish me on my birthday. i kept wondering, havent i started getting a little oldie!! ofcourse, the sins are there but then again, iam still young at heart..

yup, did wonder when some of my close friends did fail to remember my birthday. Again, i dont make a girly fuss when people forget my birthday, but the thing is that it makes you realise that just like myself all my friends are moving fast with their own life. who knows if ten yeaars from now, the same people will be the people i call as my best friends..

Again, my convocation ceremony went smoothly on september 15th and 16th this year. just like anybodyt in medical proffesion this day is a much anticipated and celebrated day, and just like all, me and my friends did have a lot of fun. My abscence from the net has something to do with my convocation ceremony. Actually me and my friends were too busy organising this event that we didnt have much time to spend. even my clinical days were compromised a bit, but i believe my people will understand

this fast article is just to assure my fans that iam fine and fellas i will soon be in with some really good articles

till then behave yourself.