sometimes i wonder if some people are born just so that they could, you know possibly strangle the neck of their fellow coordinators!! Damn, i hate it when someone treats their fellow subordinates so, why am i speaking this. well…those who need to know will defenitely make out of this comment…

What else??

well, i went for a medical camp last week at Thallserry and it was fine. One thing, i like about technology is that it helps you stay connected even when you go to any remote place. Well, i was using the gps system in my phone and thanks to google earth, i could know the location and the travel details prior hand.

Again, sad that Brasil lost out..hmmm, my brother will be cheering a lot over it. SO, i just have one option remaing, join him and cheer for spain!!!well, i say Holland!!what fun if two people in the same family cheer for the same..lets see who

now, for my international readers, i want to share a few piece of information about the scenario at my nation. The last week the petroleum ministry increased the petrol prices, and there has been two hartal already in my part regarding that. Well, iam not really sure if it is the right thing to distort public life in this way, but again as a doctor i have faced worst cases on such days!!

what really worries is when a patient in need for emergency medicine treatment is denied it because of strike the necessary treatment he should get if he was brought to a hospital.

iam feeling very sleepy, let me conclude..will be on soon