so, the week went rather hectic, the long days at the op, and the fact that iam dealing with the kids department more so that keeps me busy all around and again there was this rather rainy sunday duty, keeps me wet all the time.

so, what happens in my life rather than the usual breathing and eating ans so so procedures?

well, iam still alive, breathing and as usual my life tells me that my reason for existence is for a purpose, and everyday i wake up, iam assured that i have , cause iam lucky privileged to be a doctor.

well, there are a few interesting turn outs, especially because iam dealing with a lot of kids these days and sometimes i keep wondering about the slight mistakes he makes when he sends some kids to earth, certain congenital anomalies like mulitiple sclerosis, melanoma,,,etc. iam not on the angry side, i know they are all the most beautiful people in the eyes of God and the family that loves them so dearly or we doctors who live to see these things close to heart …why , that bothers me on one side is because of certain defects, i myself had to face during my early days and even some of those problems that have still stayed with me. There have been times when i have felt sad just because the way he created me with those defects, and have left me  frustrated and angry.  There were times ,when i felt lucky to be alive and doing better than some of the people i encounter around my life. but this is not the right way to be reassured. Today, i rather feel solace when i find that i can be of a tiny hope to the people who suffer, i can share with them the frustrations and anger some of them go through, cause of their defects, and help them motivated to go ahead.

There are certain cases such as a multiple sclerosis patient, i find very touching to my heart. well, i dont want to share much on it, so as to protect the identity of  my patients, yes but i do hope to start a program on the ways to help people with complicated diseases such as this, tro go ahead and also on ways to help the people who are less privileged to afford the treatment. well, my idea is  just a seed about to germinate, so if any of my readers are having anything to do with any of this, please hit me with your ideas and opinions and we shall move ahead with them.

other than that, well, i have been reading DOctors by Erichsegal and havent finished it yet,.. so the review will be there in  the next week edition of the blog, hopefully..

my time dosent lent me the luxury of more hours at net now, so happy living till the next time i get to you all..

and yet, if you are watching football matches at world cup and cheering for your favorite team, remember, iam cheering for Brasil….so, lets see, if the best men wins!!!

love and spread love,