Well..i have never been so busy like this in the past few months. The CME programme at college and a lot of constrains over it and in a way iam a little bit tired though the food is great these days.

So  it rains here now and then and the mood is awkwardly romantic and iam shameless to admit that iam still sadly single!!!

Cant remember doing anything great recently other than fighting with a good friend, which happens more like a circardian rhythm, so which is very normal now and then and iam so confident   on the fact that my friendship with her wont bother on any ground that iam still bluffing over it on net!!!

yup, so me and three friends of mine recently  had this wonderfully stupid idea to visit another friend. all sounds normal till here, but it was to walk to his house in the rain under two umbrella at midnight for more than a kilometer with the aid of lightning as source for vision. let me tell you, i really was against the idea of doing this risk, but once i started walking for a while, i realised how wonderful life can be to make such an act of stupidity with people we call as dear friends. i know it was stupid, but the visit was for an important cause and iam glad that the cause was for good.

So, let me tell you what interested me, one it was fun to feel that little risk once in a life when all the time , i have lived uinder the cradle of comfort. it was a honestly glad feeling to know that we have our friends with us at the time of emergency.

Again, i was saddened with the crisis that a lot of family around us faces. ofcourse, living in a hospital, we see them everyday, but when we see the sadness in some part of the world sometimes, i dont know why, i do feel a little upset. Recently on the manglore plane crash, my friend messaged me that nothing is permenant..well, nothing really is, but iwant to leave an impression of myself on everything i do, before i die..

Havent been to home for a while..so looking forward to go there soon and mom has started complaining that iam less emotional these days…but dear mom if my sis shows you this, i want you to know that i love you a lot though i cant express it always..love

so, spread love as usual…

bye for now