We live in such a world of inequalities. A world where people are biased on the basis of Sex, colour, religion, caste, height and anything and everything you can name it!!

Two days ago, before i was going home from my hospital i happend to read a journal that appeared in a magazine from Mathrubhumi, which happens to be one of the leading media group at kerala. So, this article was about the naxalites and maoist growth in some parts of India and i was made to keep wonder about why we have so much of social problems.

Lets me puts this straight from my heart. We claim ourself to have the biggest democracy, The 7th largest country in the world and yet we have all the problems that are resemblance and replica of the conditions of some of the third world countries.

Why do i blame??

The reason is as simple as clear water. India is independent for more than 50years and also a republic nation . And yet in many part of the nation the common problems the people are facing include Unemployment, illiteracy, lack of food and famine and many insecurities which are created on the basis of sex and religion.

Ever since i can remember i have won essay competitions by writing the same clieshe of words on corruption, unemployment etc by blaiming them on the Government policies, population etc, But today i guess i have realised something more. The real people responsible for this is not the politicians, but the people, which include me and you.

The people include the set of people which corresponds to the entire population of the nation. Are we doing the right job as a lawful citizen. Ofcourse, most of us pay taxes, We educate, we work, we earn money, we do contribute to the Governing process of the countries, then what wrong have we done.

DONt we all promote a corrupt society knowingly or unknowingly

I honestly believe that 50 years is more than enough time for a nation to develop from a developing nation into a developed nation. You may accuse that there are curbing factors such as population, unemployment etc But are they really a big excuse!! its a shame that even today there are places in this nation where people have to live in forests and again they dont get any of the democratic benefits most of us enjoy. There are landlords and feudalism where a few people treat the underdogs as instuments to rub their whiplashes..how inequal is our world.

Are we a poor nation?

Ofcourse not, check the list of the forbes billionaires and the number of indians in it. What an irony. but i wouldnt blame them as they are doing things what is good for their interest, the interest of their company and the interest of their shareholders. But is the Government doing enough.

Why is India corrupt? We may say that the politicians take bribes from the rich and hence the rich gets richer and those who cannot afford it gets poorer.

is it the only reason?

Look at every corner of our life? At most of the places we ourself are negligent. From the level of the third class workers to drivers and many at the middle class want to earn an extra “TIP'” from the other.

You go to a hotel and observe what happens. YOu have your food, pay your bill and show off by giving a generous tip to the waiter. ofcourse, most of us have done it..But i think this is where the problem lies. We expect a more premium service from them for what they are supposed to do even without the tip, and then what we are doing is promoting a rend that we need to get paid for serving better!!

The same thing happens at all places and in this way we indirectly promote corruption.

India has been ruled by all sort of political parties and yet still the inequalities prevails. Perhaps if All in the nation retained equal status that wouldnt be profitable for all.

So how do we contribute to the society?

By electing A better Government that serves for the needs of the people and by being aware of our democratic rights and by standing as a man against social evils like corrution, promote education, equal rights for all and prevent any bias, even it be gender based..

Recently, a friend of mine send me an email on irony. The life of two classes in Mumbai. The pics had the houses of the residents of places like Malabar hills, like the billion dollar home of the Reliance man, or the fortress with the name meaning “WISh” or “prayer”(ofcourse every indian knows the resident, i guess, else google for Mannat) and on the other half of mumbai the life of the chaiwallas and the slumdwellers.!!


Everyone of us dream of a comfortable life for us and the people around us, a slight luxury which is never harmful for the growth of our nation. But what ii wish is that our process of making wealth be in the interest of the whole nation and never against it. Do good for the world and the most important, Be honest. it sounds easy to says, try being honest and you will know what it really means.

I want to remember a man who taught us some of the most valuable leasons of humanity, the message of truth and non violence and yet we prefer to remember him for his shining face on a 500 rs indian currency and the easier we earned the money, the most better.

For the respect for Mahatma Gandhi, lets atleast pledge to be a good citizen, with atleast the enough courage to be never corrupt and act against corruption without looking the pros and cones of the aftermath.

Thank you for reading guys…lots of love.