ofcourse, you are here which means you are at my blog and reading what i have in store for you!!

but where was i?

well, thanks for all those who bothered to think for a while about where i was?

well, iam here right in your pc/laptop and talking to you. okay, come on, now let me tell ypu what happend.

so, i was a bit busy with a little bit of my personal work loads and rounds at hospital and all that stuff that i really didnt get much time to make any update for a while. so, yup i did make a train journey to and fro from kannur to trivandrum.

so, it was this all of a sudden quickly planned and non cancellable plans and i must say that this is one train journey, i will hardly forget for a while.

let me before hand put a short introduction about the political scenario at my state, kerala for a while. There is a routine here at this part of the world that there must be an hartal/ strike once in now and then, so that the people know that there are a few political parties alive out here!!

so, unfortunately my travel was planned on the day of the hartal and since it couldnt be made on tghat day, me and my friends tried the best to get a reservation ticket for the train travel(which takes approx 12 hours to reach) But again it was destiny, that we would have to travel in general compartment among the rest of the travellers and as i predicted, it promised to be a back breaking, torturous journey. Honestly, train journey is very much a part of my life, having travelled regularly during my last fews years of my medical education. so, we started out at the evening and by the time it was midnight the entire compartment was occupied with not a place to sit comfortably. i was lucky that i had two friends with me in my journey and as unpredictably the train journey is, so unpredictable is the chances that you may loose yourluggage in a crowd in Indian train travel.

It was full moon outside and the view through the side window of the train was equally romantic, but as in the mood i was, all i needed was a heavy doseof sedative, so that i could get a sleep for atleast 15 minutes continiuosly.

Again, as i couldnt control to sleep and as i was slowly moving into the state of tiredness, i kept trying to think about deeply into what and where my life is leading..A lot of philosophical thoughts, which i wouldnt want to mention out here for a while, but may be later!!!

SO, once i made it to the destination and our purpose for visit was fullfilled, it was time for the return journey, which once again was done without any reservation and had to be in the general compartment, i was defenitely sure even before the beginning of the night, that it would ofcourse be interesting..

Before i would state any  further on my train travel, i want to mention about two restaurants i visited at trivandrum this time. well, both, just because the food was good, though not exotic as you would find on some other parts of the world, these two places are equally famous at truivandrum and if you are a tourist visiting trivandrum for the first time, do visit the indian coffee houser at Thampanur. what i liked about the place is nothing but the architecture of the building, designed by renowned Larry baker. So, the breakfast was fresh and quiterefreshing, provided we had a very hedctic journey, as if we were participants of the amazing race!!

The second restaurant is again one of its class, and has certain nostalgia associated with it and for obviousreasons iam not mentioning the best parts now. so, we had our snack at  this place called Azad, and again there is this food called KOthu poratta, which we had from there. VEry delicious i felt, though i dont really like much of the trivandrum food stuff, i found this one interesting. A friend of mine from kottayam, who was with me during this travel was saying that this dishcomes from her land. iam clueless, but yes the food is hot.

Again, the train travel was fine because a few of our lady colleagues were also there with us on the return at our compartment. So, it was good chatting with them for a while and more that all of us were less bothered about the luggage. ( this is one good advantage of travellingin group)

FOr all those who know me personally know, that i wouldnt have gone all this way to describe a train travel, so what is cooking!!

ok, so there was a fellow passenger, a beautful muslim girl who joined in between in our journey,a total stranger for all of us. So, she sat right next to me and really i wished i knew her for ages!!( ok, i can see who is frowning…yeah, who all have taken the phone…..okay, friends, no comment about my commitment status on page pleaseeeeeee!!!)

well, it wasnt exactly as i said it, but yes there was rush in the train, she sat next to me in my seat and ofcourse there were about 5 of my female colleagues ande one boy colleague with me in the train travel!!

so, i was struck for a while because all the while i was happy inside that i was travelling with all my friends at a late hour and so the chat would be interesting and yet my mind was wandering in its own trying to acess ionto the heart of this beautiful stranger.

i kept rerhearsing the words a close friend of mine ( a girl) told me, if ever you find a girl and you want to get closer, never approach, let her approach you!!!hmmmmm, the minute this article is finished the girl who taught me this is going to cryyyyy

so, i kept waiting for a long to start a conversation with her, while the rest of my friends were busy chatting and teasing me with the several names of girls, i have bewen accused of being linked with!! For a second, i could feel them as if they were involved in a controversy to defame me to the cadre of a cassanova,a ladies man image, an image i always deny, but keeps haunting me from past!!! So, my dear friends kept checking all the pictures in my mobile and kept commenting on all the pictures they found. i kept looking at the girl next to me, though listening to all their mussings.yes, she was listening and yes those jokes were interesting for her!!

Again, my friends kept refering to me as Dr. Nidhin valsan!!!well, that is a plus or minus tag for any conversation starter. SO, you are a doctor, huh..i really wished her to start, but she closed her eyes for a while and yes plugged in her ipod!!!

For the first time in my life, i hated Steve jobs for making that thing!!!

So, i kept wishing to ask something to her, and at the same time my dear friends with me kept pouring me with questions and questions!! For all those, who were there with me then, and is reading this now, iam really really mad at you, heheh!!!!

so, what happend finally

well, it took me 4 hours to get the courage to ask something  to  her and i did ask her, a question which i dont repend to this minute. i asked her, if she could take the bottle of water from the side pocket of the bag of my friend, who was sleeping besides her, and she did do that.

But alas, she got down at Ernakulam at midnight and i couldnt help controlling my feeling that i could have talked toi her for a while. Come on, NIdhi, be practical…she is just a stranger and there are lot of strangers in thisworld!! A part of broken dreams, hehehe..may be its for good!

so, fellas, before i could conclude a small advice of wisdom for all..so, if you love anyone never wait ofr the other to express their feelings to you, take yourchances, and go for it!!

NOw dont think that i lost a love or new girl friend in that train travel, those who know me well enough know, why it is that way..hehehe

So, yup for all those lovers, express your feeling and be true to your relationships..

finally, keep in touch fellas, iam being too busy nowadays and iam not even having time to proff read this now, and have to leave soon.

till the next time, we talk to each other, keep in touch, spread love and i love you all