When it comes to hearing the news hot, it always comes to Larry king!!

but why Iam referring him is because i found a bit of irony on his personal life, and over pot full of celebrity interviews he has done, the scandals and undoubtedly the best shows CNN has ever had.

One of my friend, from an international magazine was on chat and we were gossiping over the latest happening around the globe and he was anticipating a live show on Larry king live on Larry king himself explaining why he is getting divorced again.

A mock drill on how he would present himself asking question to himself and explaining what the ” Irreconcilable differences” were.

Honestly, Iam not making fun of the legend here nor is it in any of my intentions. But this is how people are, when they are intriguied on their most personal  questions. ofcourse, Larry king is one of the world’s most celebrated television personal and one of the most recognized face in the industry.

so, As far as the News is, it is heard that Larry and his wife, country singer Shawn Southwick has filed for divorce from each other over ” irreconciliable differences”

larry king live

As it has always been, you hear a lot of hot news from the talk show of  Larry king, so iam really curious over hearing it from his own talk show!!

oh Larry, i have two questions for you, would you please explain them for me because like the rest, iam also anxious to know about it.

1. Is it true that you are having an affair with your sister in law?

2. how many of your plush homes will you loose on the legal battle?

ok, so i do hope that all the problems will get solved and you will be on air grilling the rest and with hot news. oh,i did see the live interview of Martina Navarotilova by you. Really liked it.

yup, i do wish Larry gets the custodial rights for his children because he is such a good company, dont you think so?

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At the mean time, let me have my sweets on the occasion of Vishu.

so, thank you for reading.

Take care, God bless..spread love