hi dear friends,

yup, i woke up to the music of the crackers cracking all around @4Am. Had a small thought for a while that i was somewhere at Sarajevo amidst the bombshells, hehe

Somehow, i feel blessed that iam born at this part of the world and my life is as peaceful and happy as it can be. My prayers for all the people

in the world for a happy and prosperous life.

sree krishna

Saw vishu kanni and its been fun at home.

went to temple in the morning and it was very peaceful for mind to see happy faces all around. Got vishu kaineetam from temple and here iam to wish all my loved one and you, A happy and prosperous vishu.


and yup, my vishu kaineetam( gift ) for all of you,

vishu kaineetam

lots and lots of love,

keep reading, spread love

God bless All