First of all, i want to thank all the friend’s who wished me a get well soon via email and telephone. i was amused by the personal messages i got, and thank you for the visitors from mybloglog, who sent me private greetings to get well soon

I’m doing bit better now, though i had to halt most of my daily programmes including my chances of going for the volleyball tournament. I know most of my friend’s there would by now started watching me through orkut and other media iam partnered with. And i guess i would have to explain how “miserable” i feel now. personal apology for Bimal, my dear friend, who called me in the morning and ordered me to be there at college. i’m sorry, bro.. i lied, i dnt think i can travel now. I  wont make more updates todday, and iam going to take rest.

Reading a book on Steve jobs and steve woznaik , which will be updated in the book review soon.

i feel much better, thanks to all your prayers and love!

A little sore throat(sounds little husky, so please call me later) and back pain, but i guess i will be better soon, i’m just unfit for a travel right now. hope my friend’s will pardon me, i love you all..

Again sad that my team MUMBAI INDIANS lost yesterday. May be because i couldnt cheer for them!! Dont worry, we will be back to win the cup, cheers!!


After what messi did to Arsenal in the UEFA championship. i’m not an arsenal fan, but Messi, you are just the best. i really loved all your goals.

simply magic, should i quote it.

oh, i guess these tv channels will never learn!! Most of them are still behind Sania Mirza!!

And finally, congragulations for all the winners of the State Film awards, especially, Mammoty(best Actor) and Shweta Menon(best actress)

yup, take care and God bless all..