oops, so this is the talk of the town right now??

Are they going to marry or are the not?

today, morning i woke up late with a dizzy head and as i checked my twitter i saw, Karan johar( he is a leading film director @bollywood) had twitted against the media for hyping the whole issue of Sania- shoaib-aysha controversy.

For all my international readers, who may not be aware of the controversy, Sania Mirza is a leading tennis figure from India and Shoaib Malik is a Pakistani cricketer. Their Marriage is fixed on April 15th and there is this entire fiasco and there was whole debate when their engagement was announced on Tv channels and talk show’s whether Sania should marry a pakistani or not. Now, the latest flick in the contreversy, is that a lady called Aysha siddique have accused Shoaib of being her first husband and that they are not divorced yet. Shoaib on the meanwhile has been denying of any link up with the Lady.

Of late everytime i look up any leading Tv News  channel, im seeing that complete coverage of Their allegations and accusations, claims and denials as if there isnt anything left in this world that is worth to be heard about.

I got up back home today with sign’s of fever and i wanted to hear details about a naxal attack that took place at Chattisgarh which killed 75 security personnels from CRPF. I heard about it when i was traveling and like any concerned citizen of this nation, i  wanted  to know about the scenario. As i look at the leading News channel’s all i could see was the breaking News update on police questioning Aysha siddique and details of a night out of Sania and Shoaib at a Place at Hydrebad. There was also reports that the bookies were heavy on betting whether they would marry or not.

so much for the controversy!!

Few days ago, Barkha Dutt(a leading Journalist) had commented on the police for taking the whole scenario with so much importance.

i kept wondering if any of the channels still remember the ethics they claim they practice!!Shortly after a while there was updates on the attack on CRPF and again there were bottom updates on whats happening with Shoaib- Aysha controversy.

I guess i have a small fever coming ahead. So the first thing that came to my mind was to  send an email to Mr. Prabhu chawla(he is the editor of the particular Tv group, you find out) then  i realised its not going to make a difference.so, i thought of writing it down on my platform, my blog.

Why is it that the media so keen on sensational news rather than news that matter the nation. Apparently, two days ago, i read a very prominent figure lash at the media for paying more importance to this matter( dont remember who the celebrity was, it was a retweet from twitter, i guess its Sashi Taroor, but not sure) when there are 17 Indian’s life on death sentence at Dubai.

When we look at the TRP, honestly, you do an article on the life of the CRPF jawan or an article on the indian’s at Dubai, you wont get the boost that a show on Sania’s wedding controversy or the dress she will wear will bring. its ironic, but its true.

Also, dont these celebrities deserve a little privacy of their own. As i watch the Tv, there is an entire camera crew from all Tv channel’s outside the homes of Sania and the girl Aysha siddique and they are going to give live update if any light is going to be switched On  from any room!!

This is a personal entry and not fro any media publication and hence iwant to open up a few more things i feel i should say, like for my dear friend, Barkha Dutt(hope you will read this), Stop bothering about your interview with Fathima Bhutto, i have seen it and we all have, now forget it and make something to finish this media invasion on celebrity lives. I know we all love to listen to gossips, but dont we all love a little privacy on our personal life.

Also, should we chose our priorities on Rating’s alone. where is the human side of Journalism? stop making controversies or blown up facts. I guess the News should be honest information from an independent view rather than being biased or with a prejudice or premonition.

Hope you get that.


sorry friends, i guess my fever is getting a bit on. So, i think i need to stop writing today and take rest. Also, i have promised my friend’s that i would be there for a volleyball match@kannur, my college, but dont know if i can make it. I think i should take rest now, so that if i can be well tomorrow, i can go to cheer my friends atleast. There are certain things about friendship that stop’s you from making excuses sometimes, some of the little cherished moments. Dnt worry my dear friend’s @kannur, i will be there before the match even starts!!!

God give me the strength.

Sad that, i cant watch IPL tonight cause of fever, or else i would want to cheer for my favorite team MUMBAI INDIANS.

Hope they do well…

Thank you for reading. keep reading and do leave an update or comment below.