This book was written in 1996 and i guess i read this book in 2008. so, it took me 12 years to get this book, because honestly i was never a DS fan, and dosent mean iam one now, but i never really knew much about the genre of this author.

so, i happen to read one of my sister’s book from Danielle steel and decided that i would never read Danielle Steel again. i dont want to comment much about that book, but the book Was Mirror Image and i found it to be a big lag, to be honest. And later, i had to read The long road home and was bit interested in the writing and then one day i came across Silent honor. Actually, i cant make a deep review on the book now because, i dont remember much about it, as i read it two years ago.

The story revolves around Hiroko, whose life is shattered during the WW2.

A japanese at American soil during the world war two.

ON december 7 after the pearl harbor is bombed America declares War on Japanese and she becomes an enemy at the foreign land. Huge portrayal of tragic life inside the detention camp, the life of people forced to abandon all what they love, their homes, wealth, freedom and lives. the love story of Peter and Hiroko, acts as her link to the outer world. It tells of Americans who were treated as foreigners in their own land. And it tells Hiroko’s story, and that of her American family, as they fight to stay alive amid the drama of life and death in the camp at Tule Lake detention center.

With clear, powerful prose, Danielle Steel portrays not only the human cost of that terrible time in history, but also the remarkable courage of a people whose honor and dignity transcended the chaos that surrounded them. Set in a vivid backdrop of war and change, this  novel is both living history and an outstanding fiction, revealing the stark truth about the betrayal of Americans by their own Government and the triumph of a woman caught between cultures and determined to survive.

For every war that is fought there are two sides .one side from a nation and the other side from the against. Most of us are familiar with Pearl Harbor and its influence on America to enter the war, but never before have i had a chance to look at it from a different perspective.

Though i very rarely read books of that period, i couldnt resist to go on when i had it started. i found myself empathizing with the character of Hiroko.

i would rate it a read for people who are interested to know a different perspective of one of the most shameful past of american history and also over a series of sacrifice, tragedy and unparallel love.