This article is dedicated to a dear friend of mine and i really did get the copyright to use his personal story in my blog. Dont worry, its going to be funny,comical,  sarcastic and really throw dirt on your buddy!!!

This time i want to give you all the write answers for your confessions and quieries??

so, please read me!!!

What inspires me to do this??

Yesterday, i was just looking at some old pictures and i came across certain memories i have during my under graduate days, some of the most wonderful times, pranks and old jokes shared and spent together with wonderful people called as friends.

There are certain instant thought’s that we get when we think about a person. some of their most common usage of words, their style and mannerisms.

so, this friend of mine, and due to the reason of protecting his identity lets call him, the Stig.

Cant think of any other name and its borrowed from The stig from BBC topgear. Since, no body knows who the stig is, lets say he is like the stig!!

So, Mr. Stig has this funny confessions,  he make when he gets boozed..

you can always start expecting how much is inside Mr. stig, by the amount he opens up. The confession continues till he has puked it out.

i’m not going to make any comment on the things Mr. stig confessed, but i find that most of the people who are a little over on the glass makes a series of same confessions.


One of the common starter  is the confession over how much he loved his ex girl friend.

Mr. stig, i want you to understand that i really love to hear your problems, but promise me that next time you confess it be another girl!!!

Again the next is the explanation for your most asked question.

No, i didnt date your girl friend!!

Why is it that most of the alcoholics have to call their ex-girl friend’s at midnight??

I dont think she is expecting your call, stig!!

you are never overdrunk, are you, Mr.Stig? Because i have never heard you call your current girl friend when you are drunk. I’m ofcourse proud of you!!

Next time you are drunk, you dont have to remind me that you are normal, i know you are abnormal, always, hehe!!!

How many times have you said that this is the last peg and had it going on till dawn??

You dont know and i havent counted!

The most interesting among them is the confession you made, saying that this will be your last peg, you quit.

Save it for the next time, buddy!! I have heard it for the infinite times.