so, i came across this book at a visit made to a friend of mine and there were two books, A thousand splendid suns and the kite runner. so, i took the kite runner an decided to fly. Hosseini, owns a medical degree from the university of california and is  presently the goodwill ambassador for UNHCR, the united nation’s refugee agency.

So, What i find in this book?

its interesting!!

Because, very few books make you attached to the characters.

The issues are set in Afghanistan before and after the soviet invasion, the life of refugee’s and over issues that are universal, like the conflict over friendship, betrayal, the longing for acceptance, and survival. The story provides an on sight into one of the mostly viewed culture post 9/11

The story is about two people and it covers a time in their past, as children. The story moves through the eyes of Amir, who was born into the family of a rich pashtun and his friendship with a hazara servant boy, Hassan. The term friendship may be more sided feeling. because, while Amir at points envies his friend, the loyalty of Hassan at all stages remain steady.

There are lot of children in Afghanistan, but little childhood. This explains a lot about the life during the stages of War.

while Amir and his father seek refuge in the shelter of America, hassan and his family are thrown to suffer among the millions of other people living the life of refugee’s in their own land. The simple youth that were spent on the kite running is lost once the war takes over.

There are lot of revelations and the bond between the father and son, as well as the expectation that a father has for his son is all depicted well in this book.

May be, there is a lot of common things with the author and the character of Amir. because, like many, he was also a refugee and his father at one time was a very big diplomat in the Afgan, before seeking asylum in the USA.

The story brings in the most beautiful caricature or portrait of the innocence of youth and also the saddening depiction of a war torn nation. Amir again makes a travel to the Afgan in the story to save a life that is a part of his own family.

This book has a lot of issues that can be discussed and debated upon.

Again as i said, its interesting, and it surely will stop you from keeping the book down until you are finished.