As usual the day was spend in the usual busy things and most of the time i found myself juggling between my strict schedule, my studies and most importantly on the book called , The white tiger by Aravind Adiga. The book actually won, the man booker prize of 2008. once iam finished with it , i would come up with its review. The saddest thing is that  lately ,  i myself feel that iam not upto date with the books that are releasing. The only book i recently took effort to purchase and read on time was the books of the twilight series and i must say that iam a real fan of Stephanie meyer, isabella Cullen and Kristen stewart!!! The actual reason is that during the last few months, i was busy on other personal commitments that i couldnt read many books and now i feel really elated to read some of the finest books.

One of the notable thing that happend today was that i happend to read the blog of Liza Ray. So, for all those who dont know who Liza Ray is this is a short introduction and why she is significant to be added in today’s blog entry.

so, i did a little search on the actress to make sure that i enter the facts about her correctly. Liza Ray, is a Canadian actress (and all this while i thought she was Indian, but never mind she has something Indian about her) and a supermodel. She began her modelling career, when she was 16 and A times of india poll even voted her as the “ninth most beautiful woman” of the millennium making her the only model in the top ten. she is most noted for her works in herbollywood film Kasoor and Deepa mehta’s Water.

She appeared in the famous song “Afreen afreen”by Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan in 1996.

The reason why iam so fond of her is the fact that everyone has a point of time in their life which they considers as the most beautiful time. And somehow, i was in my teenage when these movies and music videos were released. so, as a part, Liza Ray is one of the most beautiful faces i admired. A lot of my close friends also admire. After Kasoor, actually i expected her to rise to superstardom.The film was released during 2001, when i was possibly finishing my 10th standard or SSLC. but then as life kept me moving, i got into a entirely different world, a world of medicines and hospital, stress and other things overcame me and so whenever i wonder about the most happiest times i have certain memories and the face of this gorgeous actress passes through my mind.

I was shocked to hear about her diagnosis of multiple Myeloma. As any one in the medical field would be shocked with this, i was also shocked. i heard about it from a show by Barkha on Ndtv. The next thing i did was to search for her blog and unfortunately i couldnt keep up with her updates. Today, as i see her blog, i feel as if iam meeting someone long lost, an old friend in an unexpected road. i did spend a lot of time reading her updates and comments. Liza,it was indeed great going through your blog, if you ever happen to pass by my blog you would read. Again, i think i had to scroll through more than a hundred comments so that i could reach to the bottom to leave a comment of my own. Life is a mystery and it brings surprises each day. it is also a miracle because each second brings us new hopes. As we sleep we are only aware of one truth or belief that tommorow morning also the sun will shine.

i found the entire blog very brave and the spirit of this 37 year old is so strong that it will shine the lives of people around her. i wish we all could be so strong enough to see life in that way.

Again, few hours later i visited the blog of my favorite author, Paulo Coelho and read a beautiful poem in the latest posts called as the “tobacco kiosk”, written by portugese author, Fernando Pessoa. i found it very realistic. some of the melancholic feelings of life that we pass from time to time, but somehow after reading the blog of Liza Ray perhaps, i was in a different feel, a little spirited perhaps.

Also i did stumble across an interesting work. i did stumble across the blog of a person called, Gabriela Abalo and i did read a story updated by her called, “why dosent she love me?’ it was a short story and yet i found it to be interesting and captivating as well.

this story also made me think about a personal friend of mine, whose name i cannot mention here. this writing is similiar to the way my friend writes. somehow as i kept reading the entry, i felt as though she was narrating it for me!!

its pretty interesting as well. Because i found this author from a comment she wrote for an article in paulo coelo’s blog. so, this is to say that i really did enjoy reading the blog of Gabriela.

so, thus ends my night.

Have to finish reading white tiger, there is Ipl to see, some plans to study and also another article in mind, on AIDS AWARENESS. May be i would upload it later.

thank you for reading, hope you liked it

God bless you…