There is something Irish about the authors from Ireland.

its a debut novel and she has struck the word, she is here to stay!! The book success is phenomenal and the movie version of it staring Gerald Butler and Hilary Swank also made it big at the box office.

so, what is this book about?

Gerry and Holly are the happiest couples in the world. They met through their best friends, known each other throughout high school, lived together, shared everything and were happily married and when they thought they had it all, Gerry gets diagnosed with Brain tumor. in the remaining few days of his life, Gerry secretly makes arrangement of a series of small letters called as THE LIST. The list actually forms it idea in a chat they had in their happy days, in which they jokingly claim about leaving a series of reminders of what to do when, even after one dies.

The book takes us through the world of a devasted Holly, who with the help from her friend’s and the list left by Gerry, in a time of 10 months return back to her life.

the book explains about the unconditional love of Gerry and Holly along with, her best friends and couple, Sharon and john, Denise and many characters intertwined but beautifully woven to make it into a modern day  love story.

This books gives you the same feeling that Nicolas sparks gave with” The notebook.”

if you love someone so much, does it really build a psyche between the two?

every time Gerry leaves a list, one for each month, it says ps, i love you along with a list of things Holly was supposed to do that month. He leaves it planned so beautifully as if he knows what would happen to her then.

if this book makes you think deeply about any particular person around you as  the protagnist, perhaps there is something going on for you, towards that person. if you think its true, go ahead, express it!!

Read it before or after you fall in love!! but do read it.