This article is in reference to the documentary i happend  to see on nat geo, when i was at kannur.

it was early morning and as i opened the TV, lying lazily on my bed, i saw this documentary and somehow this got me captivated throughout the next one hour.

Afgan star singer, is a show that was aired on Tolo tv, a popular television channel in the war torn Afghanistan. The documentary was directed by British director called Havana Marking.

The third season of the show was made into the documentary and the reason why i found it interesting was because of a participant called Setara Hussainsada.

Apparently, the development and success of a show like Afgan star singer in a country like Afganisthan, constantly torn into war between the taliban and the Mujahedeen is indicative of the frustration that the common people faced under strict imposition over cultures and taboos.

Music apparently is a liberation from the pain that these people have kept in their hearts, the wounds that were infiltrated into them by the different bodies of power, who made them scape goats for their war against one another.

The documentary showed some really interesting behind the scene footages, into the lives of the participants and their families. how different cultures, such as the hazara’s and the pashtuns competed against each other, how kabul was considered as a modern city, in comparison to the neolithic cities like Kandhahar and Mazhare shariff. The best part of the show was that it united the entire Afganistan in watching a single tv show. in a way, it can be considered as the biggest show in Afgan history. The final show was watched by nearly 11mn people, which is one third of the total population.

the final competition was between Rafi and hameed and Rafi emerged to be the winner of the most watched show in Afgan history.

But the real attraction was the contreversy it caused over setara, a singer from Herat.

Setara, emerged among the leading singer in the show, with her bollywood style makeup and in the final show post her elimination, she did a ‘mistake’ by expressing herself to the tunes of music. As she sang and danced to the music, the mere fall of headscarf in the show, stirred the hell lot of contreversies. Dancing itself was considered as taboo in this world and this eventually lead to a cleric issuing fatwa against the singer. The documentary covers some of the tense moments, she passes through as she travels back to her home at Herat. constant false alarms reaching the waiting parents that their daughter was killed in an attack. issuing of a fatwa in this part of the world has only two options, either live a life of constant fear or run away to USA in exilation.

One week before, iwas making my trip to kannur, i had participated in the debate at NDTV social on their website on the topic “being muslim in india”.i had expressed my view on this as such. Our constitution presents us with the democratic right to follow our religion in any part of our country. so, on the first place we shouldnt be bothered if the person sitting next to you is a muslim or christian, upper caste or lower caste. so, there is actually no point in wondering if you are a minority or majority. Someone had accused in the debate that the muslim were actually funding terrorism and vouched on the points of supporting Hindutwa. does it actually happen that way, when a bomb explodes it selects only people from a particular community and excludes the other. The actual problems are being misdirected.

There is a mentioning of possiblity of a nuclear war in the starting of a Tom clancy novel, in which two generals were sitting together on a coffee table and were surrounded by their body guards. One of the body guard kept his hand into the pocket to take a hanky, and the other attacked on him and soon there was total chaos. why do i find this story very interesting?? this is because the same happens all over. we live in a world were we are trained to be suspicious over one another.

One of my dearest friend happens to be a muslim and we constantly debate over our views on freedom of expressions. As long as we behave as keep our views constricted, think as narrow minded, i dont think we can advance forward. Gone are the days when muslim’s were considered to be educationally backward in the society. today, the people with talents are moving ahead in all corners of the society.

am i a secular or pseudo secular??i have been asked this question more than once in many debate programs. my answer is that i have my religion and i do believe in the God. My perspective is that iam supposed to do something for the society and as far as i can see it, iam a contributor to the society and in that way iam doing my duty towards God.

Coming back to the issue at Afganistan, is it really in benefit of religion to issue such strict punishments for acts that are merely considered as human in any part of the world. ofcourse, there are religious codes which everyone is bound to accept, but there are certain things we need to accept in order to live in the present society. Its not just in islamic community, but in all the religions that the need to be broad minded applies.

Being a Hindu, i know how hard caste system really works in India. Even today, people have to fight over their families if they have to marry a girl from other caste, let alone other religion. isnt it time that we think a little forward. To see each individual as an individual rather than viewing him on the basis that he belongs to a particular community. My only words of advice for people who try to kill each other in the name of religion is to embrace the fact that religion teaches you to be a good human being, to follow a good moral conduct.

The world as i say it is shrinking very much. my friends include people from America to Iran, from Philippines, to Paris. so, with connections like this due to internet revolution, people are staying closer. All we can do is to build up a life that be contributing to the needs of the other, without aiming any thing in return. most of the times, the things we do without any expectation in return turns out to be the most rewarding

so, thank you for reading, take care and God bless…