Have you ever wondered what is it that you need the most for a living.?? lot of answers may pop up, air, oxygen, girlfriend, money etc etc but i honestly feel that all of us are actually in the pursuit of happiness. i write because that keeps me happy. i do things that keeps me moving.


to know the real answer, just have a look at your routine life. wake up in the morning with a hell lot of problems, pending works, meetings or if you are a student, well, i know how it feels because i just finished a part of my education and remember the stress you face getting up, the longing for five more happy minutes in the comfort of bed, while the alarm reminding you of the daily things you have to do. missing breakfast, scolding you spouse because food was not ready. the missing socks..why is my shoe like this, where is the key of my car!!!! we all are so used to a stressful life that we cant deny its existence.

i dont need to tell you to be rational because i know you are. just like you, im also a very lazy person most of my life. but has it helped me. well, not at all.

so, lets try to work out a formula to have a healthy lifestyle.

it is a hidden fact that a large chunk of our annual income goes for medical treatment and a large part of it comes because people are negligent of their health.

oops, iam on the other side!! i mean iam a doctor , but honestly like everyone in my field  dedicated  to make your life happy, iam also interested in helping you. There is a widely popular notion that doctors are actually praying for a ‘diseased community”. well, as far as i have known and seen, there are a large number of doctors who have dedicated their life for the welfare of a society as such. i was part of a pain and palliative care program once and i know how important it is for the civilians and medical professionals to join together to help people who are suffering.

ok, enough of this lecture, let me pull you straight into the things we can apply so as to lead a healthy life.


why is this important. knowingly or unknowingly,  we are by instinct a group of people specialised in blaming the other. Maybe you dont do it, but i have done it.  so i know!!

being calm and composed to situations has its own advantages. when we get angry and start removing them on others, a large part of our self  is getting suffocated with it. instead when we smile and take things with a positive attitute perhaps things may turn out to be even better. we become positive and there is a different energy that surrounds us. i have noticed this too in my daily life. As a doctor, i know what my patient expects from me, so instead if i approach him with a “i dont care”  attitude, however strong be my medicine, the required effect may never be delivered.The same happens at all the workplaces. we are either the producers or the consumers. in both places we are also customers too. so we need to make sure that we be pleasant and presentable to whoever we approach or is approached

so, remember to be POSITIVE


some say that they don’t have enough time, but remember we all have the same time. All that matters is how we use them.

There is a saying of kabir Das, “kal kare so aaj kal, aaj kare so ab, pal mein pralay hoyege bahuri karega kab” this is something iread when i was a kid, in my hindi text book. so yes, it means that do it now, whatever you are planning to do tomorrow. none of us can predict what happens tomorrow.

so never leave anything pending.

live hard and party hard.ie, you work well, you deserve the result for it. so, live the life with enjoyment


find enough times for relaxation, regular exercises.

have a proper time plan for tomorrow.

3.Eat to live, dont live to eat

most of the common cases we come across in hospitals are to deal with obesity, cholesterol, diabetes etc. most of the life style diseases are proportional to the food habits and unhyegenic lifestyles of fast and junk foods. try to avoid as much as fast foods as possible. eat healthy food, drink plenty of water.

4.regular exercise

this is very important for every person. some say that they are taking rest now , because they are ‘resting” after resting for the last few hours.

make a move guys.

do some exercises, join for some martial arts, or go for a salsa. just burn that extra from your body.

Today you may not realize its worth, but a few years as all the diseases start gripping you one by one, you may realize that its too late now.

do some jogging or cycling everyday. Go to the house two blocks away in a walk.

ofcourse, you may have a mercedes, but still show them that you also have the latest nike !!!

5.be stress free

again iam going to hit with the bad joke!!

remember the scene in dark knight, in which The joker asks “why so serious son” “lemme put a smile onto that face”

today, most of the people i meet i have a hidden urge to say that and honestly do that. because, you see small kids going to schools in buses, they are walking with the seriousness as if they are going to attend the cardiac surgery,

laugh and laugh!! it really helps.

its very important that you atleast make one true friend before you die and also that you have a mobile connection from which you have the least call rate to his number and again make sure that this one friend, make you laugh in such a way that even when you are going to die, you can just tell everyone, see you all soon at heaven!!!

being stress free  itself can be a booster for confidence. if you dont understand what i mean, be brave enough to do something you were very afraid of without any fear!!(i dont mean to do something antisocial)

learn to enjoy each moment as it comes, kya patha kal ho na ho..for all my Indian readers, you know where i copied that one. but friends, that means, NJOY

6.give up smoking and alcohol

how many times have you decided that this is the last puff and last peg?

well, this is a gradual process, may be , just compare all the possible positive things that may come to your life, the life of all that matters you and decide if its worth it!yes, it is. so give it up..


well, honestly, there are people who use it. Again whom do you think is most concerned about your health.?? dont worry, its not me. its your subconscious mind that keeps things in the ‘i’ perspective!!so, if you are not able to control any addictions that may take over you, you may actually loose your ground one day.

7.do regular health check up

There are two thoughts that may come. if i dont do this, i may live my life more peacefully. now that i find out, i have a problem, i will have long waiting on appointments, regular sugar tests, lipid profile, hb count..isnt all such a sheer waste of money.

well, i would still advice you to keep those thoughts away and get a regular health check up every once in a year or so.

keep your sugar levels and cholestrol etc regularly checked

for women, once in a month do regular self examination of breast.(These parts will be discussed in the further articles to come)

why do  i stress on doing them?? have you ever wondered how meticulously a formula one team performs to be the best. the is a dedicated team of engineers who track and monitor every single feed of information they get on the performance and assess them so that it run so smoothly. in a similiar way, our engine also needs regular update and check up. or else you may find the engine complaint right on the day of the race or on the race. i hope you get the gravity.

so, nothing stays as such for ever. life is a blend of good and bad things.

what makes us happy when we hear it on bad times, and the same that makes us sad, when we hear it on happy times?? the answer is “this time will move on”

so, take care, be healthy , live healthy, and eat healthy..

thank you for reading..God bless you