yes, i mean it!!

its summer and this is india my dear..

so, i decided to do a little bit of public service by providing few informations about some of the common problems we will face during this time. so, here im going to refer about the condition called as HEAT STROKE.

Think about walking through the street at 12 in noon and you know what im refering to. forget the air conditioner and the luxury of your vehicle, this thought is really unbearable. so, most of us are aware of this sort of condition called as heat exhaustion.


in plain language, our body is able to dissipate the rise in temperature in the body by means of mechanisms such as sweating. medically, there are two extremes for temperature regulation, that is hypothermia and hyperthermia.

so, mostly in the summer heat, what happens is, the core body temperature exceeds above 37C and there will be severe sweat associated as a part of body effort to maintain the normal homeostais. when the generation of heat exceeds the body’s capacity for heat loss, the core body temperature rises. so, heat illness occur either when the temperature outside is very high or when sweating is impaired or its efficiency as a heat loss mechanism is reduced by high humidity. these symptoms may also be increased  during high muscular activities ,illness, old age or during certain drug consumption and alcohol.

so, in heat exhaustion, the clinical features include

1> profuse sweating

2. dehydration





7.general debility

The above conditions are more common due to prolonged exertion in hot and humid weather, profuse sweating and inadequate salt and water replacement.


we read in newspaper as condition in which people actually fall comatose to ground while walking in sunlight and mostly this condition is caused due to tthe higher complication of heat exhaustion called as HEAT STROKE

its more severe, and life threatening. the core body temperature rises above 40C the symptoms include neurological manifestations such as tremor, confusion, aggression and loss of consciousness. the patients skin feels very hot and sweating is usually ABSENT. complication include, multiple organ failure, shock , confusion etc


There is a saying very commonly used in our field, prevention is better than cure. so, naturally, you cant dim the brightness of sun or heat, but you can take essential measures to protect yourself.

firstly, try to avoid going out in sun during the time of 11am to 2pm, when the intensity of heat is maximum. or atleast try to reduce the intensity of physical activities at sun to the minimum.

2. this is going to be vacation time for kids and so please try to keep them engaged at home the maximum time possible. hard exertion, especially at the peak time mentioned above can lead to severe complications.

3. drink drink and drink..plenty of water, fruits, juices, water melon, tender coconut water etc. drink water in regular intrevals.

4. wear loose clothes. avoid wearing jeans and especially black color materials. possibly cotton clothes and dress which allow air circulation.

5. bath atleast twice a day

6. if you are diabetic, please keep a card claiming your status as you move out and also keep some sweet item with you. Both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia can be fatal. do regular check up with your diabetologist.

7. keep a regular health check up. stay healthy, be healthy.

in the codition of emergency or when you find a person having heat stroke, please follow the necessart steps.

1. cool the body of the patient immediately

2.  get the victim to a shady area, remove clothing, apply cold water to the skin packs in armpits and groins

4. consult nearest hospital.

5. give plenty of fluid suppliment.

6.make sure the electrolytes and salts are balanced

7. avoid alcohol, tea or caffiene to decrease dehydration.

8. keep hydrating

9. wear loose clothes, be in place with proper ventilation and air conditioning

sometimes, sunburns may also be caused due to the heat stroke.

so, it is adviced to wear sunglasses to avoid damages to eyes. in severe hot conditions it is adviced to wear loose clothes, rather than walking out without shirts.. condition with severe sunburn, please dont give cold water to drink. it may cause chills.

2.Apply dampened cloths or compresses to reduce the heat and lessen the pain.

3.Soak in a bathtub of plain, soap-free water (soap can irritate the burn)

4.Gently pat the skin dry afterward – do not rub it

5.Moisturizing creams or Aloe Vera gel may also help with symptoms.

in any case of emergency, go for medical assistance from an expert. contact your nearby hospital or doctor immediately

so, i guess this article was of any help for you. anyway, enjoy, take care, stay healthy..

thank you for reading and God bless you..