ohk..so im back home!!

the good thing about getting to railway station in time, is that you can atleast have a comfortable seat in train, if luck prevails!!

ok,  so i was home yesterday and honestly i was a bit tired, so i couldnt make an entry yesterday. i went with my family on a shopping yesterday night as i got back. it went smoothly. but i found certain things happening at town as i was out of here for a while. there was some rally going on infront of the income tax office. so the entire road was completely blocked. there were people sitting in chairs in front of the income tax building and whatever that piece of nonsense was, it was anyway a big public discomfort. so, as i drove to take another short cut, near the ymca cross road, the road is under reconstruction!! whatever is going on, well the state of the road is as miserable as usual.

as, i reach near mavoor road, i find that there is another rally going on in front of sagar hotel. now, this is something, that i really support them for doing. honestly, i been living in this town for nearly last 15 years and almost everything here is a part of nostalgia for me. so, as you know i love good food and this hotel is also a part of my nostalgia about this town.

so, the thing is that a staff of the hotel was caught redhanded for keeping hidden mobile camera in ladies toilet and when a person questioned them, police actually manhandled the person. so, overall there is quite a lot of mess going on at this place right now.

few things, i want to put on discussion here. are the hotels and clubs really a safe place for people?? there have been a lot of incidents happening all around , like finding hidden cam in malls , restaurants etc. secondly, how safe is the common man in getting his democratic rights. we, usually hear cases where the accuser becomes the accused, but very rarely do they happen in limelight.  in the similiar way, is it justifiable for people with power and money, get away with their crime  and make a mockery of the judiciary!!

finally, i happend to overhear from a  place where a group of strangers at a mall were debating on the issue and a few loyals to the hotel group i guess were saying that the thing might be a defaming incident on the reputation of the hotel. well, i really wished to interfere by saying if he would have said the same, if it happend to his daughter at the place!!well, somehow i dint do that. but perhaps someone else would have made the remark to oppose him.

may be, its human, because we never really understand the gravity of situation unless it happens to one of us.

my article is not to defame the hotel. may be it wont be right to blame the hotel for the act of an employee. but it is defenitely the responsiblity of the management to make sure they live to the reputation of their hotel. Also, trying to use the political connections to knot a case is not the right thing as well. t would be appreciated if the management comes with an apology for the event.

what else??

so, im finding new interesting  cars on the roads of my town. lot of bmw’s, mercedes, audi, volkswagen etc etc. well, which is the coolest on the road of calicut i see today??well, i have always liked many cars and my personal choices include the swift and the beat(not because i have one). but today,i found something interesting. i was all on the cluthes and brakes to avoid the jerking on the cluttrd roads and i saw a landcruiser prado taken the gaint move ahead without any hustle. as long as the roads remain this way, i think i would prefer sitting on the back sea of that landcruiser prado. that was a wonderful car to see.  asked this question to my father and he says that few days ago as he was driving on the highway at 80, a small car from nowhere came and passed him just like a rocket. from his description, i find it to be a porsche!! so, who owns it here??? anyway,im myself a fan of porsches, ferrari, and masserati’s. perhaps i would prefer them at dubai or somewhere with good roads,  for the sake of those marvellous engineering works, hehe

thank you for reading..God bless you, be good and do good!!