had a few days at kannur

what happen  in the last few days??

1. miss the train

2. travel in cattle class!!!!

3. fight with best friend!!!!!!

4. night out at medicos


6. union day celeb

so, i figure out i have a lot to say!!! but i think i should keep somethings just for myself.

ok, so i  miss my train. it has never occured to me that i have missed my train after i got to station. but this time i really did reach station and i really want to blame it on the lady in the first counter. no personal grudges plsss..but actually a lot of people were blaming here for the slowness and as i also who had to stay for 20 minutes in the queue and find the train leave before i was the third man in the queue, well it was disappointing. again, life is all about new challenges and here i was to face my second challenge of the day. got ticket to the next train and unfortunately this one being a super fast all the way from chennai to mangalore!!

2. cattle class journey

now, why did sasi taroor make the remark about cattle class journey. perhaps he had a stint with the indian railways. oh no, he actually refered it to the flight. well, anyway, if he had been in one of indian railways, he would have called this as well. so, the bad mood for missing train and then actually having to go in a train frustrated itself is a bad feeling!what happens when u dont get seat and you have to face someone stamping on your toes so that he could move ahead is also very painful. so, i got into this general compartment and there was not a single space left for to stand.

The interesting part being a part time writer is that you get to observe a lot of things and in a way i was blessed to see some common life styles inside the train. as i got into the train somehow, i could find a group of people rushing into the toilet and closing the door in a way to get themself  some “fresh air”. so, here i was squeesed in between two people and all i could think into my mind was the words i read from the book shantaram, in which there is a mentioning about similiar train journey in india.

another interesting scene was the group of slumdog’s (the word is not used as an insult but just in accordance to the coinage from slumdog millionaire) in the train. they were atleast lucky to get a seat because perhaps they were travelling all the way from chennai.

so, a group of these kids were sitting in the top deck of the seats and were playing on cards, somewhere using pans and all seem to be unaware of the rest of the world. one thing,i have often found people especially older ladies do in train when they dnt get seat or miss a usual train, blame everyone from the cats and dogs that crossed their way or even the prime minister of the, i kept observing. so, on another side of the upper berth of the train were two men sleeping or atleast pretending to be sleepy just inorder to avoid being noticed by the rest of te crowd. so what was funny was the fact that they were lying at the 69 position,hehe.pretty contreversial position for contreversy buffs, but all these are common sights in indian train journey, hehe..ok

the most frustrating part of the journey was the fact that i didnt get any seat till i got to kannur. so, you can imagine the rush. i have actually stood in hospital for more than 2hours at a stretch at times of bedsides but standing so in a train is a different experience. i kept wondering if my life would be at any point of time be interconnected with any of the passenger i meet today. well, you cant predict what will happen in the next moment, right.

i saw a group of singers in train today. the usual team who go all around the train singing and collecting alms. what really happens to them as they grow up.??huh, well i dnt know.

The remaining part of my journey had to be covered by bus and again there was a sort of road rally going on  in town and i had to get down at taliparamba and wait for half an hour. i met with a lot of similiar to me who had to get down because the traffic was blocked. apparently, the program was conducted by the ruling political party of the state and i for honestly believe that situation was only a mere waste of human money and public disturbance, whatever be the reason.

3.fight with best friend

so, this is something i would never discuss here, but since this mattered a lot to me, i should hint it here, cos this is also one of the reason why i sound a little frustrated. honestly, as im writing this all the problems have been solved and i honestly dnt remember why we were fighting!! this is it, what i have to tell you all. sometimes we fight with people who mean everything to us, but once its solved we just only have time to wonder why we were fighting over silly egos. so, if the problem you have with your friends can be solved over a simple talk, do make that call. dnt count who is making the bent.

4.night out at medicos

went to see the medicos late night. the programmes were cool, but these days people have forgotten how to behave themselves or to conduct programmes in a way it really capture the true spirit of the events. meet a few old friends.

5. meeting with the dentist, went fine. so , i will be soon clipped on!!

the problem having a sister as a dentist is that, you have to start hearing complaints about everything, starting from the way you brush the teeth and dental hygiene etc etc

so, i finally did find time to meet my dentist!!

again, i will have to make monthly appointments with him to correct my teeth for a while.

6. union inaugration

the programs were fine. the dance program was superb. especially, well never mind, i cant make a comment on that event because, well, honestly personal reasons, heheh!!!

so, thus went my last few days at hostel. it was great and now im back, thank you for reading..have my hands on the white tiger and the review will come soon shortly..take care and God bless