had a boys day out!! so, it was me and my brother again.
so, this bro of mine is a product of a very popular engg college at calicut. pops up at my room and ask me to take a break and go out. yup, anyway, im planning to go back to hostel for a few days and so why not spend some good time with him here.
so, i had this good walk across the town, and had a wonderful shopping section selecting gift for his girlfriend..ok, bro, now if u dnt knw, none in my family knows about this blog and if you are worried that our most nastiest cousins would tear you apart for you gifting your girl friend, well..sorry bro, i actually told them!!!
so, why am i writing all this stuff here. well, cos i have already packed my diary and so i will enter them only tomorrow after getting back to hostel.
other interesting things i find about this is the way i differ from my dearest brother. hey, kiddo, i feel like im a little oldy when im with you!! the gift you purchased was cool anyway.initially he was in a dilemma and i call my friend, who is my correspondent in female psychology. so, i ask her what would a girl need as a gift.
well, the list was wonderfully elaborate and when i checked the price tag of each items, well all of them ranged between 300-30,000 range. hmmm, im not a spender on ladies stuffs as you would have already figured it out. it was still heart warming when she finally reassured me that all a girl really needs is plenty and plenty of love and understanding. i guess they come easy, do they. well, atleast you dont have to go to this odysseys and wonder which is more expensive or affordable.
th time was 8pm and after searching each molecule in the exclusive gift centre, finally he picks up a gift that looks very conspicuous for his wonderful girlfriend. so, it was 2hours selecting gift!! now, i say why i love being a virgin!!(only for a time being, hehehe)
late night walking is particularly interesting in calicut city and given the fact that i have grown up here makes it all very nostalgic. but today i notice a lot of changing trends in the life style of this city. when i first came to this city, it was never this big. there were no shopping malls , attractions and the roads was not always crowded as this. my next stop after the long walk was into the newly opened big bazar. i have never been to a shopping mall as crowded as this at calicut city. did a few shopping here and the most interesting part i noticed other than the crowd was the fact there have been a real change in the dressing sense of the people. i felt as if im walking at oberon mall or somewhere at bbanglore. i found that muslim ladies were more in attractive clothes, and even the ones in burkha looked very flashy and wonderful. to remind you, my city seem to be mostly occupied with muslim community. to an extend it adds up the feeling that you are shopping at somewhere at dubai shopping festival!!!

so, this is the part among the changes that i found to be a bit disappointing and it is the food.
calicut/kozhikode is always known for its well cooked food and the delicious aroma, from the kozhikoden halwa to the famous biriyani.
well, today i had food from a diffent place which i had never visited before. but i had heard that the place was very popular among the kids of NITS an IIM’s and the popular hangouts of the rich. so, i went to this popular “chick restaurant” and as usual the food was expensive. now it was my bro, who insisted that the foods was delicious and yummy as he called it. so, whats wrong in giving it a try!!! the names in the menu seemed too unfamiliar, so i left the experienced do the pick. anyway the only name i remember having familiarity was hamburger and so i ask the waiter what it was to which he cooly puts it, as if familiar with the questions of the ignorant, its the aamburger. (i did remember steve martin as he said that)
anyway, the order was for some things which had to do with chickens, finger chips, a glass of pepsi, all for an expense of 110 Rs. ok, now you are in rome, so live like the romans!!! to be honest i fond myself to be in unfamiliar territory.
i did somehow finish the food and it was okay. but somehow my heart weeped for the two biriyani i could have had for that price. neverthless to say the shop was always tightpackd. nowadays, i find myself to be surrounded by things that i really dont much appreciate, but all of the rest seem to be enjoying. something like being at unfamiliar territory!
so, what i really liked about tonight was that i decided to take a long walk back home and since i was bored i made a phone call to someone i always look forward to when im feel being lonely, and the walk long way home was wonderful with me on the phone, describing, all the nostalgia i had with all the nook and corner of the city. i dint realise till i got back home that i had been for long on the phone, and i was back home. the best words i heard today was the fact that a girl needs the most is love and care rather than expensive gifts(atleast im saving a lot of money here and im still young) and the other was my friends words as i was walking alone through a dark road, that i’ll be your light to let you move through the darkness. well, thanks dear, it is the bonds of these frriendships that i have earned a lot of things in my life.
love you all..