one of the worst thing when  u have a lot of news channels in the tv, is that u are forced to see things which you are not a bit interested.  well, i know my frustration!!! it started earlier when a popular news channel aired something called rakhee ka swayamvar!!! needless to say i found the whole concept very boring, stupid and actually gibberish!! but honestly the TRP rating of the show was as high as ever.  once it was over i really felt a relief as if i had walked out of a very embarrassing situation. Actually, it was more because a few of my international friends saw the show and commented it to be , wow, is it the way marriages take place in India. A GOOD ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE GREAT INDIAN WEDDING (by the way,  what is the rate of gold in the market now)

then again, today i could see a lot of tv channels going on explaining about Rahul Mahajan and his wedding on tv. what is that show called??well, its hired on  Ndtv imagine! its sad to say that it is my favorite new channel and i know how Prannoy Roy and others have contributed to make it into one of the most relied channel today. Also i been following closely on the greenathon campaign of the channel. i know its business and Trp is all it counts, but still, isnt it sort of “exhibitionism” to show something as divine as marraige in this way. its ok, cause there would be arguments like our mythology have said about swayamvar!! sita kalyanam!!

Again, about Rahul mahajan, this person is i believe the heir of mr. pramod Mahajan. i remember seeing on tv, the footage of a crying rahul and his sister, i guess and i really felt sorry for the loss. all the medias were hyping on launching him to be next Avatar for the “india shining” campaign. and in days., the boy gets to ICU over an overdose of coccaine or heroine!! i dont think they have yet confirmed what it is. later he marries a friend of his, and in days, i see him arrested for drug possesion. later news about him was over, torturing his wife. i couldnt follow that they divorced. well, good for someone!! then i see him in Big Boss, trying to kiss some girl, dating, courting, flirting, u name it!!!oh, it was again on Ndtv , i guess or am i wrong cos, i dnt watch such shows..sorry, for splitsvilla too, but i must say, the girls are cool!!

Back to, the latest is this and i see a news channel, showing the latest controversies a   women’s right group is conducting to ban the show. well, this article  is not in support of that.

i bet in hours atleast, will do a feature on the color of dress that this guy and the girls will be wearing and if given chance an exclusive preview on the dance they will dance too. may be a feature on who all of his relatives will attend the swayamvar, wil his ex wife attend the show??? what about praveen mahajan??oh, he died few days ago, i forgot. The biggest thing about this is that the media is missing the real problems in the society. see, talking on filmfare award nights and srk-salman cold war could ofcourse make good ratings

anyway, all iam saying is that if  Mr. Rahul Mahajan is reading this, please do something about your life. you marry, you are a socialite, celebrity, all these are good things. but apparently there are other things in life as wont be always in the limelight. so, make something good of your life.

just curious anyway, which of the three girls, is he going to marry!!!!!!