last two days have been really days of hard work,..hehehe

saw a couple of movies and its good to notice the fact that my hometown, calicut/kozhikode is slowly developing into a mini metro. so, life here is cool..

yesterday,  went to a hospital to meet a close friend of mine, whose sister had delivered a beautiful kid, and the kid is named Aysha. i know buddy, u r going to read this!! insah alah, God bless them!

so, my latest craziness is to practice badminton and since i purchased a pair of new rackets,and my sister dont seem to be as lazy as usual, i think i wil be getting  time to win some matches.

recently, i finished reading, veronika decides to die and eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho. i have earlier read Brida and Alchemist among which Alchemist remains my all time favourite.

so ,whats interesting!! everybody knows that he is one of the finest author of all  times. both the books i read, recently are actually interpretations to the real life scenarios and is written very marvellously.

with veronika, well, i started the book with an anticipation. veronika decides to die. i read the back page. yes, she has everything in life, her life is monotonous but she has it all, a family, friends attractive boyfriends, all that one could ask from life. yet she is bored and she takes an overdose of sleeping pills and decides to end with it!! so, i kept wondering, what is the life for all of us. most of us are doing things that are like a pre programmed software. does it mean that someone should end their lives?

i kept reading and to be honest it made me realise that we really start living the very moment we realise that our life is going to end. a lot of dreams that we keep supressed, afraid of following them, cos going behind them we may have to sacrifice a lot that interests our loved ones.

The interpretation of the forbidden apple from bible and the story behind the QWERTY keypads have all been wonderfully written and the depression and obsession we face in our lives have all blended in a very unique fashion which only perhaps Paulo can do. Being, in the medical field myself, i have seen a lot of cases of people undergoing conditions like depression, overall, this was a very good reading and made me realise a few things about the understanding of human mind. it would indeed remind you, on pages to pages that every moment in life is special and precious.

The other book i read recently was Eleven minutes by Paulo again. The whole concept of sacred sex and prostitution have been written agnificantly. what i liked about the book was in the introduction where the author mentions about meeting a reader of his books at france and as anyone who has read books of paulo would acknowledge this book being different, says in a sort of apology that it is the author’s choice to write what he is destinied to write.

The book is well written, very true and in a way the authors justification to the situations can be agreed. i dnt think anyone else in this world could, perhaps deal with sex and prostitution etc as sincerely and boldly at the same time not make it sound like a porno classic!!

Also finally, i would love to congragulate Margret Jull costa, for translating his portugese novels into english, so that people all around the world can appreciate it.

among the four books of Paulo i have read, starting from The Alchemst, Brida, and these two,  all are adviced to be read. i felt them all to be a good reading experience in short.